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Doll Weddings: How Do They Work?

Apr 3, 2016

    1. [​IMG]Snuggle time! by jessicakrouse, on Flickr

      Felix and Roskva are finally together, and I want to hold a wedding for them because I am *that* doll person. But I've never been to a doll wedding before! What are they like? How long are they? Are there vows??

      Please tell me about your doll weddings, from planning the ceremony to the honeymoon ;) What went well and what flopped? I want to hear it all!

      Post a picture, too, if you can!
    2. To be honest, I think the most important question is how your doll can outdo Suzie's wedding dress from across the street.
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    3. Well, Roskva is a Viking, so it's going to be an Old Norse wedding... Suzie ain't got nothin' on the Vikings
    4. I haven't heard of a doll wedding before but I would love to see how their celebration goes! Please keep this thread updated or do a photo story for the big day! :dance XxX
    5. I've had....several. XD

      Some of them, if they were to other people's dolls, were only played out in roleplay, nothing more. Most recently, when my Dhani married Christina_Xx's Corey, we took pictures and roleplayed it online.

      The biggest one I've had involved my doll and a roleplay partner's doll. She actually drove to my house, as did several other RP friends, and we set up the 'venue', made a real mini cake, picked songs. The wedding itself was really more photo op than anything, with "and this is what would be said", and then a pretty standard doll meet. Honeymoon was role played.

      There are so so many ways to do it! If you want to do a doll meet wedding, then I would say host a doll meet. you could even send out invitations online or through the mail to other people's dolls! (I did for the dollmeet wedding! I had some blank "print your own" invitations left over from my own wedding, so I sent them to the other people coming to it.) Dress your dolls up, line others up as guests and take lots of pix! Have cake if you want, a cupcake on top of a larger cupcake works well for the doll cake. The actual wedding, I would keep short to hold people's attention. Maybe say what the vows would be if you want, or just pose them in all of the good wedding shots, including reception and dance, and let everyone include their dolls too.
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    6. Thanks @CloakedSchemer ! (BTW If your Loki is still around, I want him to officiate the wedding ;) )

      It's gonna be a Viking wedding, so Felix and Roskva are going to exchange swords and rings. Then a feast, where the newlyweds will turn up with some bridal-ale! So really, not a whole lot going on ceremony-wise, but a hella big reception with food and drink and dancing!

      Only Felix and Roskva need to be in period clothing, all the guests can wear whatever they want.

      Hmm. I think I'll leave this thread up, but also make a project thread for the wedding planning.
    7. No problem! Unfortunately, Loki is no longer with us in resin form. I think the best I could offer as an officiant would be the Pharaoh, which could either be funny or terribly wrong. XD

      In the case of the Viking wedding, you might want doll sized foods for photos. Real food if you're comfortable with that, or fake if not. And lots of drinks!
    8. Don't mind me, just keeping an eye on this. I have a doll wedding coming up in the future.

      MB Lilac has pics of a wedding, including portraits and preparations ;) Just for inspiration.
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    9. Scarlett Empress has weddings in her photo stories!
    10. We had a very impromptu doll wedding at a market last year...it wasn't so much a wedding as dolls in drag, but there was an entire wedding party; bride, groom, maid of honour, best man, flower girl, and ring bearer. We just kind of...posed them and took photos. When we weren't all falling over in fits of giggles of course.
    11. @Jany @Teleri thank you! I want to see all the doll weddings I can!
    12. Considering that all my dolls are paired, committed couples (some with children, too), it's probably a bit weird that I haven't done some sort of wedding/handfasting/boding ceremony. I'm not even sure how I'd go about it. I have seen some wedding shoots in the photostory section of DoA so that might be worth a browse to help with the idea generation.
    13. I didn't even know there was such a thing. Do people actually have a ceremony? I'd love to see that!
    14. Any of the doll weddings I've ever done are just basically wedding photo shoots.
    15. From what I've seen, there's a huge variety in how doll weddings are done. My gang have been to two, so far.

      One was on a steam train in Wales. The happy couple had the First Class carriage hired for the occasion, and the railway company happily joined in and decorated it in the colours of the wedding theme (and even requested the steam-engine that most closely matched those colours), served champagne, and asked to come into the carriage with their cameras during the journey to take photo's.

      The other one was purely online everyone dressed up their dolls for attending and took pictures, several people matched their backgrounds to the ones used for the happy couple and wedding party,and we posted our photo's and participated online.

    16. I guess it's really up to you. lol You could make it a photostory or you could call up your doll-collecting friends and make it a themed outing (go to a nice cafe and dress up your dolls or host an event at your house), you could role play it (as someone mentioned)...

      EDIT: I just realized that all of my suggestions were mentioned already. LOL Anyway, everyone's little anecdotes sound like fun!
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    17. I've done a doll wedding, but it was basically just an elaborate photo shoot. There weren't real human guests or music or anything like that, just a ton of pictures to take. The cake was essentially an edible prop. It was fun, though, and a few of the pictures actually turned out nice.

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    18. Ok, so it looks like other people went way more elaborate than I did! Here are Dhani and Corey's wedding photos. The actual wedding was role played, but I did take some 'official' photos of them and the wedding party. This was exactly one month after I had major surgery, so I'm surprised I managed this much. haha In fact, I just posted them today...that's how behind I am.