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Doll Things or Dolls -- Ever Have A Dilemma?

May 11, 2010

    1. Recently I've been thinking that it might be more fun for some people to have fewer dolls with more things for the dolls they have than more dolls themselves (with say, one outfit each, or maybe even less!). It might also be an issue for people who say 'I will only spend x amount of money each (insert time interval here) on my dolls'.

      Here's just some starter questions, I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about your dolls and their stuff! :3
      Have you ever had this thought (without acting on it)?
      Have you sold dolls to get money for doll things for your remaining dolls? Was it because of the aforementioned budgeting method, or because you felt that you shouldn't put 'new money' into the hobby?
      Is this a source of anxiety for you? In other words, is it a worry that comes up often? Or do you feel bad buying another doll when your existing dolls don't have as many things as you'd like?
      Do you have a character doll who only has one outfit/look, and so therefore you don't feel as if you have to/want to get the doll more clothing items, etc.? Conversely, is your character doll a clotheshorse? XD Is it just that one, or is it all of them?
      For those without character dolls, are clothes and doll things the main reason why you got a doll in the first place? (Myself, I remember thinking that the photography and fashion of the dolls was paramount when I first started collecting bjds. It was my chance to be my own stylist/photographer on a beautiful model!)

      Of course, add anything else you think is relevant! XD
      Also, if there's already a thread like this, ye point me where the winds blow! (Piratespeak, what?)
    2. Oh my goodness I have this problem! I have a bunch of dolls and not much stuff for them, or at least not much nice stuff. I enjoy getting new dolls, but have a hard time stomaching the high prices for nice clothes... But I also don't want to sell any of them or put my new money into clothes instead of new resin :/ Haha, at least they all have the right wig now :lol: I still need to order the proper eyes for the tinies...

      Actually another problem I have is finding things I like. Not many places sell the type of clothes I'm interested in, which is sort of adventure gear. Another Space is the closest fit to my tastes, but their stuff is so expensive! D:

      I really do need to put a freeze on new dolls and just get stuff for the ones I have...
    3. I only want one wig/outfit/pair of eyes for each doll. I really don't have a desire to swap clothes, etc... but that is just my personality and the way I go about this hobby. I can't stand having unused accessories boxed up! It makes me anxious. Feeling this way makes my decision easy, though - less money I spend on extra clothes/wigs/etc., the more I have for new dolls. ;)
    4. As tempting as it is to buy lots of outfits and accessories for all of my dolls, I quickly learned that it isn't always necessary after I got my first doll. I wasn't sure what to expect back then, but I loved the idea of being able to switch my doll's clothes out often, so I ended up buying a lot of MSD sized clothing for him before he even arrived. In the end I discovered that I only really liked one or two the outfits and - in a way - it seemed like the character that my doll physically represented didn't suit some of the outfits I had bought. I ended up selling most of the clothes that didn't fit the character.

      Nowadays, I think long and hard before buying an outfit. Even if it's really pretty, cool or well made, it'll just sit about unused if it ends up not suiting the characters my dolls represent ^^;

      So I guess for myself, I don't mind having lots of dolls that only have one or two outfits each because those outfits are kind of their signature outfits to me (if that makes any sense?).
    5. When I buy a doll, it is for a particular character of mine and they usually only have one type of outfit. Unless I have a resinite that has no particualr reason for existing, say and event head or such, I will most likely keep to one outfit or set of items. I much prefer to have more resin friends floating about than miscellaneous stuff for them since I'm very much an anti-clutter individual.
    6. No, no dilemma. I buy what I like for each doll. There are 29 men in the house, so there are a LOT of styles here! Some of my dolls have only 1 look. Some of them do change their looks, but don't change very often. Some are total fashion-whores who get constant shopping and changing & experimenting done on them. It depends entirely on the doll; call it "division of labor".

