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Doll sale at Domuya.net

Aug 17, 2004

    1. headsup!


      read the announcement there! It looks like most dolls are on sale, and also there is a chance you may win your doll for free!

      also Domuya is now carrying HappyDoll!
    2. oooh! thanks for the heads-up! =3
    3. yeah.. thanks for the temptation..... :crushed

      does domuya have these sales often?? I am at the verge of pressing proceed, but need to check my bank account first. I promised myself i wouldnt get anything till after i finish uni in november.....

      edit: actually the domuya prices are still more expensive on sale than what Liria charges.... I am strong, I can wait... *wallet closes*.

      - 'willow
    4. First time they've had this sale. it's to celebrate their first anniversary (along with the photo competition and etc)...so i guess you might have to wait a year for the next. XD
    5. man, its sad, right when they have their sale is when i dont have money. give me a month! i will have it then so i can buy my MSD FCS and Elf El :9

      they even have the discount on the FCS! 8) (had to use the harry potter icon just cuzz its harry potter)
    6. I know what you mean. If DOD had waited until April to come out with Black Yen I'd be able to get him. At least I HOPE they'll still have Tender Zen. Companies always have the worst timing for me on things like this.

    7. I think that DOD makes the dolls on order :D
      so there is no worries about Tender Zen being out of stock
      But this usually means a one month wait for them to make your order~~