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Doll Plans 2017!

Sep 16, 2016

    1. Feel free to delete this thread if someone has already posted this, but I thought it'd be cool for everyone to talk about their future dolly plans!

      So i want to finally get my Iplehouse Lonnie and Supiadoll Juah so that my doll family can be on their way to completion. I also want to finally get my boy some actual clothes that I haven't made (unsuccessfully i might add), He also probably could benefit from having his wig :lol:. I am seriously lacking in the furniture department so furniture and props are on my future radar as well! :aheartbea

      what are your guys plans?
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    2. Sounds like fun!

      I'm with you on the furniture and props--half of my dolls don't have anything to sit on. I have a ton of clothes to make, and I've gotta get one of my girls face-upped and her wings and horns blushed. First I have to figure out what I want them to look like though. And maybe one or two of my other dolls could do with a new faceup...we'll see.
    3. I would like to get an Iplehouse doll and complete at least 1 diorama. Maybe get the Iplehouse larger than 1/4.
    4. It's about that time of new year I don't see why not! :)

      I want to re face-up my whole doll family to match the new story line I've nailed done and work on trying to make wigs, I'll probably start with one at a time So I can start buying outfits to match... It's a big drink of water but maybe I'll be able to make some tutorials or at least have some good photos by the end of each day :)
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    5. Even though I had said I wasn't going to buy any dolls in 2016, I realized in March that it's a life and work accomplishment anniversary yea r(10 years at my employer. 15 in the same field) and I'd kinda like to buy a doll as a congratulations to myself. If no one else is gonna recognize it, I am

      So, I'd love to finally bring home:

      ¤ a 1/6 scale doll since I totally bought a dino suit in that size at a meetup because it was adorable and grumpy and who am I to pass that up? (In 2013 or so I bought a frezje dress for this non existent doll so since I have the wardrobe I should get the doll sometime soon)

      ¤ and/or that 1/8 scale Clefairy Ginjinka doll I've been planning for years. I've finally settled on scale as I wanna make her a tiny travel companion.

      Other goals would be the usual:
      ¤ get off my butt and sew something
      ¤ make that diorama/bachelor pad
      ¤ interact more with local doll people
      ¤ take more pictures
      ¤ figure out where the camera got packed in the move
      ¤ basically stuff I didn't accomplish in 2015, 2016 and so on.
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    6. I'm going to try to get my grail doll next year. an iplehouse Aaliyah in tan skin. I'm also going to try to get rid of my 1/4th doll as well as getting a home for another doll I have that I never connected with. I'm also in the process of transitioning over to getting more boys so I'm going to be getting a ringdoll boyce and a doll leaves asa
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    7. In 2017, I would really like to start collecting 1/3 scale BJDs and make detachable elf ears for any I get and let them have lots of clothes and good faceups and yeah ^^
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    8. I'm still relatively "new" at this, so I think 2017 will be a year for more... more. Everything. :P Increasing my collection of stuff, hopefully making clothing, and, with any luck, probably some new dolls! I'm really eyeing a Serenade doll (I'm TRYING to talk myself out of wanting Artificial Bird...), and/or a Dollzone Sawarieda... We will see. Of course I only like the more expensive dolls, right? Typical.

      Here's to everyone's goals! Good luck!
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    9. :chibi That sounds AWESOME! I'd really love to see that. What sculpt are you planning on using?

      My plan is to actually buy my first BJD this winter- after spending like a year trying to narrow down my options I'm 90% sure this is going to be a Doll Chateau Bella on the K-07 body in grey resin. I'm expecting getting that getting a wig, eyes and outfit together for her will take a while since I have a pretty specific idea of what I want but I'm new to BJD shopping and the K-07 body isn't exactly the easiest to find things that fit (I know, I'm jumping in at the deep end with this one as far as sizing goes!) I'm also going to make an attempt at doing the faceup myself, but if that doesn't work how I want it then I'll need a plan B. Also I want to get at least one roombox set up for her.

      Later in 2017 I want to also aim to get at least one more BJD- I ultimately want at least one LatiYellow, but tragically I'm looking for one with tan or fantasy-colour resin, and I'm only interested in certain sculpts, so I'm probably going to have to do some more research on past limited releases and then look for one second hand. Other than that, the top item on my wishlist is currently 5star Jadeite, but that might get pushed further down the list if there's a new release over the course of the year that catches my eye :3nodding:
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    10. I'm going to work on getting a full few outfits made for my DC Zora and maybe save up to get a body for the akagidoll head I have sitting from a sale in a box. XD
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    11. Oooooook. Here we go with the "plans I'll make and probably change 13 times before I execute them" list. XD

      Plans for 2017:
      -Get Hailey's new shell home, faceupped, blushed and all together. (She's already paid off, just waiting now).
      -Make a wedding dress for Hailey and probably buy a background as well.
      -Continue to clear out anything doll related that I don't need.
      -Make sure every doll has a proper faceup, blushing, wig, eyes, and full wardrobe (and possibly do a gigantic TaoBao order to do this!)
      -Mayyyyybe get an Iplehouse JID girl. Maybe. Just maybe. >.>
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    12. Oh, yeah, time to make some plans!
      Finally finish Ichabod! Took me this whole year to get his head and body. Both were ordered at different times, and I'm still waiting for the body. I am planning on designing and sewing his outfit, so I will need to draft patterns, and get the fabrics. Also buy a pair of boots.