      Mostly, the clothes-whores are that way because they have a style that I like to shop for. To me, the shopping is a sub-hobby. :) There is so much excellent stuff out there! I'm saving tons of money on clothes for my merman, because he wears nothing but his fishtail..... but I make up for it with the goth-boys in the house, because I love to buy and accessorize studs & leather & boots & tight shiny garments. <3

      And no-- it doesn't stop me when a new doll is coming home & I don't have stuff in his own style all laid out for him. I prefer to meet the doll first, & shop for him later. I do prefer to have at least 1 set of clothes in his SIZE, of course, so I order all-default fullsets, or else I pick up clothing along with the doll purchase. But generally, a new doll wears clothes I already have in the house (I've been shopping for dolls for about 5 years, so there's plenty here to work with), until he speaks up about his own personal style. Then we shop!
    7. Even if you say "More dolls!" to start with, I think you'll eventually get to the point where you're happy with your collection in that respect and you won't want to add anyone new. Once you're there, your focus is likely to shift more strongly towards the "goodies" that go along with the dolls... wigs, eyes, outfits, props and such... even if you didn't start out giving them much priority.

      Personally, I've always tried to keep things balanced between the two. New dolls are nice, but I like for everyone to have their proper "look" when I get them, or as soon afterwards as I can manage, too. ^_^
    8. I've already settled with the concept of being mostly like Brightfire's described, I'm trying to get the dolls I want, each with a unique look and then moving on to the next. Finding exactly what fits a doll is half the fun, but I have zero problem with a doll always wearing the same thing if its the perfect outfit!

      I don't plan to get many props (sever lack of space on my end), so I've never really thought of that.
    9. i have been lucky enough to have a huge amount of clothing for my dolls and i think i have reached the point where there are more than i can use. i have a clothes mania...but then again i have a bjd mania too. i am a collector and i love my dolls, but there is always room for more!
    10. I'm with Jenny. Some hae only a few items, and some share across the board. Morgan is a clothes horse, as she is the only msd sized girl here. The msd sized boys share but they don't have that much. The tinies, it varies. The SD sized girls share, but there is not that many of them. The sd sized boys? Oh lord...
    11. Since I started collecting only a few months ago, I don't have a lot for my dolls. I have three dolls (and one in shipping to me~ so four), and each of the three with me now has two outfits each. The one coming to me doesn't have any, yet, but... well. I am sacrificing a little of my money I'm saving for my next doll (she's mostly a gift, but I'm helping pay for her clothing and shipping *_*) to make a Dollmore order this weekend so my new girl will have clothes. While I'm there, I'm getting her three outfits, another outfit for my DZ Fei, and some things each for my AoD Chun Ze and AoD Wang Zi.

      Luckily, they won't have "just" three or so outfits each for long, either... my aunt is a seamstress and is planning to start making clothes for my dolls soon. :D She's already made one of Fai's. So I told her the Dollmore order this weekend will be the last big purchase of doll clothes, since she'll be making a bunch for me anyway. So then I can concentrate on dolls instead of clothing for a while (at least until Christmas, when/if I get my SD girl!) xD
    12. Doll Things or Dolls -- Ever Have A Dilemma?

      Oh, hell yes! :doh Every time I think I can finally spend some $ on accessorizing, I find another beautiful boy to love. *bemoans empty wallet and shakes fist at doll companies* Given the choice between clothes - eyes - wigs - etc. and the doll, I'll pick the doll every time...but it can be frustrating. (Although I should probably note that all of my boys do have eyes, a wig and an outfit on before someone reports me for dollfie abuse - LOL!!)
    13. Well actually that's how I chose my dream doll..I want one doll that I can spoiled and focused to loved..that can really bond with me...and with many clothes you can create many characters..well that's my opinion
    14. I bought my first doll last summer, but I've been collecting miniatures all my life, so the dolls arrived with a whole lot of stuff to play with! I didn't have any furniture, so that's what I've been looking for the last few months. I have to say I've gotten several wigs for each of the dolls, but I think it's mainly because I haven't found the right ones yet. I'm really having trouble with my two guys. They can't seem to find a style that suits them. I may add another doll eventually, but I think mostly I'll add more props for them.
    15. so far my only doll is siren. he wears fur pants (that i made) and thats the only bottoms he will ever wear. he will own a shirt some day but i have yet to find the perfect one. but even if a bunch of shirts in the style im looking for came out, i cant imagine him having more than 2 or 3 shirts. so right now i own a doll who doesn't need much. he asks me to bring home other dolls instead of things for him;)

      and in the future i will have other dolls like him who wont need more than 2 to 3 outfits. but on the other hand i will have a few dolls with multiple outfits. like zoey (who will be a supia rosy) and jordan (will be migidoll jina) and my minifees will have alot of clothes and props.

