Doll plans 2021

Dec 2, 2020

    1. 2020 is coming to an end- and what a messed up, crazy year it's been for many of us!

      But as we soon say goodbye to another year and hello to a brand new one- let's talk about our doll plans and resolutions for 2021 ^^

      Take care everyone. Stay safe & healthy :daisy
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    2. I don't want to add anymore resin dolls to my collection, but I really want to try to get MYou Alan, before their mature minis get discontinued. I know that I tend to fall for dolls that always get discontinued, and they don't seem any more popular than other sculpts I liked in the past and all got discontinued, so I'm scared I won't be able to get him in time. I have pre-orders that I can't/won't cancel, until at least July/August of 2021, so I can't justify paying for a BJD, before I know I will be able to pay for all my other OT "purchases" I already made. If I am able to bring him home, he will be my first purchase in ten years (or more) and the last BJD I will get (I'm pretty sure of that). (:

      Happy Holidays to all, and hope everyone has a good New Years.
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    3. My plans for 2021 is really just to focus on the dolls I already have and spoil them :3 I would like to make new wigs for a few of them as well as clothes and accessories. If I get my hands on some $$$, I'd like to buy better bodies for my 2 boys as I'm not happy with the bodies they currently got.

      @Enzyme I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you can bring home MYou Alan- he's awfully cute! :kitty1
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    4. 2021 goals! Honesty? It's mostly 'wait for doll orders' and 'try to take more pictures'. The winter weather will make that fun. When dolls do arrive, or course, it'll be face up and outfit time.
    5. Faceups for the last of my crew who needs them, work on the few projects I started this year and haven't yet finished (currently have 2 ongoing), and get more clothes and shoes. Basically I'd like to try to focus on the dolls I already have. My want/wish list is very long and there's very few I'd really jump on if they went on sale or popped up secondhand. I do want to get a Delf or Senior Delf girl and have a floating body that will eventually need a head (floating heads can wait!) but otherwise am happy with my current crew. Also hope to get into the habit of taking more and better photos! Actually setting up photoshoots and taking my dolls outside for pics in natural light.
    6. One of the unexpected bonus to this chaotic year has been forcing me to stay home & focus on the dolls I have. So far, I'd actually need another long season at home for the sewing I've had planned for the dolls from years past...but I'd be just fine with delaying my sewing if the world settled back into a more stable mode. No new dolls for me for the foreseeable future. Although I too have a floating head which keeps tempting me to check the marketplace... ;}
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    7. I do not want any more dolls. All spaces in my glass cabinets are taken. I want to continue outfitting and accessorizing the dolls I have, basically make all of them presentable. If there is time, I also intend to do some reworks on finished dolls. I also want to work on my quick-change hand system and create hands in several positions (similar to action figures). Also, I will try to improve and expand on my airbrush skills, maybe take one of my heads to my airbrush master of choice and learn the art of how to push facial features.

      Also, I want to finish my second BJD horse for 70+cm dolls, and make different equiment and tack for my two horsies.

      We will how all of this goes.
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    8. I only got into BJDs last year, so I feel like my ~ journey ~ is just beginning, and it will be hard for me to give an accurate plan for how 2021 will turn out, doll-wise. I can still try!

      In the first half of 2021, I should be receiving two dolls I ordered this year, which would mean three dolls total - the complete 'set' of characters I wanted to buy dolls of.

