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Doll Plans 2018!

Dec 2, 2017

    1. :=) A place to talk about your 2018 doll plans and doll resolutions.
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    2. I feel like I was just making out my 2017 list!

      To Do:
      • Figure out which head is going to get the floating body DONE - Angel Elf Soo was a surprise entry and the sudden winner.
      • Profile photos for new dolls and updates for those with updates
      • Retry making that yarn wig for Agnes DONE -Third try failed, but I found a fiber wig that is nearly exactly what I was trying to make!
      • Faceup for my Hujoo and proper clothes
      • Faceup/color matching for my Angel Elf Soo - IN PROGRESS!

      To Buy:
      • Wig and eyes for the head that wins the body battle DONE - AES already had a wig and the eyes that originally came with her sister will work for now.

      To NOT Do:
      • Buy more dolls - if funds are there try to focus on bodies for floating heads
      #2 Tonboko, Dec 2, 2017
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    3. Hee hee, I am the same I kept meaning to post to the 2017 thread and now it's nearly the end already!
      I should do profiles also.
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    4. This year my goals are very... very simple, thank god... And moreover, they're for once doable!

      • Purchase/ pay off the bodies for Yasuo (Soom York) and Kohei (5th motif Venitu)
      • Buy clothes to spoil the crew and fill in the wardrobes that need filling in.
      • Buy good eyes for everyone that is still wearing ancient scrap glass ones that aren't even in the right color
      • Make character specific wigs for the dolls without (Lance, Alex, mr Charming, Tori, Hayate, Ken, Akira, Yasuo and Kohei)
      • NO new dolls allowed this year.
      • Write up the profiles for (at least) the Par(α)dise characters
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    5. Dollmore has a gorgeous new Trinity sculpt that will shortly be released. She looks like a combination of Lumie and Elysia with an older face. Also a new larger bust. I'm really, really hoping to be able to purchase her at some point next year.

      Her first fullset is a limited edition of 5, but Dollmore was considering making it 10, instead, which means I might actually have a chance to get her. If not, I'll just have to wait for the next fullset they release.

      I'd also like to re-buy Fairyland's F65 Chloe, but on the new body. I sold my Chloe because I couldn't stand the old body. She couldn't even sit up by herself! But I always sort of regretted it because I adore her sculpt. Supposedly, this newly redesigned body is better engineered, so if that's the case, I'd like to get her back.

      I suppose I should also attempt to find a male F60 body for my poor floating Juri head who has been waiting a few years now for one. Ever since his was stolen by a different head. Heh heh.

      Luckily, some large bills will be fully paid off at the beginning of the year which means I might actually have a chance to make at least a couple of these things happen. :lol:
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    6. To do:

      Make sure everyone has proper clothes and wigs!
      Learn to take semi-decent photos.
      Get bodies for floating heads and decide who will get which body!
      Hopefully get my dollshe order before 2019!
      Find a proper place to display the dolls.
      Outfit for Lee based on Roy in The Fall.
      Make props for little Zero: screwdriver and zombie head.

      To buy:
      So far, only iplehouse Felix on my list.

      To not do:
      Impulse buy dolls!
      #6 Spuggey, Dec 2, 2017
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    7. Figure out where my 2 dolls will "live" - in a glass front cabinet with dolls of other sorts, or in their boxes.
      Stay on top of assembling class supply kits for teaching workshop at PNW BJD Expo in April.
      Don't let head explode waiting for doll #3.
      Play With All The Dolls!!!
    8. @Tonboko I really liked your format so I'm going to repeat that, if it's okay.

      To Do:
      • Decide who will be getting the incoming Dollzone body; migidoll Eli, Uhui Wish, or Uhui R
      • Complete missing profiles
      • Complete outfits for all but 2
      • Dye Reubin
      • Face up practice (so much of this)
      • Create a set for aGatti Vincent
      To Buy:
      • a dog for Vincent
      • set pieces for Vincent
      • Fairyline satyr or fawn (anything with hooves basically)
      To NOT Do:
      ABSOLUTELY NO NEW DOLLS EXCEPT A BIPEDAL HOOVED FAIRYLINE (I'm going to try really hard this year, I promise!)
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    9. I'm hoping to order my first doll in Feb. 2018! If all goes according to plan, some of my goals include learning to make wigs, clothes, practice photography/videos, and maybe even drawing! :D
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    10. To Do:
      - Tattoos for Reiji
      - New Faceup for Reiji
      - Faceup for Rouka
      - Body Blush for Rouka
      - Tattoos for Rouka
      - Restring Rouka (gosh that boy is giving me lots of work ...)
      - Make a profile for Rouka once he's done
      - Shoes/Sandals for Roukas desert outfit
      - Finish Acrylic Chairs
      - Wait patiently for their outfits to arrive...
      - figure out how to not take such terribly grainy pictures with my cam

      - DZ Seventeen (Hopefully) but only after I'm finished customizing the other two
      #10 RenDemel, Dec 2, 2017
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    11. I usually allow myself one doll for birthday a year to keep my spending under control. I knew what my 2017 was going to be right off the bat - Dollzone Benjamin - but I haven't got a clue for 2018!

