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Doll size question

Jul 13, 2008

    1. I'm sorry. I was not sure where to put this, and after hours of searching I was not finding an answer that was already existing.

      I am confused about the doll sizes. I see some that seem so HUGE. What size would a doll be 1/3 or 1/4 or whatever the cm measurement is...if you wanted one about the size of a standard Barbie (12-14") say.

      Thank you in advance for any answers or if you can point me to the right section to find the answer.
    2. 1/3 scale dolls are 55cm(22in) and larger. 1/4 scale are about 35cm-45cm, which is about the size of a 16inch fashion doll, but most have more childlike proportions. A standard Barbie size would be a 1/6 scale doll, which is classified in the BJD community as a Tiny.

      Comapnies that sell BJDs that are barbie sized are Soom (mini Gems) and Souldoll (Soul Littles). I hope that helps you! :)
    3. Dollmore also sells 1/6-sized dolls called "Fashion Dolls", that are just a bit taller than Barbie. I, too, hope that helps!

    4. What size is best for a first doll, as far as styling, obtaining clothes etc. If a Barbie sized BJD is considered "tiny" is it harder to find fashions, wig etc for?

      Sorry for the questions...I'm new. LOL
    5. You're going to have triumphs and hardships finding anything in any size. It's become much more easy in recent years to wig and clothe any of the 'standard' doll sizes. So, it's not really a 'best doll for beginners' question. Go for what you like. :)
    6. Hmm... I would say that the best way to figure out what size you like is to see and hold some dolls in person! Check for local area meet-ups and see what you can do about holding and checking out some different doll sizes. Personally, after seeing a variety of doll sizes (though not necessarily holding them) I decided that I wanted my first girl to be a 1/3 scale. <3
      However, I've heard both sides of the story about whether big dolls or small dolls are better. Some people say that big dolls are better because it's easier to find clothing for them, and they feel less "delicate". Other people like smaller dolls because they're easier to transport, and less expensive, or they just flat out think they're cuter.

      I would say to wander around the forums and see what you can dig up, if you're unsure about size. I KNOW I've seen a thread on small dolls vs large dolls, but I couldn't find it for the life of me. If I do dredge it up I'll be sure to link you. ^___^
    7. The 'best doll' is the one that captures your attention, really, because if you don't get a doll you really like you'll get bored with it pretty fast. Barbie-sized tinies aren't all terribly hard to clothe and wig; actually, the Bobobie 1/6 girls can wear some Barbie clothes. Personally, I really like the 1/4 scale (mine's 43 cm), but everyone has their own preferences. Try to find some size comparison pictures to get an idea of size, or better, some pictures of dolls with people.
    8. Thank you.

      I guess I need to see some comparison photos to really decide. I'm nervous about having a doll that is too big.

      But...for me...once I fall in love with the face. I won't care how big.

      thanks again for the advice.
    9. Ive seen some 40-46cm dolls online that I like. That doesnt seem to big ( I did the inches conversion) so I might shoot for that.

      How do you tell which is better structure wise..like Luts, Volts, Souldoll, etc.

      So many choices...it's confusing.
    10. My boy is 44cm. I have smaller guys too, but I find them harder to sew for because they are so small. I really like the 1/4 size because they arn't overly big or bulky and he's so perfect. He's also the one I fell in love with. :aheartbea
    11. The structure is all a matter of taste, if you like the look of the doll overall, buy it! Minifee dolls have much better posability than any of the other 40-45cm dolls out there, but it depends on your tastes.
    12. What does the 1/4 and 1/6 etc relate to.

      I saw a Mini Gem on Sooms that was cute...but its about 12" and I'm wondering if that makes it harder to find clothes and wigs
    13. Personally I think that shoos are the biggest problem. But then I just love Tinybear's wigs and she does them in all sizes. (She has a thread in The Marketplace but you can also find them here. )

      I love them because they are both beautiful and so wonderful and soft to touch.

      If you look at MSDs - 1/4 - 40 - 45cm dolls be aware that some have proportions like kids and some are slimmer and like adults. As for tinies they come from Pukis at 11cm to around 30cm - and they too have very different body shapes. I don't know so much about SDs (the big ones 1/3) because I decided from the beginning that they were too big for me.

      I also think it's a very good idea if you see one you really like to go to the database and look at pictures that owners have taken of their own doll. In the first sticky you can find a list of dolls with links to their threads.

      Also if you look at the Size-Specific Doll Discussion you can often find a thread for each doll or dolls by a specific company. These threads will often have pictures of dolls owned by differen people.

      It's a good help in deciding on a doll to look at them with different face-ups. (The way the face is painted)

      I recoment that you take your time and look at a lot of dolls before you decide.

      Good luck. :)

      BTW I have a Soom Mini Gem Uyoo elf and she fits most Barbie outfits. On the other hand I find it much easier to make things myself for my MSD girls because they are bigger - 42 and 43cm.

    14. Dustbunnie - thank you for that information. It's very helpful
    15. ^ thank you for those links