Doll Pinterest Boards

Jun 19, 2016

    1. Mods, please let me know if this sort of thread isn't allowed / already exists!

      I've been Pinteresting a lot recently, and have a board for Doll Customization (which until recently has been 90% Monster High tutorials) and Miniatures (both for doll props & just my love of minatures).

      If anyone keeps any boards for BJD customization (face up tutorials, clothes patterns, etc) or miniatures (ideas, tutorials, etc) -- or know of some Pintetest users who do, I'd love to see them!

      Here's doll-related boards if you guys are interested, and please share your own too!

      [ Doll Customization ] ||| [ Miniatures ]
    2. There are some really cute ideas on your board. Thanks for sharing. I don't have one to share but I need to start one. :lol:
    3. I'm hoping to have a doll sculpted by a friend in the future, I have a board for him, there's a few dolls on it of features I like for him, as well as some drawing inspo, (mostly mermaids cause he's a merdude), color pallets, mer and naga tails similar to what I see. It's mostly for mine and their use though.
    4. >__> I do have Boards for each doll... On almost every website. Weather its Etsy or Pinsterest. this is my main board just for general inspiration.

      Bjd inspiration

      I'm sure you can find my other ones... but their for my Characters ... so I try and keep them to myself.
    5. I also use pinterest for inspirational doll pictures! Here is mine ^^
      BJD Board

      However for my own dolls, I make powerpoints haha!
    6. I try to keep my boards to just tutorials and stuff, but I really like the photos and art y'all have for inspo -- maybe I should start a board for stuff like that. :3c
    7. Its a lot of fun. Looking at photos, can really inspire me, and move me. I sometimes get stuck then see something, an get a whole new perspective.
    8. I loooove these boards! Pinterest is an amazing way for storing inspiration images.
    9. Ahh, that looks like a great way to organize things~! Usually, I just save pictures and bookmark pages. ;; I don't have a board right now, but these are inspiring~
    10. I have a lot of Pinterest boards, but only a couple I actually post BJDs in. I do have a lot of character boards where I post inspiration for characters - all of them are characters I have as dolls so I do sort of count those. And a couple for world inspiration for the different "worlds" my BJDs characters exist in.

      The only tutorials I keep are for making my own doll. Which will never happen. But if it ever does, I have the tutorials saved!
    11. I have a BJD board where it's basically inspiration. BJD
    12. I've just recently used pinterest to look up doll things and I'm loving it. I look for things to inspire me with clothing and photography with my doll. I love how I can put in key words and it shows me beautiful creations that are totally inspiring, it's way better than a simple google search, google images is just not good enough for what I'm looking for. I don't have a board or anything, but I'm really loving going on there for this so much.
    13. @IJTET822
      I love your board! :love
      Hope you dont mind that I followed you - I try to follow a wide variety of doll boards for inspiration. :3c

      Pinterest really is a great medium for creative hobbies. I'm a really big fan of the DIY and gardening tags myself. c:
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