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Doll Reader Magazine- October 2008- Twigling's cover doll customized by Lilykoi

Oct 21, 2008

    1. Congratulations to DOA's own Twigling (Therese Olsen) whose new doll
      YLISANDE is on the cover of Doll Reader magazine, coast to coast, for October 2008.

      Gypsy Ylisande was fabulously customized and photographed by LilyKoi Designs. The magazine editor said LilyKoi pushed the envelope of doll painting for her work in this magazine feature.
      (hurray Nina! We love you!)

      Ylisande and Sleetwealth Briar ( will be released shortly by Enchantment Doll (www.enchantmentdoll.com)

      Other dolls in the feature article include:
      Batchix Machina customized by Illness Illusion,
      made in USA at Atelier Nouveau

      Sleetwealth Briar customized by LilyKoi Designs,
      made in USA by Atelier Nouveau

      Renzi's Purple customized by LilyKoi Designs,
      coming soon- to be made in USA by Atelier Nouveau

      Limhwa Elf Mano customized by LilyKoi Designs

      Limhwa Tanned Half Elf, customized by Jung Ji Youn of Limhwadoll Korea

      Doll costumes by Ruth King of Atelier Nouveau at Dollfair


      Here is Therese during her stay here in the USA recently, for the International BJD Artist event... hanging out at a magazine stand and with her own doll on the cover!



      Congratulations to everyone involved in this fun project!
      We are proud of you!!

      To congratulate the DOA doll artists in this magazine feature, or to ask questions about their new dolls, please go here to this discussion thread.