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Dollectable 2008 –July 18-20 in San Francisco -Program Schedule is Up!

Sep 13, 2007

    1. Hotel reservations now open! - 11-8-2007

      Reservations are now open for the Dollectable convention hotel, Holiday Inn Golden Gateway. As mentioned earlier, we have the amazing rate of only $149 per night guaranteed for 100 rooms on Friday and Saturday night. Plus, for those of you who also want to make a San Francisco vacation of your trip, you can get this same rate for two days before and two days after the convention. However, these rooms could go quickly, so it is highly recommended that you make your reservation as early as possible.

      As a special incentive to get attendees to stay in the convention hotel, all attendees staying at the hotel will be able to enter the Dealers Room one hour earlier on Saturday morning – you will just need to show your room’s cardkey to get in early. Dollectable has had to guarantee the hotel that we will fill 80% of our contracted 200 room nights or we will have to cover the difference, so your staying at the hotel really helps us and we want to show you how much we appreciate it.

      Reservations can be made at the following website: http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/hi/1/en/advancedsearch?whichtype=room&roomResult=none&hotelCode=sfogg&quickRes=city&_GPC=SDO&checkInDate=18&checkOutMonthYear=062008&checkInMonthYear=062008&checkOutDate=20&_requestid=527832

      If you plan to stay beyond Friday and Saturday night, it is advised that you call the hotel to make sure that you get the same convention rates: (415) 441-4000 and mention code "SDO".

      Please feel free to email me at programming@bjdcon.com if you have any questions and I will be sure to pass them on to the hotel, if I can’t answer them right away.

      Also in Dollectable news, now that the hotel situation is settled, we are switching into high gear for programming. We are already working to line up two very special guests – one from Korea and the other from Hong Kong (we’ll leave you to speculate for now ^_~) – and are also ready to start taking programming proposals from you. I will do a more formal call for programs in a couple of days, but if you have any ideas, please email me at the address above.

      For the vendors, Lizzegirle is working away at getting the application, room map and rates posted for you. Please email her at Chairman@bjdcon.com if you have any questions.

      There are still a few places left for the first 100 registrations, so be sure to register soon so that you can get in on the fun Friday night cocktail party. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

      Registration announcement, 10-3-2007:

      Registration is now open for Dollectable! http://www.bjdcon.com/registration.html

      Please note that while it's a little difficult to spot, there is a link on the Paypal payment page that you need to click to add your registration information. There is a screencap of it here.

      The registration schedule is as follows:

      First 25 people - $40 (All full. Thank you!)
      $45 until 12-31-2007
      $55 until 6-15-2008
      $65 at the door

      We will also be having another fabulous Friday evening cocktail party, this time for the first 100 people who register. There will be complimentary delicious food and beverages, plus a cash bar for those who want something a little extra.

      We will be finalizing plans with the hotel soon and I will let everyone know as soon as they can start making reservations at the special con rate.

      First announcement, 9-13-2007:

      I can’t tell everyone how pleased I am to announce that after a fabulous first year, Dollectable will be back next year, even bigger and better and in a wonderful new location, the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway in the heart of San Francisco! This year, not only will Dollectable have even more wonderful events, workshops, contests, guests and dealers, but it will also be a San Francisco vacation for you and your dolls.

      We really appreciated the feedback we received after our first convention and have taken all of it to heart. One comment that we got repeatedly was that attendees would prefer to have the convention in San Francisco and especially near restaurants. The Holiday Inn Golden Gateway has not only hosted similar conventions, but there are also dozens of restaurants within just a block (I will be posting a list of restaurants soon). Plus, it is a short walk or bus ride from Japantown and Union Square and there is a cable car line a half block away that goes to beautiful Nob Hill and fascinating Chinatown. While the hotel has a secure parking garage, it is also near several major bus lines and is very easy to get to from BART and the airport.

      We were able to work out a great package with the Holiday Inn and our convention will have a full floor of meeting rooms all to ourselves to be able to immerse ourselves in BJD fun. Plus, they have offered the amazing rate for a San Francisco hotel of only $149 a night, which we have been guaranteed is the lowest for them anywhere. While the hotel rate is slightly more than our first convention, we will be able to keep the registration fees for the convention at the same low prices for all the great events we will pack into the weekend.

      We also received comments that the early June date conflicted with school schedules and other events, so this year we are going to have it a little bit later in mid-July. We tried to weigh the possible conflicts with other events at the time of year and hope that these dates will work better for the majority who want to attend.

      Registration will be open soon and as with last year, those who register early will be eligible for the Friday evening cocktail party – this time with a cash bar – and early entrance to the Dealer’s Room.

      We would like to offer even more instructional panels this year, especially for faceups, and are going to break the panels up into three tracks – Photography, Customization and Everything Else (Craft/Sewing/Travel/Other) – and each of these tracks will have their own room. You can find a seat in one room and just follow an entire track as the presenters change or move from room to room for different panels. There are going to be Track Leaders heading up each of these sections, rather than one Programming person and while we already have a great team for photography, we are looking for two enthusiastic people to head up the Customization and Everything Else tracks. Please contact me (programming@bjdcon.com) if you are interesting in joining the fun Dollectable team for these positions.

