Doll Spreadsheet to share?

Jan 18, 2021

    1. At the risk of exposing myself as a hyper-nerd, does anyone have doll/accessories spreadsheet templates they'd be willing to share? I'll absolutely mock up my own if not, but no need to reinvent the wheel if the community has good ones on Google Docs already! Reaching out esp to cover my bases as a newbie on the things that are worth it to track (like company, price, body/head type are obvious to me, but maybe there are other less obvious things you've found useful?)
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    2. I switched to Air Table after reading a thread about it here but I keep a few different tabs to keep track of stuff (current collection, future doll plans, custom ideas, orders, sales etc) and within each tab I track the basics and anything specific to that tab.

      For my collection tab I track: character/doll name, doll company, head sculpt name, size (sd, msd, yosd), skin color, body type, faceup artist, gender, mods, year acquired, place acquired, if it’s event/limited/discontinued, if I have the full set, extra parts (hands, heel feet etc), damages/defects, own/sold/on order, and additional notes. If I ever get industrious I’ll probably add profile photos and scans of the coas. Some people track how much they paid for their dolls too.
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    3. I have often used aliexpress for shoes, clothes (also to use for clothing patterns), clothing craft material and eyes and wigs because of my medium aliexpress addiction (although acbjd has many of the same things for similar price). I think eBay jeeryama was a legit seller, and tata's paradise on ali. But lately I've discovered that for high quality, beautiful eyes Etsy is the place to be. Or the marketplace here. You can keep track of which ones they are in your doll profile here too. I recommend searching the eye market place and Etsy. And for styled wigs as well.

      Anyway... anything that you buy from artists should be on your list. But i find the doll profiles on here cover that too. XD
    4. I like to make sure I copy over all the doll measurements so I have them for easy reference! So many dolls have pages here on DoA with all the measurements that it's usually just a matter of finding it & copy/paste, or often the product listing when you buy the doll has all the stats.

      It's soooo much easier to just check my notes for height, bust size, waist size, foot size, etc., rather than having to measure my doll every time or google it every time. Bonus if I pull that info when I order my doll or before I receive it, it helps with making clothing!

      Here's an example from a note I've got open right now:
      • Height: 42cm
      • Head Circumference: 16.5cm
      • Eye size: 12mm
      • Chest Circumference: 15.5cm (normal bust) / 16.9cm (big bust)
      • Waist Circumference: 12.5cm
      • Hip Circumference: 18.4cm
      • Feet Length: 5.2cm

      I like my format of using a notepad, because I dump inspiration pics of characters/designs/makeup in below my text for each doll, but obvs it could easily be transferred to a spreadsheet! :kitty2

      One other thing I grab whenever I can find it is historical information as well. I love little details like "when the sculpt was first released" or fun facts about the doll or in the case of Volks, I think it's nice to be able to track whether a sculpt was from an event or doll party... there's a lot of that kind of info floating around, so maybe just a "misc" or "notes" section would cover the bulk of it.

      .....Also, hyper nerds unite!!!

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    5. OMG, I thought I was the only one! I have been using Google Docs. I keep track of doll measurements on one which comes in handy when I look for clothing or patterns. I have another for doll wishes which helps me control the urge to buy everything at once and bankrupt myself. ;) This chart includes dolls that I have preordered which haven't come yet, dolls I want to order and when I might be able to do that. It changes constantly. I keep another chart for lay-away expenditures so I keep myself in budget. :whee: I also have a chart for what accessories/clothing/wigs/furniture I wish to buy in the future so I can assure myself that even if I don't buy it now, I will eventually get it:lol: Oh, and I have a "Date I order a doll / Date I expect to receive it / Dates it actually is shipped and arrives" chart.

      I also have charts for other things in my life - I am a HUGE chart nerd!
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    6. I'm glad the local community brought me to Airtable. (Testing phase for now.) This is really useful when I have a weak memory. Date of box openings, skin, artist, company, model, character marks, to do list, notes about modifications, pics and so many possibilities...
      I like it!
    7. Glad to see a healthy contingent of chart keepers :XD:

      @Elomina I'll have to check out Airtable, thanks!

      @maxxxamillion & @Dollquest Noting the measurements is a good call!! I think I'll def be adding that to mine
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    8. I was using several charts in Microsoft Word, but the same DoA member others have mentioned convinced me to try Airtable, and that's what I use now.