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Doll Quirks According to Company?

Jul 3, 2006

    1. I'm considering buying a new doll- head and body seperately from different companies. While choosing a body, i started thinking of things i've heard from other people about certain dolls from certain companies and the things they do.

      For example: Luts has crazy legs, and Hounds tend to tip to the side to adopt a "Hound Pose".

      I was wondering what other funky things dolls from various distributors tend to do. lol

    2. Well, I'm not sure if this is true for all CH Petite Ai's... but I know my little Uriel has the wonkiest legs ever... like... his knees twist backwards all the time. T_T It makes it really hard to get him to stand...
    3. O_O beware of the Hound Hip-popping join of DOOM. It drives me absolutely insane sometimes. But yes, CP do have crazy legs!
    4. Iplehouse bodies have the hip-pop and wonky knees (though I'm assuming sueding will fix that...)
    5. This is a great thread, I would love to know too:)

      I don't have these dolls, but from researching a few dolls I like, I've read that: Souldolls have muscular bodies, but small heads; Some Volks SD girls have a breakage problem with their knees; Volks MSDs pose well; DIM boys have slender bodies; CP SD sized boys have arched backs.

      These are just some tidbits I've gathered from reading about a few dolls I've really liked, they are not from personal experience, so I don't know whether they are 100% accurate.
    6. The new 3-jointed Serendipity body's legs tend to swivel partly around, and the thigh joint is backward.. Making them unable to stand.
    7. DoCs don't do hands near their faces poses well unless they're wired/sueded (at least, my two don't...) but they can sit Japanese style with their butts on their feet, whereas my Dollzone can't. He can, however, hold his hands perfectly well up near his face.

      And my OrientDoll Ji's headcap falls off all the time.
    8. Yo-SD heads/magnets may pop off due to small S-Hook/magnets not really glued in.

      Old CH bodies have ZERO wrist poseability. Same with the older DoCs.

      Soulkids have weird stringing done by the company.

      That's all I can think of for now... OH and some of the first Banjis couldn't stand due to a 'crazy knee' problem that has been fixed now.
    9. i always thought DIM were only heads? do they have bodies now too? :O

      oh, i heard that DOT's can touch thier faces!! :D
    10. Hm, interesting thread. Alex (AR LF Cien) gets his thigh joints stuck occasionally, but it might just be my tight stringing - all I know is, sometimes they get a tad stuck before popping back forward. He kicks me like crazy, too....although it's either my stringing or his nastiness XD Caelan (MSD Ken) leans back no matter what I do ^^; One of these days, I'll suede him. His arms don't stay up as straightly as Alex's do, either. Maverick (lati white laches) snaps his joints like crazy and he never does what I want him to lol The size makes him very quirky at posing! When my Souldoll Paris arrives, I'll see about him...I hear they tend to lean back as opposed to sitting up straight. As for the smaller heads, I think they look fine....I tend to like slimmer faces, because I have a big old face *points to avatar*

      Oh yeah, Alex (AR LF) stands best out of my dolls so far. I believe Little Fairs are excellent at standing and holding their arms out straight. *thinks* ....Alex is best at posing, yep.
    11. my Doc's have trouble posing their heads, and artemis has such crazy legs! she's been known to kick people who hold her i don't like, but i'm not complaining!
    12. I don't know if this applies to all Latidoll blues (mine is the only lati I've seen in person), but my girl has trouble standing, even on a flat surface. She also doesn't hold straight arms/legs very well, although this could be attributed to tight stringing, I believe.
    13. Obitsu's are great posers, but there's a peice of the internal skeleton that's prone to breakage. (They do sell spare parts.) Pretty much any pose you can think of - they can do.
    14. My DOC has fine head posability (better than Luts, at least, Luts don't look down well and tend to jerk to the side) but the DOC hands really suck for posing... option hands do move better, though. DOC feet are very, very stable for standing.
    15. Dolkot bodies pop out at the waist and tend to spontaneously collapse.
    16. hhmm great thread...where to start..lol

      Obitsu's ---3 part great posing capability, but torso tends to move around alot, especially if you have large bust installed, and gaps, and the internal part breaks if you force the doll too hard {luckily I haven't broke any yet!}

      Obitsu---2 part, great for belly showing outfits, but stains easier..torso tends to wobble a little..not as sturdy as 3 part..{but I have a resin head on mine could be the weight}

      Dollzone-- one of the best standers and posers, no sanding, the strings are tight though, may need loosening, they leave little strings left though may need to use new strings....their eye putty is sticky gross..comes with fur wig and eyes...great deal for price.

