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Doll undergarments a necessity?

Dec 1, 2016

    1. Hey everyone!

      I was just wondering how you all feel about doll undies! Do you dress your dolls without them or do you like to have them for your dolls? I don't personally have any yet so I'm wondering if maybe I should get some lol. Specifically for girl dolls, do you think it is unladylike for them to go commando? I feel like if you couldn't see it through/under their clothing then who would ever know lol.

      Any good undergarment makers that I should check out? :)
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    2. I'm in the same situation, don't have any yet. I am looking for some though but she does have a pair of black tights so they cover everything. Don't think I'll bother with a bra but if she wears a skirt it's likely to be short so for the sake of her honour and reputation I will try to get some.
      I'm also interested to see if anyone recommends a good undie supplier.
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    3. @Mister M Oh I hadn't even though about tights covering everything. That is a good idea actually, since about half of the outfits I've bought so far are dresses, and that always looks cute with tights. Good call :)
    4. I personally don't think they are"necessary" but I also don't like the look of short skirts with no undies. I have tried underwear on my boys but it keeps getting stuck in their thigh joints so I just do not use them anymore. Tights are a great idea and I wouldn't use bras either,.
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    5. Lol mine go comando because i'm lazy but also because the extra bulk for something you won't ever see just feels unneccisary to me. That said, if the doll was wearing a short dress i might give her panties for modesty. Or tights or something. My boys though? they get no modesty lol.

      That said, i can see an argument for a sort of body glove under dark coloured clothing to protect the resin from staining. Or if you're doing a costume where flashes of the undergarment might be seen. Like bloomers under heavy skirts or petticoats, particularly for larger scale dolls where the added layers add appropriate bulk and shape.
      It all depends on scale and exactly what you're dressing them in.
      Certainly my medieval fantasy crew aren't getting no panties, because they're wearing trousers or floor length gowns lol.
    6. @purple_monkfish ... I was wondering about a body suit to protect my doll from dye transference when wearing jeans or similar dark clothes. As I have not seen any, or handled them I do know what fabric is best for the body suit. I have some great 4way stretch the stuff people use for dancers costumes, would this fabric be suitable for the body suit? Or is something thicker required??? Thanks for reading
    7. I think they're up for your preferencs! I like putting on undergarments myself I think bras and undies are super cute and it just feels more complete that way
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    8. Very true everyone about them being your own preference! I do agree that maybe I'll need to find some for my dresses that are shorter, since I wouldn't want a scandalous moment! Lol but I could see too how they might just add extra bulk to certain outfits.
    9. I got a vintage 10.5 in Horsman Cindy doll recently, her undies fit my Resinsoul Pi, which was good, since he doesn't have clothes yet and he is anatomically correct.
    10. I'll probably end up using tights instead of underwear, but i think it would be nice to have some. I know for one of my doll's I plan on making her a roomy bra, only because I love dollzone's msd body, but I'd like a larger chest for this particular character, so I plan on stuffing her bra a bit. When I was shopping around before, I really liked Le Petit Peuple's bra designs, but I think I'll just make some bras myself with all the leftover lace i have <3
    11. @Sandia that is awesome. I have no sewing skills, so I couldn't do that. Would love to see how it turns out though! I'm going to check our the link you provided also :) Thanks!
    12. i don't think it is a necessity, but personally i always put undergarments on my dolls c: boys and girls alike.
      i have so many cute pairs of boxer shorts and lingerie sets haha! everyone has their own
      i think it just adds to the general sense of realism i get from them.
      the only way i might not use them is if they are wearing something super tight.
      sometimes if i feel unsure of what i want my dolls to wear i'll just have them chill in their undies for a while bahah.
      i also like doing cute lingerie photoshoots for my girlies ;D
    13. My boy Kit refuses to wear underwear unless he's just lounging around. I do soak all his clothes I can in a vinegar water solution and wash them to keep them from discoloring him. Also don't keep dark stuff on him for too long.
    14. My girl dolls almost always wear underwear, mostly to protect their.. area from staining (because I would feel so awkward having to use magic eraser there :x ) or if they're wearing skirts/dresses for decency reasons. I prefer my boys to wear underwear when possible, but a lot of their pants are too tight to fit properly with underwear on, so for the most part they don't.

      Also with the girls, I love the look of cute lingerie on them, so I have to have a lot of that :p
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    15. My doll wears a dress and though I don't have any yet, I feel like cute a pair of bloomers underneath would just kind of complete her. But also, I'm lazy. Maybe someday :p
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    16. Only if you're going to see it.

      Otherwise it's just extra fiddling. It can get stuck in joints, it can make the top layer of clothes hard to put on, and it can give you weird looking bumps from the extra bulk.
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    17. For me, they are. Feels weird to have dolls go without them, especially in skirts and dresses, but also because every other doll I've ever owned has them, so why not? It'll be fun to go underwear shopping for my guy, too. :p
    18. All of my dolls have underwear. If I'm going to have them so realistic that they are anatomically correct, I feel like they should have realism in dressing too. Sometimes my girls don't wear bras, but that depends on their outfit. If a bra looks ok under it, then they do, but if it makes it look bulky and lumpy, I don't.

      Yet for some strange reason I can't explain, most of my crew is lacking socks....I need to fix that.
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    19. @CloakedSchemer its a rare day for me in real life if my socks actually match lol so I can totally understand sockless dolls.
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    20. I used to have underwear for all my girls. Then I bought too many dolls and ran out of under wear. I've just had to place an order for underwear because most of my girls wear skirts and it's getting a little too exhibitionist around my house for my taste.
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