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Doll status in signatures, why do we do it?

Jan 1, 2012

    1. I've noticed a lot of people have the status of their dolls in their signature. Such as how many layaway payments they have left or how much they have saved.
      I'm curious why we do it? I'm not against it, I personally find it interesting to look over but I was wondering what people thought of this and why you do it?
    2. Because we're part of a community and like to share our dolls/doll savings/wishlists, like we do in the waiting room/incoming doll/discussion threads, maybe? Then you don't have to visit the owner's profile to find out or read through all his/her posts or ask personally, if you're interested.
      We like to shaaare, we like to caaare. ;)
    3. I think its cause we just like to let other people know. Because this is a minority hobby, we just want to share our things with others. Like how children have to show their parents everything they do :3 It's just our way of feeling like other people know and care about what we have. Or at least, it describes me! XD
    4. I started doing it because I like seeing other people's doll status XD
      I get excited for people when I see them almost saved up or almost done with their layaways. Even when people have shipping status and whatnot. It is just one more thing that reminds me that we are all in this together!
    5. I couldn't list all my dolls even if I tried... I like reading other people's sigs. And I go to the links too! LOL! And sometimes it helps me figure out if the doll in their avatar or posted picture is theirs or not.

      I may work up a new sig soon. I used to have pictures of my dolls but I am lazy making things in photoshop.
    6. I think it also gives people a way to keep atop their goals. For instance, if someone says to his or herself "I am going to save $600 for this doll" it might be easy to kind of fall off the horse and spend money on other things. Posting the goal in a public forum might make it more real for some people. I don't want to say it creates a sense of obligation, but it could. People might encourage them seeing they're almost done saving. They can find other people also waiting for that doll or dolls from the same company, etc. For some people, like myself, none of that makes a difference in whether or not I am going to save the money, but for others it might. Whatever floats your boat.

      I love it when I see people putting their dolls' information in their signatures because if they have a doll I find interesting, it's easier for me to find more pictures of them and such because I can just visit the person's profile. You also get a nice feel for that person's aesthetic tastes in dolls. I like that people can look at my signature and do the same (or could, when I had pictures of my dolls down there).
    7. *nodnod* I do it partially as I take pride in my collection and like to share, but I also do it to keep track for myself. :XD: Sometimes, I forget exactly who I have on layaway, or how many payments I have to go on an order, or who shipped when. :P So, if I keep it on my signature, every time I post something I remind myself. :)
    8. Sharing and Caring... sounds right to me. If you can't do that on a forum for ABJDs, then where? :)

      I like reading sigs, too, and learning stuff about people and dolls. It's interesting.
    9. Not all of us do. :lol:
    10. I like reading other people's sigs, but personally I chose not to list my doll statuses in mine.
    11. Just reiterating that not all of us list status' but we do list other things like the sculpt and their names given to them by us. I agree its sometimes fun to look at others peoples just to see what other peoples thoughts are.
    12. I really like reading people's sigs; I like seeing the dolls and the names they choose for them. I also like to see family combinations (e.g. who buys what with what, etc). Also, if a sculpt name/company intrigues me I'll often check for pics of this doll, especially those of the owner of the sig. I never knew I liked some dolls I did without seeing them posted in signatures. I don't know why I do it. Maybe this is the one instance where I just kind of hopped on the bandwagon and decided I liked it there. That kinda bugs me. Maybe I like to show them off for pride. :)
    13. Because sometimes that's the quickest way to express "how did I end up buying this doll when he was not even on my list, WTF is this I don't even" I think :XD: And in the case of the one I've been repeatedly saving for over and over due to bills interfering, that little push to keep focused on getting that one home. :)
    14. I like to get an idea of what people like in this hobby, what their tastes are in aesthetics, brands, and sizes, or how big their dollfamily is and wether they prefer a certain sex or agegroup, whether they like realism or not etc. But when I'm curious I will usually check their profile for that since the list there is more extensive and a bit more ordered. I can be quite disappointed when nothing is listed there!
    15. I do it in hopes that someone will see what I'm selling and want to buy it! I try to avoid the MP completely, but I've seen things that people are selling listed in their signature and often take a look if it's a doll I'm interested in.

      I like it when people list their dolls owned in their signatures. It gives you an idea of what they like without having to click their profile. Also, if they have a doll I want to see, I can try to find pictures of the doll if they have a site linked. Finally, if I'm trying to determine their avatar's sculpt, I can look at their list of dolls and figure it out easily.

      The layaway payment information that some people have was strange to me at first, but it lets others know what they're anticipating, and it probably excites people when they can go change the status from something like 0/$600$:...( to $300/$600 :lol:.
    16. I do it because it gives people an idea of my interests and the sculpts I own without having to look at my profile or check my posts or whatever. I also have a link to my DeviantArt so if people are interested they can have a closer look, as I rarely post gallery threads. Also all my dolls have quite specific "horror" looks so my signature invites people to have a look if they are interested in the same things as me ^^ Lots of times I've seen dolls I like the look of in people's signatures, then looked at their gallery threads and enjoyed seeing their doll!
    17. Same reason ^u^~
      I also like looking at the names people give their dolls hu~
    18. I like seeing what dolls they own, sometimes its helpful if you want to see specific photos of dolls or dolls together so you can then go to their thread posts, or maybe they have a doll as their picture that you would like to know what sculpt it is by their signature. Its a nice and quick way of finding out about the persons dolls
    19. Since I am still fairly new to the hobby, looking at people's list of dolls in their sig is a way for me to learn about different companies and sculpts. If I really like the look of a doll that they have posted I'll probably like their other dolls too.

      eta: I suppose I should add my info! :lol:
    20. Because what else can you put in your signature? DoA doesn't allow huge dancing gif images (which I'm glad for when I'm surfing on my phone, ha ha) and sigs are strongly suggested to be doll or you related. There's only so much witty quotes and song lyrics can do for you.