      In general:
      • Make a little display spot in my guest room with as close to an elegant gothic revival style as possible: a sofa, a couple of chairs, a rug, art, maybe a fireplace.
      • Only buy new dolls after my incoming dolls are completely 'done' - full outfits, faceups, wigs and eyes. And even then, I don't think I'd want to get more than one or two new ones - since I'm only collecting SD size, they add up quickly!
      Korrina (Luts SDF Chloe - waiting to ship)
      • Faceup
      • Jewelry
      • A 'daily' outfit
      • Nightwear
      • Shoes
      Judit (Maskcatdoll Bruna - on layaway):
      • A wig of loose waves in a natural ginger/red color
      • Eyes (dark blue?)
      • A 'daily' outfit
      • Nightwear
      • Shoes
      • A violin
      I have tentative plans to try and buy my first male doll in the second half of the year - I'm specifically enamored with the Luts limited Raven Romance version from this winter event - but I straight up don't have the money for it, so I'm going to have to wait and hopefully someone will be selling theirs once they begin to arrive in 3-4 months. I will try not to buy too many dolls besides that, though... I do love so many Maskcat dolls, but it would be too expensive to buy them just because, without a character in mind. I also wear lolita, which is similarly expensive to BJDs, so, again! Money.

      Since we're planning on buying a house in 2021, the only other big doll-related plan I have is to buy a sewing machine and start learning how to sew, so that I can make cute clothing for my dolls. But it will have to wait until after we've gotten settled in the new house, since I don't have room in our current home.
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    9. Hopefully buying my first doll, and make some things for her :)
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    10. hopefully get to go to my first doll convention next year since everything were postponed/cancelled this year.

      since i got back into the hobby by seeing a wwx unboxing vid on youtube, i should put him and lwj together. while i do like the ringdoll version, its a lot more fun to put them together yourself. so i still need to get doll wwx (doll lwj is being played by charmdoll baron), and the rest of their stuff, like clothes, shoes, wigs, eyes...

      i also like telesthesia doll fox uncle, which... they're doing 20% off at clover singing now... T_T but yeah, next year.

      depending on what my future self decides, i want to take my still unnamed soul-double eliot to the con, as a knight, pending which armor style i decides to make for him.

      misc stuff: buy shoes, jointed hands, doll travel bag, uv resin (and stuff) since im going to make my own eyes.
    11. Next year, I want to start using acrylic paint in my faceups - try doing lower lashes for the first time :shudder
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    12. I want to take decent photos of my dolls next year. I’ve been neglecting that side of the hobby. Cell phone snapshots are fine but I haven’t done any good photos in a long time.

      Definitely going to try NOT to buy any more dolls, too. Though Harucasting has another mini girl I’m falling in love with :pout:
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    13. For 2021, I want to complete a full face up! I don’t think I will be able to finish one this year, but next year I will have more time.
      I want to just collect more dolls, make clothes for them, paint them, and customize dolls for other people too! I have a lot of hope for 2021, so I better not mess it up! XD
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    14. I'm not the only one wanting to not add new resin to my current family, haha! But that's what I was aleady supposed to do in 2020, and I finally ended up with two new bodies, two new heads, and one new full doll.
      I wish to concentrate on the customizations I have in progress since years : making new wigs, refreshing faceups, finishing (or beginning) tattoos... I'm especially thinking of my Dollstown Elysia on Twigling body, in progress since 2012, my Dollstown J on Switch body, whose tattoos are in progress since 2016, or my Elfdoll Euna on Souldoll Shiva body, in progress since 2015 or 2016.
      If I find some money (or more likely if I sell some dolls), I may buy new bodies for some of my floating heads, but that is not a real plan for 2021.
    15. Let's see... I want to practice more face-ups, actually buy a camera before I get more dolls, and some clay/resin goods for my dolls. It'd also be nice if I could get into making furniture as well - but that may end up being a plan for 2022 instead. Haha!
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    16. I'm probably going to TRY and focus on my incoming dolls that I ordered in 2020. I ordered a couple of bjds that I should be expecting to come in early 2021.

      I first want to send some of my heads off for faceups to artists I really like, but I do hope to start doing my own in the future. I'd also like to try wig making and improve my cutting, and glueing skills from the last time I made my first wig. I'll be focusing on my dolls wardrobe as well. I'd like to invest in more clothes and try to make some on my own.

      I'm going to be body hunting as well for two of my incoming heads.

