DollClans Discussion Part II

Mar 26, 2014

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      Daydreaming on a lazy afternoon ...
    2. my heads are in customs... hopefully I can spam soon too! >w<
    3. Fingers crossed you'll get them soon!
    4. Probably thursday ^^ my python I ordered with faceup, so he'll be ready to go out of the package, but my kien I'll have to work on sunday when I'm off.. I'm going to try doing his faceup myself, assume to fail miserably, and then send him off somewhere lol
    5. It may turn out just fine and if you don't like it at all, there is always our favourite faceup artist ;)
      I am also looking forward pics of you Phyton. I'd like to see more owner pics. He is such a handsome boy :aheartbea
    6. I just took some pics of my Kien whose eyes are just perfect IMO. lovely shape. will post ASAP.
      has anyone heard anything about the new items on pre-order? (headphones)???
    7. I preordered some headphones.... it said 30 days... I don't think it's been 30 days for me cos I waited until last minute xD But I doubt we'll see anything about it until April
    8. hi reitaism. I tend to forget, then all of a sudden it's "where's my stuff?" :blush
      conversely, I've had the mailman knock on the door for a signature & been totally taken by surprise.
      so it's been a month since I ordered. early April sounds good.

      let's share some cookies while we wait. :whitetruffle
    9. My heads arrived today and I temporarily hijacked my Crobidoll boys bodies to take a look at proportions.


      Jaquer on the right is on a redesigned M Line (65cm) and Phython on the left is on a B Line (68cm) body. Jaquer proportionally fit the 68cm body better, and is a perfect resin match for the 2012 B Line body. Phython still seems a little small on the 65cm body but the redesigned M Line is pretty bulky and you can see the neck is large (the neck hole itself fit fine). The resin match with the late 2013 body is not very good as the Crobidoll resin has no yellow tones yet. I think as it yellows with age (as my B Line did) it will eventually be a good match as well.

      Late (December) 2013 Crobidoll NS // 2014 Dollclans NS

      As handsome as they are, I will not be keeping these boys as my dollie plans have changed significantly in the past couple of months.
      ((maybe, lol, they're sooo handsome!!))
    10. nomnomnom... xD I RARELY forgot that stuff is on the way because I'm so damn impatient to get it!! lol

      Thank you SOOOO much for posting these! Crobi's b-line is what I was planning on putting these boys on, so looks good on the not so fresh resin. Crobi brandnew is like... almost white skin it seems like x-x I have a body from each year pretty much so we'll see how the aging matches with each head...
    11. Wow....I really like the proportions on those bodies. Thanks a bunch for posting those, Janice!!
      Right now, I'm in the realm of "I don't care about resin matches anymore, I just want a body that goes with the head!"

      Nothing to share since I'm still waiting for my Phython and his headphones. :sigh
    12. Yeah for the new thread! Thanks batchculture for setting it up! I can't wait to see all the new boys showing up…

      Here's my Jaquer to add to the new thread spam.

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    13. Kien left New York this morning and is on his way home to me. Then I just have to wait for the faceup artist I found and adore to open up new commission spots, and pray I get one! I can't wait to see how Kien fits on my Popo Doll 68 body. I did a lot of research before buying him, and am really hoping it was all correct! This wasn't listed in the opening thread as a useful link, but it really use a useful link so I will post it here again

      This is a link to the body matching guide I have been working on.

      If you would like to add to it, or fill in any missing info, or suggest changes, please PM me! If you are suggesting a change to the info I have posted, please support your reason for change with photos. I did a LOT of research for this and based everything off of photos provided by other doll owners online.
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    14. I am so looking forward to seeing your Kien on the Popo Doll body.
      ..... and I new there were a few useful links that I missed when I opened the new thread. I'll add the link to the first post. Hope you don't mind :)
    15. Wow I haven't posted here in a long time! I guess I could add to the pic spam. :sweat


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    16. Wonderful looking boy there Miu Len&#8230;he's owning the room. & Batchculture&#8230;I love lazy afternoons, your Vezeto does it well.

      I also set up this link here a while back for the U-Line body. I haven't added any new posing picture updates to it but I will as soon as I get time. I encourage others who have the U-Line to post pictures too.

      Starting from far left to right: Dollstown 2014 (fresh skin), Switch 2013 (normal), IOS 2013 (normal), DollClans 2013 (normal), (hand with bracelet) Granado 2013 (new normal)

    17. mdonline03, I added the link to the list in post #1 :)
    18. Batchculture, thanks for adding the link to the spreadsheet on the front page. I hope it will be helpful to people! However, it looks like the link is broken. If you just copied what I posted,t hen I think the forum maybe shortened it so the entire link doesn't show. If you click through to the actual form, you can grab the full link that way. :)
    19. I'm so sorry. I should have clicked to test if the link works. I did that for the other links, but somehow forgot when I added yours. I fixed it now!