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Doll-zone Spring Festival Event

Jan 10, 2012

    1. As our traditional Spring Festival coming, we will have a promotion event for all of you. Thank you very much over the years of our company's support and love, we hope all of you will have a nice memory in this new year!

      1, Promotion time: 10th-Jan 2012 to 28th-Feb 2012
      2, Event
      A, you can get a random gift(accessories) if your order value achieve $150 above (not including the shipping fee).
      B, you can get a free 1/4 nude head (choose from 1/4 head area, except Renata & Elsa & Rosemary‘head) if your order value achieve $300 (not including the shipping fee).
      C, you can get a free 1/3 nude head (choose from 1/3 head area) if your order value achieve $500 (not including the shipping fee).
      D, you can get a free Dragon BB doll(Star/ Moon) if your order value achieve $850 (not including the shipping fee).

      P.S. The event is not repeated. All rights reserved by DZ for the above content.

      More details please click
    2. "P.S. The event is not repeated, Renata & Elsa & Rosemary won’t participate in this event.", does that mean that if I buy Elsa, I'll not get the eventpart?
    3. Will just the dragon heads ever be sold by themselves? or with a different body option?
    4. @Hanne,

      they mean that for the free head you can't choose the three new doll head sculpts. If you buy them you will still qualify for whichever event gift.
    5. I have a very ridiculous question but I figured I'd ask it anyway, just in case someone else had the same question. At each level we order, we get JUST that free gift, correct? So, if I order $850 worth of merchandise I will get JUST the free BB doll, not a free BB doll, a free 1/4 head, and a free 1/3 head? I just want to make sure, even though I feel the answer is no. I just want to plan accordingly. :D

    6. as you can see, the event is not repeated, if your order value(not including the shipping fee) achieve $850,you just can get a free Star/Moon
    7. hi the head is sold separately, you can choose 25cm body ^ ^
    8. Are Moon and Star limited to this event or will they be basics?
    9. They are not limited to the event. They can be purchased, even after the event is over.
    10. How do we choose the human body option? Thanks!
    11. Is it possible to buy the heads separately after the event, considering the small bodies?
    12. Would the b45-008 girl body work with the Moon/Star heads? The neck opening and head diameter seem to be the same as the 1/4 girls.
    13. the head can be sold separately ^ ^
    14. the head can put on b45-008, but i don't suggest it, as the neck is too longer, the head on the body just looks ..strange..