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Doll Wedding/Marriage?

May 6, 2007

    1. sorry if there is thread like this- I couldnt find one-

      Im really curious about dolls getting married and or creating a union.

      So I wanted to open this disscusion up-- I want to knwo thoughts and even ideas about it

      Would you have gathering of close freinds? or just your dolls? would you get a little marrigae ceritificate? Would your dolls have a reception? a preist? a little cake? send out invitations? Have it in a rented hall or outside in a park? Buy dresses and suits for the wedding party and bride and groom? flowers? party favors? wine/chamange? what kind of ceremony would dolls have? hire a wedding planner? the ring?

      How far would it go?

      I didnt want this to seem like a roleplaying type thing. its more just an open ended disscussion about what people thought about it. I know that volks does have ceremonies for birthing. I dont really consider that role playing, same goes for a wedding or union between dolls. I think its more like bonding activity. Anwyays hope this doesnt get locked up for seeming like it.
    2. It sounds a little crazy at first, but then...

      thinking about the "Birthing Ceremony" you can have with Volks dolls... I wouldn't put it past some people :XD:.

      As for me, I would totally do it *nerd* (if I had a doll that had a story involving marriage... which at this point I don't). I think it would be AWESOME to have a "Wedding Meet-Up". You know, hold a ceremony at a meet up where lots of dolls and doll people could attend :). I wouldn't get a real priest (maybe someone's doll could pretend to be one ^_~). I'd bring a white cake and bubbles for everyone... that's probably all I could afford. Oh yeah, and it would be outside in a park on a spring day. Could you imagine all the wonderful doll photos something like that could produce :XD:?
    3. My friend is planning one right now between her Megu and Syo. She is gonna rent a little chapel and have a reception. It will be a great meet-up. One and all are invited! Yes to party favors, wedding costumes, cake, and a ring. XD
    4. I personally think it's a cute idea. I'm not the type to take it too seriously, but I think it would be a fun thing to do. You could invite other dolls and doll owners and make an event out of it. I guess it would depend whether the owners themselves would want to dress up for the occasion, but if they are comfortable with it and don't mind, I guess they could. If not for anything else, it would make for more great photoshoots/stories.

      Even if one didn't want to invite other doll owners, I think it would still be interesting. I'd do it. XD (Yeah, that's just how geeky I am.) Not sure what do to about a priest though. ^^;

      But the whole idea is just so neat.
    5. Wow, i kinda thought that renting a little chapel would be taking it a bit far, but then, hey! When else can you horde a pretty little place like that for phototaking? XDDDDD
    6. oh that'll be so sweet! A doll wedding! Maybe doll marriage between the dolls of close frens/family members. But will definately go to a church & take pics & invite other doll owners & their dolls. Maybe a nice pinic/food gathering outside the church park/field.
    7. i think this subject is actually off topic for the forums... since it's considered more role playing... seems like people have brought it up before and it's been deleted or locked '~' just a heads up n_n;;
    8. I think it sounds sweet but nothing I'd plan for my dolls. If I were to though it would be dolls and close, close friends only.
    9. I had a doll wedding at the beginning of this year - my two friends and all their dolls came round to my house dressed up and we had a ceremony with an Official (doll of course) and a reception after with a little cake and dancing. Then there was the wedding night....

      (oh, and before all that, a hen night for the girls complete with stripper!:lol: ) It was all great fun.
    10. If I had two dolls that would like to get married, I'd totally do it and invite my doll friends (people friends who have dolls) and their dolls to come to the wedding : D
    11. i think it'd be cute. but i would probably do it in private cause i'm a pretty private person when it comes to my hobbies. ^^; the location for armand and avril's wedding was so pretty gayle! it looked like a wedding for flesh people(as opposed to resin people XD)

      the thing is...i would be too embarassed to ever have a dolly wedding. i love the idea because it creates a great atmosphere for pictures but i'm just too shy! ha ha. so if i ever did have a dolly wedding it would be a small affair in my backyard(under a umbrella or some sort of shade!) i would have rings and maybe a veil(if one of the boys really felt the need to wear one lol!) and i would just pick flowers from my mom's garden!(SHH!!!) XD
    12. Hi I had a wedding for my dolls last year and if you wanted to see it just look it up , it on he in the photostory gallery section it's called a Royal Wedding, I had the help of some dear friends and things went very well, and I was very luck to be able to share it with the group here .
    13. I dunno. I personally feel it's a bit excessive to give my dolls a wedding with friends and other dolls over... At least one where I take myself, my dolls, and the ceremony seriously unless it was a picfic story. But for now I've just given them little rings I made and left it at that.
    14. Thanks, flurryofdancingflames! We had a heck of a good time creating it and it was fun to share.

      And just an FYI for those that think something like this is excessive, for me it was just a great "theme" for costuming and a well-planned photo shoot. This is my hobby and I don't take myself all that seriously when it comes to it. It's all about the play time for me!
    15. Hehehhe~ we had a wedding meetup for when my Heisa got married to crystarlia's Kyousuke.. it was lovely! XD
    16. My friend is planning a doll wedding for this summer. She gave a very simple pattern to each of us in our doll club & wants us to use it as a basis to make attendants' gowns. She's sewing special outfits for the bride & groom & getting all sorts of little food & accessory items for them for the photoshoot. Then she's going to do a big photostory of the wedding with all the dolls in attendance. I don't think she has much planned for the people though. It's more about pictures of the dolls. She planns to come to my place to shoot it as I have woods in my backyard & it's a fairy wedding.
    17. When I first started collecting BJDs I thought a wedding was a little "out there". However, I am now in the process of planning a wedding for Venus and Ares. I am going to have the ceremony at BJDC in Austin so there will be lots of others in attendance if they so choose. I have rings ordered and I am having Venus' wedding dress made from my daughter's wedding dress that has been hanging in my closet for 14 yrs! The Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid belong to my friend Patrice and I will have other attendees dolls for the minister, best man, etc.

      I will have favors and a fake cake. Since I am flying I am limited by the props. The ceremony will be just before the opening reception of BJDC so I am going to consider that the reception and there will be food there.
    18. My DS Hound and my Silvia ran away and got married all I saw was the rings on their fingers....my car had no gas in it:lol:, then my Narae and Hypermaniac Gyedo got married and I do have pics of them in their wedding outfits, but the ceremony took place on the planet Endor so I could not attend that one either...looks like my dolls do their own thing and don't tell me until they get back:roll:
    19. That would be the most adorable meet ever! I think it's a really cute idea.