      i do alot of planning for my dolls so im pretty sure i know whats going to happen. some of my dolls characters will not need alot of clothing but my characters zoey and jordan are really into strange fashions (goth,cybergoth,punk, scene) so they will have alot of clothes because if they didn't their personality's wouldn't show through as well

      i dont have any anxiety issues about getting them clothing or not. when i order zoey while i wait for her to get home im going to order 2 or three outfits. that will tide me over for a little while, ill bring home some more dolls and once i feel like zoey needs more variety ill buy her 2 or 3 more. i dont want to feel like i need to spoil the doll as fast as i can just cuz i want her to be spoiled. there is nothing wrong with taking things slowly =]
    16. I just started also but I'm hoping to keep things balanced too (for dolls, doll stuff and my wallet lol). So far for my Homme Ivan, I have his default clothes and a casual homewear that I made for him. I am hoping to get him another 2 more sets in the near future, so he can alternate between home-wear, streetwear, semi-formal wear, roleplay-wear etc for now. XD

      At the same time, I am also looking forward to get another doll I'm eyeing. ^^ If my dolls are of the same size, then I could share their wardrobe or mix-and-match and save a little on it.

      But if I had to choose between the two at the same time, all else equal, I'd bring home the new doll first then start saving and shopping for doll stuff. Of course it might also depends if the items are limited edition then in that case I'd probably get them first. @_@ So for my case, it'll be somewhat like New Doll > Basic clothing sets to complement current doll's main look > Extensive customization like eyes, different styles of wigs and clothing to give current dolls different looks, which will probably come much much later when all my dolls have their basic clothing sets. XD
    17. I'm more of a "doll stuff" than a doll person. I have one doll, and she has LOTS of stuff. I've even started buying clothing and such for dolls I don't own yet and aren't even saving up for! XD

      My doll isn't a representation of a specific character, so she has a lot of room for variety. I don't feel limited to a certain type of clothing, eye or wig colour, and so forth. Instead, I just buy the things I like. She tends to have a "default" look, because I have a "favourite" wig, but that could change if I find another one that I like more. She doesn't need to have that colour and style of hair.

      Although I have ordered my second doll, it wasn't really because I needed to own her--more that I was attending an event and wanted to at least get something from it. (She'll be a Volks MSD "Mi-chan" school kit.) Even though I won't be getting her until I attend Dolpa in mid-June, I'm already accumulating things for her! XD I've purchased some glass eyes, although I'm not sure on the colour, and I'm contemplating different wigs. (Although there's already a selection she could wear from those I own for my current doll, also a Volks MSD.)

      I've also been slowly increasing a collection of SD-sized items...despite not owning nor having definitive plans to own an SD-sized doll. I just can't resist cute outfits!

      I like knowing that my dolls will be very well-prepared. They won't have to sit around without clothes, wigs, or eyes, because I've taken care of that already. It's important to me. I like the variety! :3 Part of my fun is changing outfits, wigs, or eyes. That's what I like about ball-jointed dolls~
    18. I don't ever have a really desired look for my characters. I like to try out different things to see what suits my character and her actual mould. Sometimes what I had planned doesn't work out, so I try again. For me, physical appearence is not the first thing I think about with my characters. I figure out dolls to embody them based on expressions and vague feelings about them. lol scientific, I know. So often my original idea will morph, and that means changing up wardrobes, wigs and eyes. At the moment i have the one doll, and whilst I've found the ideal outfit/style for her, her wig needs changing. And if I find the right wig for her, my brain might go, but no! Wrong style!

      Other characters might be more stable, but it works. I don't really feel stressed about it because I only have the one at the moment. I can envision a time where everyone wants something different and I will be just like, share bitches!
    19. As much as I'd love to have more dolls, I feel like the ones I have now should each have a decent wardrobe. I get bored of seeing them in the same clothes every day. I've had dolls with only one set of clothes. It's just... ugh. I don't like it. A little change every now and then is nice. I'll probably finish giving the three I have a good set of clothes each before buying another doll.
    20. Well, I am much more willing to buy more dolls than to buy the dolls I have clothes. They all have SOME clothes and I have enough stuff to mix and match and there is a bit of a wig shortage especially in the tiny department... but I hope to rememdy that someday. But considering I have two tinies that don't even have face-ups I figure I will finish them first and they will just have rto suffer being wigless, eyeless and naked for a while.