      I will be making regular announcements as more exciting news comes in, so be sure to subscribe to this thread and keep checking our website, http://www.bjdcon.com, for updates, or you can join our Yahoo! Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dollectable/. We will also have a MySpace group up shortly so that you can always stay informed.

      In the meantime, I will also start a discussion thread and poll in the Events forum, because we need your feedback about how many of you plan to stay at the hotel so that we can be sure to have enough rooms set aside to guarantee the great rate.

      All of the Dollectable board is extremely excited about 2008’s convention and we can’t wait to see all of you there!
    2. Registration is now open! Please see announcement in my first post.:)
    3. We have our first 25 (+) registrations, but prereg is still available for only $45 ($22.50 for youth) until December 31, 2007. Plus, the first 100 registrants get to come to the Friday evening cocktail party!
    4. Hotel reservations are now open!
    5. Here it is, the post you've all been waiting for -- The Programming Teaser!:)

      But first, I wanted to remind everyone that the $45 pre-reg promotion ends on December 31st, so if you haven't registered yet, now is the time to do it, because it goes up to $55 on January 1st.

      Now, on to the programming. Our schedule is already jam-packed with great panels and events -- almost twice as many as the first Dollectable! I'm going to put a list of planned programs below, but am not going to include panelists names since we are still finishing up matching panelists with programs. However, some of the talented panelists we have lined up include Mercy, Zagzagael, rkold, SDink, Kallisti, Gayle, MieAga, DiryD, St. James, indrisfynn, aznbutterfly and ready2rokk -- oh, and yours truly.^^

      This time, we divided the programs into three tracks, which will mostly be in the same panel rooms over the weekend, so that if you are interested in following just one track, you can stay in the same spot or will have an easy time finding different programs throughout the day.

      Photography Track
      Basic Photography & Lighting
      Advanced Photography
      Outdoor/Natural Lighting (in the field)
      Artificial/On-Camera Flash Lighting
      Your DSLR & YOU
      Photoshop Techniques and Preparing Your Images for Online or Print Viewing
      Set Construction
      Posing and Doll Management on "the set"

      Customization Track
      Basic faceups
      Airbrush basics
      Advanced faceups
      Body blushing
      Faceups the Blastmilk Way
      Extreme modifications
      Just Eyebrows
      Hot glue sueding
      Mold Making and Casting

      Everything Else Track
      Basic Sewing
      Hat Making
      Pattern Drafting
      Corsets Making
      Chinese Clothing
      Kimono Dressing

      Tall (65+cm)

      BJD Travel in Japan
      Tenshi no Sato
      Meet-up Etiquette
      Creative Writing
      Yuri (18+)

      As for special events, in addition to the Cocktail Party, Opening, Awards and Closing Ceremonies and Swap Meet, we are also going to have two very special events. Back by popular demand will be JennyNemesis' Yaoi Slideshow, but this time it will be a Saturday evening event complete with fun contests and LIVE Ball-jointed Bishounen! Then, after all this naughtiness, on Sunday, we'll make things prim and proper again with a Gothic & Lolita Gathering.:aangel:

      While we already have quite a full programming schedule, we still want to hear from anyone who is interested in doing a panel. As a thank-you for participating, we're offering a free one-day pass for anyone who proposes a panel. Also, I am specifically looking for people who would be interested in leading either the Tinies or Tall (65+cm) panels. Ideally, I see someone discussing the special needs of these sizes from what clothes and shoes fit to restringing.

      As for contests, we're still thinking about some ideas and would love to hear yours! We will be sure to decide and announce the contests several months ahead of time, so that people will have a chance to work on their entries.

      We are very close to being able to announce some of our Guests of Honor, so watch this thread in the next few weeks for more exciting announcements.

      I can't tell everyone how excited I am to see them at Dollectable 2008!:D
    6. Advertising Rates are now available!

      Advertising starts as low as $35. Please feel free to PM me here or e-mail at publicity@bjdcon.com if you have any questions. This is a great way to reach a large BJD audience! This advertising will appear in our programming guide book given out to all attendees. Please also e-mail me if you are interested in any other form of advertising such as inserts in the bags given out at the con.
    7. Now that all the background stuff for Dollectable -- registration, hotel, vendors, advertising -- is up and running smoothly, we can all start thinking about the fun stuff! First, I'm very pleased to announce our first Guest of Honor (drumroll please):

      Donn of Bishounen House!

      I'm sure that a lot of you are fans of Donn's gorgeous BJD and now you will have a chance to meet the artist himself. Donn will be doing a panel about sculpting BJD and will have a special display area where you can also place orders with him for your dream boy. I want to thank dannyboy, our patient Treasurer, for scoring this fabulous GoH!

      Now, it's time to dig out your camera or sewing machine and get started on your Contest entries!

