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Dollcatch new size 1/6 dolls

Jul 3, 2009

    1. I actually write this because it proves they do have an internet connection...
      Can you believe these people? After 10 emails and a message on their notice board all unanswered, they have the nerve to hit my email inbox with a PROMOTIONAL email! :x

      The sculpts are cute though, so anyone willing to wait 5 months for a doll:

    2. Yes, and they even have an event for this dolls. Fresh news on their News board (but still tons of not answered customers notices)


      From July 4th to July 31th You get a free head with every purchase of Benjamin or Bellita. Buying Benjamin You get the Bellita head free and buying Bellita You get a free Benjamin head.

      I would love to have some of those, but after all the trouble they had I am hesitant to order.