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Doll-zone Anniversary Event

Oct 8, 2011

    1. Doll-zone’s anniversary is coming now!
      Event time: 9/October/2011 to 31/October/31
      Event specific details:
      1.Purchasing our one Anson or Moment[FONT=&#23435],[/FONT] you can get two event gift dolls of Gugu and Lulu[FONT=&#23435]。[/FONT]
      2. You can get a event gift doll of Dongdong, if the value which you purchase over USD520(not includes the shipping fee),.you can get two Dongdong[FONT=&#23435],[/FONT]if the value which you purchase over USD930(not includes the shipping fee), the rest can be done in the same manner.
      Remarks: The face-up is not included for the gift dolls, so does the body make up, wig, clothes and shoes.

      I think i have to say something about this, the gift is alternative, it means, if you buy Anson or Moment, you can get a set of Gugu Lulu,of course, if you don't like these little guys, you can change it into Dongdong to replace GuguLulu. However,you don't buy Anson or Moment and the value is over what the promotion need, you just can get Dongdong ,and can't change it by Gugululu

      Doll-zone Team

    2. There are 3 gift dolls listed, what is the name of the one in the picture?
    3. Probably Dong Dong since it's an MSD and you need to purchase a lot to get him. WIsh i could lol.
    4. Please note: The dolls will have to be reviewed to determine if they are or are not on topic.
    5. This is my first year in BJDs so I'm still a bit new with events. I don't see an Anson or a Moment on the DollZone website, so I'm guessing they'll be new dolls for the event?
    6. the guy in the picture is Anson,one of our new doll ^ ^
    7. Will there be pics of the back of the heads available?
    8. The dollzone site has been update with event details and doll pics (not DongDong but I think Lulu is the blue one on the bottome of Gugu's page). It says the event amount is $520

      Event Details
    9. Are Moment and Anson limited to just the event or will they still be purchasable after?
    10. If one buys a full set Anson or Moment and enough to be up to $520, does one get Gugu, Lulu, and DongDong?
    11. Pictures of Lulu are up LINK
    12. Pics of Dong Dong are here!
    13. just can be a set of Gugululu, no Dongdong
    14. the new dolls are not limited,but only can get The gift doll during 8th-31st,Oct. After this time, you can buy the new dolls but get nothing gift.
    15. hello~
      Dollzone have released 2 dolls,their name are Moment(male) Anson(female),more details about them ,pls click on their name^ ^
      Now, enjoy the pics~
      more details is here
      and then there're two new styles for our Scarecrow Hal and Yan
      What do you think of them? ^ ^
      Have a nice day!;)
    16. If I buy Moment (for example) can I ask to buy Anson's blank head with him as well...?
      Also, is it possible to purchased human arms with them too, if we wanted to exchange the petals to arms sometimes?
    17. are Anson and Moment going to be dolls available at Dollzone all the time, or are they just around for a limited amount of time?
    18. Moment and Anson aren't limited.
    19. The pics of Ansen and Moment are great! But they don't show the back of the doll. Will there be any pic of them/their heads from the back? I think some people might want to see how the head looks in other angles and maybe how it closes/opens. Also I'd like to see pics of naked dolls to see how they look like.

      So, will more specific pics of them be available?
    20. There are some blank naked pics of the dolls already up on the dollzone site. If you scroll down to the bottom of each of their individual pages you should see them.