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Doll Scale Size and Ages?

Jan 28, 2012

    1. So, I did try looking for a similar topic in the search function, and the keyboards were "doll" "sizes" "ages" but did not come across anything in the first 3 pages unfortunately, so I am trying my luck with a new thread ^o^

      It all started with my OC and my tiny doll. I was looking at her and my character is 12-13 years old and someone I know has a tiny from the same company but has her character as 6 years old... and I started thinking... what is the age she could pull off at most? .____. I then began thinking about all doll scale sizes and thought around what age could they pull off in general? I know a lot of people thinking you could do whatever you want but I have a really hard time imagining a tiny 1/6 scale as 20 years old or anything like that X3 So here's the question...

      What general age area do you assign for your 70cm dolls (assuming that the doll mold is not purposefully and particularly older or young looking)?

      Your 1/3 scale?

      1/4 scale?

      1/6 scale?

      1/12 scale?

      For me, I tend to keep the 70cm in their 30's, the 1/3 scale dolls in their 20's, the 1/4 dolls in later teens, the 1/6 dolls in the early early teens or pre-teen years, and the 1/12 scales as young children (3-8).
    2. Ironically my incoming SD will be 13.

      .....and my MSD is 16. I will likely age any other incoming MSDs and SDs as such and just keep them as separate groups.
    3. I currently only have SD and MSD sizes, and the size difference is enough that I could only see them as adult and child. Mine in particular are 18 and 10 years old. So I guess to me a 70 cm would be super tall like a basket ball player, 1/6th a toddler, and 1/12 a fairy or something.
    4. I only have 1 doll which is a tiny, I just look at their face and base it off from that. Most people give them a specific age, I usually give them a range so they can fit in with different stories. For example my doll is aged from 7 - 10. I had him originally older but I decided to change it because he did look a little younger than the age I initially gave him which was 12-13.

      I guess if I ever get more dolls (minus anthros, age doesn't matter with them in my opinion) I'd age then accordingly to my first. It really depends on the face sculpt. Some MSDs look a little older and some look a little younger. Like a Kid Delf Yuz looks to be around 12-14 while a Illusion Spirit Zhu Qing looks to be 16 to 18/19. But they're both MSD sized.
    5. This is a tough question because I think it depends whether a person liked the Mature MSD or the child like ones. They can range greatly in body type and general appearance.
      My 70cm doll is meant to be in his early twenties and my two SDs are in their late teens. So far I don't want any MSDs because I don't need any child characters right now and a mature one woud not look right with the others.
    6. It all depends on the person's collection, of course, and scale between the dolls. I don't think that taller automatically equals older. My 58cm girl is older than my 65cm girl. She's just shorter. My MSDs are slender MSDs who I view as 13 in relation to my SD dolls, but it's entirely possible for someone with nothing but that particular size to see all of them as full grown adults. My Pukifee are demons and thus the oldest of all of my dolls while being the tiniest. When I owned YoSDs, they were all adults as well.
    7. Most of my collection are MSD's and they're all adults. They range in age from 18 to mid 30's, one that is a little over 100 years old and another who is several thousands of years old.

      I have 3 SD's. They are 22, 32 and several thousands of years old (he's a demon).

      Of the tinies I have, 2 are roughly 10 years old, one looks 6 years old but is mostly demon so age is actually not applicable to him (he can also change his appearance to look 16 years old) and another is a gargoyle so again, age is not relevant. The other 2 tinies I have are mature sculpts with one being a half-dragon and 100 years old (which is still really young for a dragon) and the other a demi-Muse (he's several thousand years old).

      I don't decide age based on size of the doll. The sculpt dictates the character for me. The exception to that are 3 of my tinies who need to be child sized in relation to their parents.
    8. It all depends on the sculpt, how he "reads" to me, what his character is like, and how he looks when he's all done out the way I like him. I don't base age just on size or body type. There are no child dolls here, that's all I know.

      45cms - I have 3 of them who are teenagers, and one who's in his 20s.
      The older one is an AngelRegion, and he has that young/old strangeness to his expression like AR guys do, so despite the childlike body, I don't feel he's a child or teen. The teens are Volks SDCutes & Iplehouse JID; these guys have big muscles, but they also have cutie-cute faces. So they're my juvenile-delinquents team. :>

      50-63cms - They range from 14 to 30. Most of my SD13s are late-teens-to-20. The SDGraffitis are older, because I think their faces are more mature (30 is the eldest around here). The Iplehouse YIDs, with their elegant faces, are sorta split between 19-21 and 25-27. My SD10 is the 14-year-old little brother of the house.

      65cms - My SD16 is only 20 years old, and my Iplehouse SID is maybe 20-21 too; they have youthful faces that remind me of college boys. The SD17 is also 21-22, also not-quite-finished-growing-up. The Limhwa Mano is 24, because his face is more rugged and mature & has a worldly expression.

