Doll Proportions

Feb 7, 2017

    1. Much as I love BJDs, what's up with their proportions? MSD's are frequently referred to as being 1/4 scale, but if you multiplied my MSD's measurements by four, she's be almost 6ft tall and have a 19in waist! I don't think I know anyone who's that skinny, let alone still somehow has a 3-2-3 figure. I think saying that they are anatomically correct is a bit of a stretch.

      The YoSD size is better, except that if you actually multiplied their height by six, they would be 5ft tall while still having baby fat. XD

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing the dolls. I'm just wondering if anyone else finds this amusing?
    2. I'm thinking it's just meant to be height wise.... My resinsoul girl checks out at 5'6 if you do the math like that. She has an 18" waist that way, but that just puts her at super skinny :/ I think.... I dunno lol

      I do find it amusing though. Time to see how tall my SD girl would be XD
    3. My Kid Delf boy would be about 5'7" with a 24ish inch waist. I feel like proportions are much more exaggerated for female bodies, especially in SD'd look super weird as an actual person, I think. :lol:

      But I think the exaggerated look is popular, even if we don't notice that we're drawn to it. It's kind of the same reason we think big eyes and small mouths are cute; certain exaggerations are pleasing to us, I guess! Though I suppose it can be a turn off for some people. I think one of the reasons I don't have any female dolls yet is because a lot of the bodies are too exaggerated for me. They look kinda weird sometimes!
    4. The scales aren't very accurate, but they can come kind of close. The doll proportions are also not anything like a human, most have very long legs for one. The scale just kind of helps categorize them.

      I have a 45cm MSD which makes him 180cm tall. That is about 5'10", which wouldn't be weird for him at all. My SD are supposedly a 5'8" girl and 6'3" boy. Not too weird to me, but pretty tall for Korea where they made them lol. The rest of their measurements are ridiculous and not human so, all bets are off there.

      My dad tried building some furniture for them. He learned the hard way about scale. He thought, "well, I'll just take the measurements for human furniture and divide by 3 !" It didn't work out very well, since something like a chair has to match the height of the hips and knees to that specific doll, which is unlike a human's length.

      Lol yeah, doll scales are just so basic and relative. Try looking at anime figure scales sometime xD. Different art and sculpt styles also makes scales a bit of a joke. But as a rudimentary guide, it helps to label the scale.
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    5. The scale gets confusing because it's really not meant to be proportional, it's the just that the doll's height is a fraction of a real person's height, and in many cases, that "real person" is six feet tall. So it's not that a child MSD is 1/4 the size of a human child of the same age, but that a 1/4 doll is 1/4 the size of a human being. I hope that makes sense. This is also why things get confusing when you want your YoSD to be your SD's child.

      As for scaling up size, yes, most BJDs are exceptionally thin. One of my girls would be so thin that a US size 00 jeans would still be four inches too big in the waist for her, and she's not a doll that looks malnourished or boney. Even Iplehouse girls, who appear so curvy, are only about a size 4, and around 5'10". Yet their heads would be HUGE in human proportion. Definitely a freakish lollipop look if they were human with those ratios!

      No, they're not realistic proportions for the most part, they're more idealized artistic proportions.
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    6. Yeah, my girls have pretty big heads too. My Mini is pretty curvy though. She's got a 3-2-3 figure.