Update Doll Square Incident - Angelesque help

Dec 4, 2017

    1. Good morning everyone,

      Following the incident with DollSquare, Carol at Angelesque has an announcement that will hopefully help some of you! Here it is below:

      "After the latest problems caused by Doll Square and the missing orders for DollZone and Doll Chateau, i have been talking to them and the boss over there in China, we are hoping together to help as many people as possible to get their orders home [​IMG]
      so .....
      I need your information if you were affected -
      1. Screenshot of the order with DollSquare
      2. Screenshot of the payment and the date made to DollSquare
      3. any screenshots that you think will help us locate your dolls on the ordering system
      There will be shipping charges from me in the UK to affected people's homes to pay again unfortunately as neither me or DZ or DC have this money, but i will help anyone to get their dolls home as will DollZone and Doll Chateau.
      Tag anyone you think was affected, lets spread this great news on a cold Monday morning and make people who thought it was all lost that there are good people out there to help when problems arise!
      Cheers Carol xxxxx"

      If you have been affected, please contact Carol or myself and we will do our best to help you.

      Thanks for your time and best of luck!
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