      Dollshe Hound-- belly pop! wanky knees, ankles and arms..with mine his head doesn't like to move unless you crank on it.. have him wired, sueded..had to use the armature to control the belly pop..likes to bend forward, don't trust him to stand alone too long..can cross his legs when he sits..

      Soul Doll Celestyn-- the wanky legs, arms..wiring helps immensely..hard to fit with clothes, longer legs than hound, thinner waist than most..all arms and legs..clear beautiful resin..

      I have a CP Soo body and CP Lishe..both need wiring..CP Soo body is double wired and i still have a b*tch of a time with her..I am upgrading wire to 12 gauge..instead of 14.
      Lishe does well with 14 gauge..BW skin is awesome..

      Serendipity Sharmin-- one of my best standers..beautiful resin clear and luminous.. can't kneel though without knees popping open...freaks me out a little when they do that..do have her wired..nice little doll

      Elfdoll Lyn-- wanky legs and arms for a little doll, wired mine with hairlike wire..helps alot. she can stand! legs tend to be "warped" very bowlegged...restringing looks difficult..have to use fishline!

      Soul Doll Metel..Head cap falls off alot, not a great stander without wiring..fits into fashion fever clothes..but no shoes! head doesn't look up well.. nicely shaped body..great booty!:)

      and the best stander and poser is in my opinion...Dollmore Asha/ Asha Rosee... one of the best standing and posing dolls even though I wired mine..I really didnt have to..she is a dream to work with, I have her standing at all times with out a stand.., fits teen trends and most MSD clothes, resin clear, long elf ears stay in quite well even with magnetic head cap.

      thats my critique...
    17. My DOC sits okay, but getting him to sit up straight is a bit of a battle because he tends to lean back, or his entire torso joint pops (this might actually be my fault because I restrung him. He never did it before). DOC's have poorly sculpted spines.
    18. Volks MSDs stand incredibly well. I love Roo's body and current stringing tension - he's floppy enough to be really comfortable to carry around, but still holds the poses he's supposed to. He stands wherever you want him to stand (carpet, slopes, slouching, etc), sits upright every time, and can do the basic arm poses without a problem. Volks is very high quality, and the joint system has been refined quite well :3 My MSD's joints lock when they're supposed to and move very smoothly with no squeaking.

      The MSD, SD, and SD13 aren't as amazing on posing as, say, a Unoa, but the SCD, YoSD, and SD16 hold complicated poses beautifully. The biggest posing issues I have with Roo are his limited hand mobility (he can't bend his wrist very far up or down), slightly limited head mobility, and limited knee and elbow mobility. You have to pop his knees out to bend them sideways (unlike an SDC), and pop his elbow out to get him to, say, touch his neck.

      The pureskin Volks also have a one-touch system for the hands and feet (which I just discovered XD), which makes changing hands and re-stringing very easy. I did have issue with fiddling the s-hook out the right way, but there wasn't any danger of it slipping back into his wrist... which is nice XD Their headcaps are a bit odd but not hard to use when you get used to it, and the rubber-band-and-s-hook holds the headcap on straight and firmly so there's no slippage.

      My problems with the MSD body are minor. His head only holds a few basic poses, and can't tilt up very far because of how the neck and neck-hole are configured. His ankle ball-joints are flat on the bottom and can get knocked askew when putting on shoes, but even with a misaligned ankle he can still stand easier than Boe's DollShe Hound body XD And MSDs are some of the pudgiest of mini-sized dolls... but since most clothing is made for MSDs, this isn't too big of a problem, unless you're going for a 'mature mini' look :3 If that's the case, though, the SDC bodies are nice ;D
    19. Just to interject something, all new Volks limiteds come with magnetic headcaps that are very secure. I assume FCS and standards will get them soon enough~