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Update DollCatch Bought by CustomHouse?

Jun 4, 2010

    1. I got this in my email this morning?

      Dear DOLLCATCH Customers

      Thank you for your support and love to Dollcatch.
      Dollcatch will be consolidated into Custom House from 4th of June, 2010.
      Dollcatch will be closed, Custom House will sell the products of Dollcatch.
      If you have any questions about Dollcatch dolls, feel free to contact Custom House Q&A board.
      Hope to meet you again in Custom House.
      Thank you.


      I guess because I'm a Customhouse customer. I've never been a Dollcatch customer...
    2. Mods, if this needs to be moved to a discussion thread, I apologize for cluttering up News!

      As I understood it, the two companies were already related--recent CH dolls have been cast from the same resin as Dollcatch, for example, and there was some information floating around last year that the two companies used the same casting facilities and staff in China. The way I read this announcement is that CH will close Dollcatch as a separate business, and fold the Dollcatch line into the CH business operation.
    3. Is there a discussion thread? I'm curious as to if prices will change, and services, etc.
    4. An existing DollCatch discussion thread can be found in the News/Event Chat Subforum.

      edit: whoops. twylight is right, the thread is closed.

      Go ahead and begin new thread to discuss CustomHouse and DollCatch in the News/Event Chat subforum.
      Don't forget to then post the link here so people will know about it. :)

    5. That thread is closed :XD:
    6. I *think* that Custom House will be selling the formerly Dollcatch sculpts - I wrote to them on their Q&A board because I *really* want a Dollcatch Bellita, and the reply I received today was:

      "Thank you very much for your inquiry ^^
      The dollcatch dolls will be listed in few days~ so please wait for few more days~ ^^
      Thank you very much for your cooperation.
      I will let you know after we have listed. Thank you!"
    7. Well, looks like no Bellita for me....

      I put another message on the Custom House Q&A board, specifically asking about Bellita, and I got:

      "Thank you very much for your inquiry.
      Actually we will not sell Bellita between Dollcatch dolls.
      It has been solded out for long time, So please understand this.
      If we have new plan to release like Belitta, as soon as I will give you notice.
      Thank you very much for loving our dolls."

      And so, a change of signature: