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Dollb Leffy dollk

Oct 2, 2010

    1. I'm not sure were to put this but if it's in the wrong spot please let me know.

      I'm trying to find the measurement to this doll. I would also like to know what clothing and shoes and wig she were's.... Hoping some one can help me out with this bit of info.
    2. Thank you Keysha, unfortunately there is no say in the thread about size and the link to the web sit does not work. The web site seams to be down. I was hoping some one else would know what type of clothing would fit this doll.
    3. oh :blush well, i would say i'm 99% sure the dolls fit Lati Yellow stuff. the reason i say this, is because before dollb ever came out with a bjd, they were selling all Lati Yellow-sized shoes and clothes. so i'd say it's a safe bet ;)
    4. My Leffy wears the same clothes, wigs and shoes as my LaTi Yellow. She is slightly slimmer through her body, but overall I would say they are the same size.
    5. Thank you guys that helps heaps. now i know what to look for and buy..