Event Doll-Zone 2016 Spring Event

Jan 19, 2016

    1. Hello the fans of DZ,
      Today,we have the Spring Event.
      Our Event dolls are "Big Brother and Miss Jia"
      Hope you like our cute event dolls.
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    2. Miss Jia and Big Brother are not on-topic for DOA, but may be considered as Animal Companions.
    3. If you purchase $250 worth of goods, is it possible to buy 2 Miss Jia? If so, how much would a second Jia cost?
    4. Awesome! How do we preorder? I see the website but there isn't a place where I can preorder
    5. The values are a bit strange
      because who would spent 500$ to get as nude companion if you can get him for ~300$ (250$ items + 49$), too?
      does not make sense to me xD