      The biggest thing I hope to accomplish is setting up an Instagram account for bjds. I just want to try and make my dolls look more complete and presentable.
    17. For me, I would like to send a head off for a faceup and work on getting her some clothes, shoes, and other cute accessories. Then I also want to focus on collecting some Soom Petit Gems cause I've just fallen so in love with them <3 oh! and pay off my kinoko juice girl c:
    18. I'd like to make more clothes for my doll and practice my face-up skills!
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    19. 2021 Doll Goals
      1. Try to sell all the dolls and clothes that are for sale now.
      2. Try to get at least 1 of my wishlist dolls... (Lieselotte, Luna or Sou/Suiseiseki)
      3. Collect more beautiful and designer clothing :D
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    20. I look forward to these threads every year. I keep up with every single post because I love to hear what people are doing with their dolls, and I make it an absolute priority to work hard on my own list throughout the year. I find it really helps me to stay focused and on track with my this hobby there’s always so much to do! So here’s my plans for 2021:

      1. No buying anymore dolls 1/6 or above...and I really mean it this time!:eusa_naug I’ve worked very hard to complete my main collection of larger sized dolls once and for all in 2020, and I’m now completely out of usable display space (for anything other than teeny tinies.) Well, I did so well for the first 6 months of this year. :dohBUT I was innocently perusing the News section here on DoA, as you do, keeping up on the latest...AND there he was: the perfect best friend for one of my beloved crew! Instant disaster to all my well laid plans! So epic fail on not adding anymore dolls, even though he is a rather special unique case (or so I’m telling myself!)

      2. Any exciting and fun new character ideas for larger dolls MUST be accomplished by repurposing existing dolls only: Turned one of my Volks MSD girls into the sugar skull character of my dreams, with an appropriate new wardrobe.:thumbup And…another new character became necessary once I realized I’d fallen in love with my “alternative” head, needing to turn her into a complete doll. So the head is now being repurposed, but I had to buy her a new body…does that count?

      3. Finally finish paying off the long layaway (continued over from 2020) for my old school Volks 4-Sisters Megu. It’s time to bring this amazing girl home to complete my collection of larger dolls. Done!

      4. Pay off my recent layaway for the Luts Tiny Delf Unicorn Elf I’ve always wanted. Finally found one second-hand and I’m so psyched! Done!

      5. Continue to take part in the sewing rounds (in the workshop area here on DoA) to expand my dolls’ wardrobes for those few who still need it.
      Palazzo style tie-dye jumpsuit made for Pachouli
      2 fun flannel kimonos made for SugarPlum
      Elegant princess dress made for Elvira
      2 lacy mori outfits for my new incoming boy
      4 fun flannel kimonos for my Harajuku girls

      6. Redo Pixel (Doll Chateau Gladys A.) I’m just not completely happy with her at the moment although I absolutely adore her sculpt. I think her character and overall style are in need of a major revamp. Completely re-did her character: changed her name to Bunny du Bonnet, modded her to have bunny ears, completely changed her wardrobe, modified her display space, and gave her a major purpose in the storyline (she’s now the official “hat maker” for my SD girls’ amazing collection of hats.)

      7. Work on Eviliese’s alternative head (Luts KidDelf Hoodoo elf.) She needs a special Halloween inspired face-up. Well, I just couldn’t follow through on this one! I accidentally fell in love with this head and had to turn her into her own character instead. So…
      7a. I’ve now purchased her a body of her own and once it arrives, I’ll be blushing her head to match. I’ll be needing to develop a brand new character for her of course, find a name, choose a wig and eyes from my pre-existing stash, and give her a faceup. Bramble is now completely done and I’m so happy with her!

      8. Continue working on collecting a little grouping of teeny tinies to inhabit my tree house display. I’ve now decided I need a couple of 1/8 size to fill in the population gaps, so once my Tiny Delf arrives, I will still need to find one more. Done! I now have the Tiny Delf in hand and a Pukifee Rin has just arrived home to join her!:)
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