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Dollcatch Opening Event

Mar 3, 2009

    1. I never dealed with this company and had over 20 spam emails in my inbox today! What is this all about? :(
    2. On the site I see there is a price with a line through it, then a lesser price, does this mean that after the event the price will jump to the one with the line through it or are they simply showing what it could cost on other sites? I received the email, too, and it didn't say anything about prices.
    3. I believe the price with the line through it is the regular price. The lower price is the event price.


    4. so... they are still on sale and now offering a free head and wig? Will those who already ordered when they first opened also get the free heads and wigs? I sure hope so!
    5. I would be curious to know about the way the event are set, I don't think you can have a free head with the first event prices! ^^;
      Edit: the measurements are under the FAQ section, sorry! ^^
    6. Are there any pictures of the bodies posted anywhere?
    7. The page has a new drop-down menu on every doll page just for the extra head. I just put through an order for the girl with an extra head, $288 total.

      The bodies are apparently exactly the same as Custom House.
    8. check the parts sections of the left side. it has pictures of all 4 bodies.
    9. @SpottyJane - Is that with shipping and a face-up? Or just shipping plus the doll + free event head? o_o
    10. All the sizes are under FAQ on the left hand side.
    11. I contacted them and they told me yes I can get the head even though I had placed an order last week.


    12. I believe that's doll+free head+shipping (without face-up)

      just check it...

      that's actually very impressing for a newly set up company~I mean~35~50%off + event head~:aheartbea
    13. Ooops, sorry, I didn't notice your comment until now. It was just the doll + head + shipping, no faceups.