      I know I eventually want a Doll Chateau Xaviera. I know she was limited release and I missed it, but hey I can dream I'll find one in 2018. Be it a re-release or second hand!

      As for non purchase related goals...

      1. Get over my nervousness and just finally start making face-ups!

      2. Find the courage to make a doll blog so I can start to truly explore being a part of the community. Eep! *_*

      I guess that's all I can think of at the moment - Maybe I'll edit this post if I come up with more.
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    12. Hmmm ... I didn't mention my "to do" plans.

      Hopefully actually take more pictures of my entire group? I used to take so many but the past few (or seven or eight) years it sort of ... trickled off? Probably because I have limited space anymore and setting up a space to take pictures and set up decent lighting and such is sort of a pain in the backside. ^^; But I love photography and I really want to start practicing again.

      Also, attempt to develop some sort of backstories for the dolls who don't have much more than a name to their characters. I'm a writer. This sort of thing should be easy for me (said no one ever). >_>
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    13. Hmm... lets see,

      Doll plans for 2018
      • I have 2 girls that will probably be arriving around Feb-March since I ordered them recently. I have to make rooms for them to settle in with the crew >_<
      • I have one doll that I am not so fond of due to an impulse purchase.. but its hard to decide if I should sell it or not because I have this lingering attachment to it and I don't give any attentions to it unlike my other dolls. I feel a bit guilty to that and I am really hoping that I can make the final decision next year!
      • Save some money for Doll north convention / doll market. (I only was able to buy couple of eye sets from last year at the convention. I want to save up so maybe I can afford to buy more goods for my dollies or even a doll itself)
      • Planning to buy this book that I've been eyeing on. Its a book that has tons of great patterns to make doll clothes. I really would like to try sewing for my dolls so I don't have to spend a fortune on their clothings.
      • Take good photos for my dolls so I can post doll profile here on DoA and also my personal blog. This includes family shots of all of my dolls together ;)
      • I really would love to meet and make friends offline who are in this hobby. Maybe try and look for a meetup around my area? (though most of the time its hard because of timings and schedule etc. T_T I feel awfully lonely sometimes in this hobby)

      I guess that's pretty much it for what I'm planning. I'm sure there will be more that I should be adding to but at the moment those are probably the main things.
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    14. Doll plans for 2018.

      - get bodies to all floating heads
      - get clothes and shoes to all dolls
      - buy stands for the dolls
      - get the story I have had in my mind for years written down
      - photograph my dolls
      - sent the heads I'm not confident enought to make faceup to the artist.

      - buy wigs
      - buy new doll before all poor dolls that are waiting to be finished are finished.
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    15. I actually got a lot done this year, but had a few unplanned purchases too. Next year I need to get bodies for the rest of my floating heads, and not buy any more floating heads!!! I really want to start making my own alpaca wigs too.
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    16. I didn't do too much with my collection. I enjoyed having them around and looking pretty.

      For 2018 I have a few things I want to do.
      1. Order a couple bodies for some of my floating heads.
      2. Get some more wigs.
      3. Do some faceups or send heads out for faceups
      4. Make some more clothes.
      5. Maybe buy my first female doll.
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    17. -> THINGS TO MAKE/DO

      - Wigs for Alisaie, Alphinaud, Elluned, Flannerie, Mana, Nymeia, Rafaela, Rune, Whitlea and Zinnia
      - Faceups for Alisaie, Alphinaud, Elluned, Flannerie, Mana, Nymeia, Rafaela, Rune, Whitlea and Zinnia
      - Body blushing Alisaie, Alphinaud, Elluned, Flannerie, Mana, Nymeia, Rafaela, Rune, Whitlea and Zinnia
      -> THINGS TO BUY
      - Fairyland MNF Ria head (Alphinaud | NS)
      - Bimong Narae N404 (Rune | NS)
      - Fairyland M-line body (Alisaie | TS)
      - Fairyland LTF Mio (Mana | TS)
      - Fairyland LTF Luna (Rafaela | NS)

      Let the game of derailment-from-plans begin
      #17 sanachii, Dec 2, 2017
      Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
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    18. My doll plans for 2018 are simple!

      To Do:
      Work on my entire crew only getting outfits, wigs, and eyes to complete them
      Maybe buy one msd DZ body for a favorite head. Not sure about this as I’m tired of 6 month waits.

      Not to Do:
      No more bjds. I’m done collecting, ah, it feels so good!
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    19. To do:
      Buy lots of shoes for MSD and some for tiny (lati yellow size)
      Buy a SWITCH attractive body for floating head
      Save for a SWITCH girl body + head
      Figure out how to make resin eyes, or at least find a clear liquid to dome clay eyes with
      Learn how to sew for Lati Yellow sizes :sigh
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    20. My goals for 2018 thus far are:
      - Buy wigs
      - Keep spending on clothes and accessories to a bare minimum (or even better, avoid buying them) as I've spent quite a lot this year ><
      - Learn how to sew so I can make my own doll clothes
      - Start serious photography
      - More doll meets!
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