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Doll&Sky - Kaxias Head Discussion

Feb 11, 2007

    1. Well, the neck circumference is given as 10.5 cm. Wihch is the Dollshe neck. The IP body has a 10 cm neck. A Saint head looks ok on an IP neck, even though there is an "indented" ring around the joining area (which you don't notice unless you look from below), but needs some sort of additional piece (I'm trying to work out what at this point), because the S-hook seats into one position, and the Saint neckhole is already as far back as it can go. Aka, you can't drop his head forward.

      But a Hound head is larger, and the positioning of the neck piece makes it jut out too much over the rest of the body. The Kaxias head is said to take an 8-9 wig, so it's probably closer in size to a Hound, and would need the DS body. As far as color goes....

      Well, it figures someone would have picked up this mold AFTER I bought one of these heads, bare, for more money off YJ. I'll have to ask my deputy to send it along soon, and try out some match-up tests.
    2. There was a thread somewhere around here started about this head a few weeks ago. Here's a link to the Doll&Sky site.

      Doesn't he look like a Dollshe Hound/Volks Tony love child? Cute!
    3. I love those eyes! They look so lovely...! If only there's a body that goes with it. I wonder what body fits it...?
    4. the last picture... when I saw him I thought damn... he looks like Lion a lot...
    5. What resin does he match, damn it? He's pretty!
    6. Wow! He fits Dollshe body?!
      Yaaay another 70 cm doll! :D
    7. His resin is made to match Volks... so would Dollzone work for him? I just read that on the Iplehouse QnA
    8. I don't think so. I heard that DZ resins are very light, even for a normal skin. Then again, I could be wrong. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.

      Then there is also the problem of which skin is matches. Does's Volks have a pure skin and something else that also looks like normal skin??
    9. DZ resin isn't that light. I'd rate the normal skin as closer to CP normal. A Dollshe head NS looks pale as anything on a DZ body.

      IP normal skin is very light and would be closer to Dollshe tones.
    10. I see. Well, the problem still remains, and that is which Volks skin he fits... the Pureskin or the normal skin...? If I'm wrong about Volks having 2 skin tones, please correct me.
    11. There is an Ebay seller who is offering this head on a dollzone body now. It looks to be in terrible condition, faded and in need of major work. I think it would be a good practice doll.