Doll social accounts

Mar 22, 2021

    1. Hello!
      So I was wondering if any of you create separate social accounts for your doll collections. I've been entertaining the thought of creating a separate Instagram account specifically for my dolls. My main account is dedicated to my art and creating a reputation as an artist, so I dont want anything to appear on my page that is inconsistent in a way, if that makes sense. I was wondering if any of you all did the same thing? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well! Maybe help me in my decision c: thanks everyone!
    2. I have an Instagram for my photos and then another for photos strictly relating to my dolls. I know a lot of people have doll-specific instagrams.
    3. I have doll related accounts for Flickr, Instagram and Tumblr. Basically either places where I just wanted to share my craft/photography or exclusively interact with the community, away from my other interests. It's a lot more relaxing that way and allows me to curate different feeds as well.
      The only places where I don't have an extra account for them, are places where I don't share them anyway (like Twitter) or where a separation is not exactly needed (Facebook).
    4. I do. I have a IG personal account and one separate where I only share pictures of my dolls :)

      I think is a great idea to do that.So, I will say go for it :)
    5. I only have a doll instagram, I don't use SoMe platforms for other things anymore :XD:
    6. My Instagram is primarily doll related. Occasionally I’ll post other stuff too but I’d say it’s about 80% doll stuff.
    7. Only social media I maintain is Instagram, and honestly, I just post whatever I feel like to one general account. I've never really seen much reason to split things across multiple accounts outside of separating business from personal, or other specific examples along those lines.
    8. If you're using IG for professional self promotion I think it makes sense to separate it. Mine is all mixed together but it's not for any specific purpose and I rarely post anyways.
    9. Yup! I have 4 different IG accounts:sweat (personal, doll, travel, and a fake one)
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    10. I didn't bother making an IG until I saw it being used for dolls, so my insta is almost exclusively my bjds with a little illustration work thrown in here and there. I made a separate BJD sculpting account, though admittedly I have a hard time forcing myself to post there instead of my main.

      As for twitter, tumblr and facebook, I made brand new doll-specific accounts there even though I don't really have a brand or reputation to uphold. I just like having things sorted.
    11. I made separate Instagram accounts, because my non-doll friends don’t really care about my BJD photos, and BJD people on Instagram tend not to care about non-doll pics I might take. There is a tiny bit of overlap, but not much.
    12. I keep IG account for my boys, don’t have personal account. Lol
    13. This exactly. I have a seperate doll account. I only follow people who post doll stuff, it's a lovely escape account to look at pretty doll things
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    14. For my Instagram I have a personal private account, then a public one for my dolls. I didn't want to flood my private account with doll pictures and I wanted my doll photos public so other doll owners could see them. So I made them separate! I think Instagram is a great place for sharing and looking at doll owner pictures, I recommend it!
    15. Oh! Thanks everyone!
      The main platform I use daily is Instagram. Unfortunately it really does a great job making it difficult for small artists like me to grow. And I need to play well with the algorithm if I want my art to get noticed. It's the only reason why I dont post my doll pictures on my main account. I appreciate all the advice and it's really fun to hear that so many of you do have alt accounts for your doll collection! I totally respect the people that just have one account for everything, I honestly hate managing multiple accounts.

      I think I will totally go ahead and make that account! I'll be sure to look out for all your doll accounts so I can see your wonderful collections <3
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    16. I only have "doll accounts" at this point. I used to have a personal facebook account back in 2006ish, but over the years the changes irritated me and I deleted it and stayed off it for a few years. Then I started sharing my husbands FB to chat with my few friends and family I want to keep in contact with, but too much drama since I couldn't control the friend list, so I finally made one using an exaggerated form of my name to avoid certain family trying to add me. I literally only use FB to talk to a few people on the messenger and for doll groups, otherwise I would delete it.

      I have an Instagram, it has changed as my doll preferences have changed. At one point I had ALL my dolls on it, but it was overwhelming and I made a second one so my first could just focus on one type of doll and the second all the other dolls. I moved across country and had to sell all my dolls, and I ended up deleting all my pictures, which I now regret :(

      I recently started my main IG back up again with my current dolls, but I don't post too often because my pics are pretty blah, and I don't redress or take pics that often. I think the only reason I would use the second account is if I were going to post non doll related things.
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    17. I have an IG just for my dolls that's the only one I have and use these days just for them.
      Way back I did used to have doll accounts on my space for them.
    18. I have separate accounts for a couple reasons. 1. Most people I know think my dolls are weird so I spare myself the negative comments by having a separate doll account. 2. It’s so much easier to find specific accounts when they are separate (personal and doll)...fewer follows for both. I actually use my doll account more than my personal one LOL
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    19. i have 3 instas. one personal, one for my sylvanian families and one for my bjds.
      i love taking pics of my bjds and my SF. they both have pretty vibrant fandoms, but there is not a lot of overlap in the fandom so i keep them seperate.
      i'm also working on a blog for general all encompassing toy stuff.
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    20. I can't be bothered with multiple accounts for anything so I usually just post whatever I want on my single *insert website here* account.
      But I can see why someone would want to have different accounts for sharing different things, especially if the main account is for the purposes of work/promoting unrelated services of some kind.
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