      70cms+ - The Iplehouse EIDs are all in their midtwenties, 24-27. The 80cm Soom Mecha Angel is a merman, and doesn't have an age. ^^

      Tinies - All my tinies are imps or demons or other entities who don't have ages either.
    9. My dolls are all mostly fantasy characters so they don't age the same as do mortals.
    10. My SD is 18-20, he's got a really boyish face so he's generally never older than that.

      My MSD came about in a little bit of a tricky manner, she's petite and has a mature face, but her size makes her age shrink to about 14.

      The 2 Yo-sd's coming in are probably gonna be 8-10? They can't be much younger than my MSD so...-shrugs- I guess its just like that by default for me.

      The last one, the tiny...is so tiny he has to be 3-4. So thats all the age ranges I have, personally, since I don't have any fantasy characters. For me, size tends to define age.
    11. I don't actually assign age range by height- mine more depend on the storylines they're part of, and when they're just hanging around and not specifically "in character" they're just different sizes (their characters remain consistent, but outside the storyline, they exist in this world in a different way).

      My pukipuki is 4.

      My 1/6 is 7

      My MSDs range from 17-24.

      My 60cm is in her "mid-20s", and so isn't my 70cm, when really they're of a different race and "Super old" (meaning haven't assigned a specific age to them, but they appear in their early-mid-20s.)
    12. Age range? What age range? :lol: My dolls are all (most likely) going to be creatures for whom age works differently on them, and height doesn't really matter in the real world for age either. But in any case, right now my only MSD in-story is about 5'6" and my 70cm is around 8'1". The next MSD I'm getting is about 5'1". :)
    13. It's not the height that governs my dolls age but how mature they look. My Kaelyn is a DOC girl new body which is rather mature in my opinion. So she ranges about 16 in age while my Solana an angell-studio Cinderella is twice her height has a mature body but a chubby face so she's only about 18-20 years. There's not that big of an age difference between them. While my other SD I treat more in the 25ish range since she looks a bit older in the face. My pukifee I treat about 3-5 ish because she's just too cute ^^
    14. I've not really chosen specific ages for my dolls, but a loose approximation would be:

      SD - early 20s
      MSD - late teens
      YoSD (Little Fee) - 7-10
      Tiny (Pukifee) - 4-5
      Tiny (Pukipuki) - 2-4
    15. For scale, I use 1 cm = 1 inch which means 70 cm guys are around 6 ft tall. As for ages, it's all about the face. I've got a DZ Mo who is 46 cm tall - but he's 14, the same age as my Volks Kanata (who's taller but looks younger). My AR Dana boy is 10, even tho he's almost the same height as my Mo. & so on.
      I go by PEOPLE - all sizes at all ages. There are really tall teens & short adults. I do intend to get at least one Mecha Angel - hence the scale I'm using (the Mecha will be 6'8" for my purposes)
    16. I think in general, it depends on the 'character' the doll has and whether the character is mature or not. Height does not necessarily equal age. But my age (appearance-wise) preferences are:

      Yo-SD: 4 to 7 yrs
      MSD: 12 to 17 yrs
      SD: 18 to 28 yrs
      (Haven't come across a doll I would like to list over that age range yet XD)
    17. The dolls I own... I imagine Saif is 13. Vivika is 10. Niccolo is 22-24. Quinlan is... late teens, early twenties (or just an immortal just-popped-into-existence-one-day elf, go figure). Epifania is 18.

      I generally expect smaller dolls to be younger, but then you have mature minis and some incredibly baby-faced 1/3s and stuff, so that goes out the window. Depends on the mold really.
    18. I don't assign an age based on the size of my guys. They're all adults. I assign a height based on the size of my dolls. Or rather, the size of the dolls are based on the human height of the characters.

      MSD = 5'2'' - 5'7''
      SD = 6'1'' - 8'2'' (figuring in anything between 60 and 80 cm)

      And I don't want anything smaller than an MSD so I don't have a calculated height range for those, although I am looking for a short MSD to make into a character who is only 4'10'', so he has to be shorter than my DZ Mo who is the representation of a 5'2'' person and is the shortest of my current collection.
    19. As others have said, it depends on the sculpt, but I also think it depends on the species the doll is supposed to be. A friend of mine had a vampire that was supposed to be an adult, but was MSD sized. I've also heard of people who would make their tinies/Puki's faeries, with ages withing the 100-500 range.
    20. I do the same as KarieChaos. I don't assign ages based on scale size. I assign heights and one's height has nothing to do with one's age. The first doll I found to be perfect was a 65 cm girl who is supposed to be about around 6' to 6'2. Everyone else is going to have to be scaled to her. 43cm MSD will be around 5 even. Perhaps a little shorter. To me, age is determined mostly by the "baby fat" in the chubby cheeks and how old or mature the sculpt projects itself as to me.