Doll Storage

Jul 25, 2020

    1. How do you store your dolls? Do you have them on display? How do you store clothing, wigs, accessories? I would love to see how people organise and display their dollies!!!

      *for me at the moment I have all my clothes etc in boxes and dolls in their original boxes but would love to have them on display somewhere... I will moving into a new house hopefully soon depending on covid stuff and travel, but would like to purchase or modify some sort of display cabinet.
    2. All my dolls are on a shelf above my desk. There’s a lot of SDs though & im gonna need another shelf... I rarely open the curtains in my room, but I’m planning on making them their own curtain so I can enclose them & let the sun in!
      Clothes are just in a plastic tub.
    3. All the dolls are on display in the livingroom (the bedroom for a few of the teeny-tinies on my bedside unit). Some on open shelves, sone in a glass froonted cabinet from IKEA. They're all overcrowded and crammed in, but it works and I don't have fetch out and open boxes when I want to play:

      One or two are usually plonked down wherever I last played with them - there's currently one by my computer waiting for a dress to be finihsed, another sat on a wardrobe trunk in the spare bedroom where I left her after changing her into a newly arrived outfit.

      Their clothes, shoes socks, and other bits are all in boxes, according to size and gender of doll. The boxes are mostly on one shelf of a uit that runs the length of one long wal of the spare bedroom, with a few overspill boxes on othe top of bookcases in the same room due to lack of any or espace. Over 50 BJD plus a lifetime collection of other dolls, makes for a large accumulation of clothing and there's onl so much space available.

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    4. My dolls are stored in their boxes inside my wardrobe.
    5. Wow! You have quite a collection, I could spend hours and hours in there :)
    6. I frequently do... and get NOTHING done as a result.

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    7. My first couple of dolls I would have them in my bed, a few more and they sat on the shelf, now I have so many and I still only have my bedroom to keep all of my things in, they're in big plastic bins from Ikea stored under my bed :sweat The only one who is always out is my Realpuki Roro who has a little house. Partly the reason for that is I want to keep them out of sunlight and there aren't too many places in my room I can do that. My dream is to have a house of my own some day with a dedicated display space for them.

      For clothes and wigs and mountains of alpaca hair and faceupping supplies etc I have a whole chest of drawers and a small cupboard and lots of boxes... now I think of it my doll stuff takes up about half the storage in my room
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    8. Hehe yea I feel sad just having mine boxes, but looking forward to our new house which will be a project all on its own! I have been working on a little house for my Lati yellow... I actually started it two years ago I hope to get it finished soon!
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    9. I keep mine on our book shelf in the living room, I placed it on a wall where no direct sunlight reaches. I like having them out with us. I recently added glass doors to the cheap BILLY bookshelf from Ikea (MORLIDEN Ikea glass doors). My Collection is growing though,soon I'll need to remove the bed and have them on stands.

      As for their stuff, I use an Our Generation Wardrobe. It's made for 18" childrens dolls but works greats for MSD clothes and shoes!
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    10. All of my dolls just sit on my bookshelf. All their clothes are in a drawer under my bed. I am very quickly running out of room in both areas though.
    11. My first doll is in a display case in my sewing room. The rest are in the guest room. The teen girls are on an old doll bed my dad made when I was a kid, the teen boys are on the chest of drawers and the adult crew are on a doll couch. The clothes and accessories are divided by doll—each one has a shoebox size tub in the chest of drawers with their stuff. Doll boxes are on the top shelf in the closet. I used to have an entire wall of doll dioramas they hung out in, but I tore them down to move which didn’t happen at the last minute. I miss them so much.
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    12. I keep them displayed in my room. I have one of my dolls on a doll stand on my computer desk and my other dolls either displayed inside or sitting on top of my glass display case. I keep all their clothes, wigs, shoes, etc. in a drawer in my dresser. At some point in the future, I would love to buy some organizer bins to store these items.
    13. My husband actually just built me a brand new display for my doll collection this week, as a birthday present. It's a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit built right into the wall, in a corner of my art room where they won't be facing any direct sunlight and I can see them while I'm painting. Awesome husband is awesome. <3
      (Before that, my display was...not so great. Until a few days ago I was using a super rickety old bookshelf with a few of the shelves removed so the openings were big enough to hold SDs...barely!)
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    14. He’s a keeper! Haha. That’s awesome
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    15. My dolls are stored in boxes under my bed. I only take them out when I’m playing with them. I wanted to have them in display, but I have 2 problems, 1: My house is super sunny even with the curtains. 2: I’m extremely allergic to dust, and getting dust on the wig and clothes is out of option.
    16. I'm a paranoiac when it comes to organization, and it's comorbid with my obsession with keeping things somewhat "like new" :lol: so I store my dolls in their boxes when they're not out.

      I'd like to think if I had my run of the house, I'd have a large glass cabinet display with light-blocking curtains. Maybe someday! Good luck to you and your move during this time, OP!!
    17. All of my tinies are in a little cat nest bed on top of the diorama that I customized for them. While I could have them inside the diorama, I feel like they’re safer somewhere soft where they can’t fall over or get hurt. As for my doll clothes, I use one of those travel bags that folds up into a roll that have zipper pouches. The one I have has a hanger so it’s on the closet rack just below my diorama. One of the compartments I use for wigs and eyes, and the other two I use for clothes sorted by sizing for my tinies. My larger doll clothes I have on miniature hangers in outfit sets hanging next to that. Here’s a photo of my doll family from a little bit ago in the little nest bed!

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    18. For a long time all mine were kept in their boxes when they weren't being played with or taken care of. I wasn't trying to avoid yellowing so much as uneven yellowing.
      But my dolls are all yellowed to the point where I don't think they'll yellow anymore, and I love having them out. So they're on a shelf of a built in bookcase in my room. I only have two 1/3 and 5 small ones, so they're easy enough to keep on the shelf. Once I get more to keep on the shelf I'll have to figure something out.
      But honestly I don't open my blinds that much anyways, so I'm not sure it would have mattered much lol
    19. At the moment I am just planning on how my storage or display will or could work. I think I may either make a roombox for one or use a glass cloche for display to keep dust at bay.
    20. When I moved from New Zealand to Scotland I couldn't afford to bring the doll boxes with me, so I had to dismantle my dolls, then I wrapped them in bubble wrap with a layer of newspaper on the outside and a little sticky with which side of the body the part is for (otherwise I'd wind up with the arms and legs all muddled). I don't have any extra space because I live in my parents' place for financial reasons, and to me it's better to keep my dolls safely wrapped up where I can guarantee they won't fall, or break, or stain, so they live in bubblewrap balls inside a box tucked safely under a desk where no one can accidentally throw them away thinking it's rubbish (my parents do just go in my room whenever they like in spite of me paying them board to stay here), and I won't knock the box over, or step on, or trip over it. I really miss seeing my dolls, but for now this is the best option I've got.