      I'm also waiting for Kyo, and when he arrives, see above, except for the boots.

      And lastly, I'm waiting for DC Fiona who will need face and body blushing, a wig, eyes, and also a hand sewn outfit.

      With all this sewing, I'm getting nervous, as I'm not a sewing expert at all. It's just these specific outfits I want just don't exist, unless you make them yourself. I wonder how much these plans will change!
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    13. Bodies for my floating heads...
    14. Oh my gosh.
      I just got a job like, a week ago, so I have a good amount of plans
      ~ Get into the Marketplace, for real.
      ~ Buy a Lati Yellow, used or not used. I really want a Sunny!~
      ~ Buy either Minifee Celine or Chloe, seeing as I've wanted one for years
      ~ Think about getting a Atelier Momoni. They're so pretty but I'm on the fence.
      ~ Minifee Mio or Mirwen later on? Or maybe a Unoa... I gotta save money too xD
      ~ Faceups, clothes, and clothes for all the Pullips I have as well ; ~ ;
      Ahhhh thinking about it now, I'm way over my head xD
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    15. My whole thing is I need to get a diorama done just so I can say I finally did one! I've put it off for so long it's crazy. I need to focus on getting them all clothing & any other needs. I'm focusing on my 2 favorites right now David & Marcus but Enochs coming so we will see!! I also need to see some of these patterns I've gotten off here so let the games begin!
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    16. Ha, honestly I've been having a creative block with dolls (and everything else) for a long time now, so my goal is just to get back into doing things with my dolls instead of buying. I started a lot of projects in the spring, but burned out and abandoned most everything. I need to reassess and decide what to continue/finish, what to start over, and what to simply discard.

      I also really, really need to reassess my collection. I have hoarded a lot of dolls and doll accessories/clothing that I do not strictly need, and it is time to clean up and clear out. I need to clarify what I really want my doll collection to look like.

      If all of that goes well, then I may add one to three more dolls. There are several sculpts I have been eyeing for some time now. It is just a matter of deciding.

      I also may have to decide between new dolls, versus investing in high quality doll furniture and/or a really nice display space. My dolls live in boxes, because I am paranoid about damage. But I have been daydreaming about buying a really nice wardrobe, and converting the interior to a doll diorama. I saw a doll owner on Youtube create something like this, and it is genius - open the doors and there's your lovely 1/3 scale doll room, close the doors and your dolls are safe in the dark behind solid wood.
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    17. Determined to Do
      • bodies for at least 2 of my floating heads (3 DIM 1/4 heads, 2 DIM 1/3 heads, and a Minifee event head)
      • Face ups for all of the heads listed above
      • face up, wig, eyes, and clothes for DIM Trisha
      • eyes and clothes for River (Granado Enoch)
      • eyes, wig, and clothes for Hazel (Withdoll Margery)
      • shoes for Minifee, m-line and a-line
      • sew!
      • better storage/display options for my collection
      • doll profiles here on DOA

      Might Do, but increasingly unlikely
      • "big baby" sized doll
      • MNF Mio NS A-line body
      • Granado, Withdoll, or Supia SD
      • Dollfie Dream or Smart Doll
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    18. I'd love to get a scuplt from Ringdoll or another from Dollzone. I absolutely love theit tan skins! Along with that, I would like to get more clothes for all of my dolls so they have both an in-story wardrobe and some things just to hang around in.
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    19. My first doll is coming and I want to make her a magical girl. I want to make her a cane that "turns into" large mace. (Think: big enough to stand on) that project along with clothing and possibly learning to sew will probably take up my year ^^;
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    20. Although I feel that 2017 is still miles away....why not.

      I want to make my final big doll purchase before Christmas (yes, I know that's technically 2016). Next year I want to do my two big fantasy dolls. Paint their fantasy parts, get a harness or something to be able to put on a doll for the Phoenix's feather wings. Paint them appropriately. Same for the ice dragon. Finish his little Cuarto companion (paint and putting him together again, oh dear).
      Make tack for my model SD horse. Make riding outfis for the dolls. Create a stable.
      I so much hope we can renovate our barn. Only then I get the space necessary for the doll dioramas. We shall see...
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