      Video Contest -- For the first time this year, we will be having a video contest (thank you for the great suggestion, Lizzegirle)! There will be two categories, Music Video and Stop Motion Animation. Entries must be no more than three (3) minutes long and in .avi format. We will be screening all the videos on Saturday when the attendees will be able to vote for their favorites and then announcing the winners and showing their videos at the awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon. Applications for this contest must be received by June 18, 2008 and can be sent to programming@bjdcon.com

      Please include the following information with your application:

      Your real name:
      Your badge name:
      Title of the video:
      Music Video or Stop Motion Animation

      Please do not attach your video to your application email. I will contact you later to make arrangements to get the video so that my virus blocker won't eat it.

      Costume Contest -- Back by popular demand! However, while last year the con staff chose the contest theme, which was anime, this year, we want YOU, the attendees, to choose the theme. First, please start throwing your suggestions at us in the Discussion thread. Then, next week, I will put up a poll with the suggestions and let everyone vote. The poll will be closed on March 20th and the theme announced, so that everyone will have plenty of time to work on their costumes.

      Photography Contest -- With so many wonderful submissions last year, we had to have this contest again this year. However, since we are expecting even more submissions this year, we had to put a few more guidelines in place. Please read carefully:

      One (1) entry per attendee
      Photo Size: 8" x 10"
      Frame: Plain glass with metal side clips
      Must bring own stand

      There is no need to register ahead of time -- just bring your entry to the Display Room on Saturday morning (time t.b.a.). This time, we will not only have our wonderful panel of photography experts, Zagzagael, Mercy and Lizzegirle, awarding a Judges' Choice, but we will also be opening up voting to the attendees for People's Choice awards.

      Please keep checking this thread for more announcements about other Guests of Honor (we've got some fabulous ones lined up and just inches from confirmation), Programs, Charity Raffle and more!:sumomo:
    8. The Costume Contest theme is Steampunk!

      We have another very exciting Guest of Honor -- Pasu Lau of Dollheart! Pasu will accompanied by representatives from Leeke, Dollga and Peakswood and they will have special merchandise for the con in the Vendors Hall! Pasu will be giving a talk about the founding of Dollheart and will be at the con all weekend to meet his fans.
    9. I got an update from the hotel and wanted to share some info with those of you who haven't booked yet. Originally, we contracted for 100 rooms on 7/18 and 7/19 for the convention rate, but the hotel has been kind enough to extend those rates to other nights up until now. However, the 18th and 19th are now over 50% booked and adding the other nights, we have fulfilled our contracted requirements, so they can no longer extend the cheaper rates to nights other than the 18th and 19th and when the 100 for them are filled, those will go up as well. You can still get the $149 rate for the 18th and 19th, but have to pay a little more for the other nights and it pays to book sooner rather than later to get lower rates.

      I've talked to a number of people recently who said that they still haven't registered yet and we would love to boost the registration, so that we can know what sort of numbers to expect and to plan more fun events, so we're going to have a registration promotion. Everyone who preregisters will get not one, but two door prize entry tickets and, let me tell you, the prizes are going to be pretty fabulous! So, double your chances of winning and prereg now!:)

    10. So... does this apply to those of us who have already registered as well? ^^ Juuuust to be sure. ;)
    11. Yes, indeed, it does!:D
    12. New Guest of Honor - Mrs. Cholong of Elfdoll

      I am very pleased to announce a third Guest of Honor in addition to Donn of Bishounen House and Pasu Lau of Dollheart, Mrs. Cholong of Elfdoll. Mrs. Cholong will be doing two not-to-be-missed programs on Saturday: Elfdoll's Dollyworld with Rainman and Rainman Fan-Meeting via MSN Screen Chatting. In addition to these fascinating programs, Mrs. Cholong is donating three wonderful dolls to Dollectable that will be given away as door or raffle prizes including a Halloween Hana boy and a special secret Rainy Doll.

      More Prizes!

      If you still need more incentive to get your pre-reg in, here is a short list of other dolls that will be some of the exciting prizes at Dollectable:
      Soul Doll Griffi, kindly donated by Dolls and Friends
      D.I.M Marianne, generously donated by Denny of D.I.M.
      Three D.I.M. Flora heads

      Plus, the following companies will be donating items or gift certificates that will be raffle, door or contest prizes:

      Dollfair Intl.
      JPOP Dolls
      Her Delicate Strength
      Plastica Obscura
      Western Angel

      Dollectable would like to thank all our generous sponsors for their donations!

      Hotel Update and Deadline Reminders

      It’s now less than two months until Dollectable and several deadlines are catching up with us!

      As I mentioned in response to a question a few weeks ago, all the double rooms in the hotel have been booked for that weekend. However, there are still some king-sized rooms available and the hotel has offered to add roll-away beds to these rooms at the same con rate. However, the deadline to get the con rate is June 25th, so make your reservations soon! Plus, remember, there is a one-hour early Vendor’s Hall opening for hotel guest on Saturday morning!

      Also, the deadline for pre-reg is June 15th and after that you get to pay $10 more at the door. Plus, pre-registered attendees get an extra door prize ticket to double their chance at some of those fabulous items above!

      I hope that everyone is getting as excited about Dollectable as I am and I can wait to see all of you there!:sumomo:
    13. On a more positive note today, Liz worked her web magic and posted Dollectable's program schedule on the website: http://bjdcon.com/events.html If none of the prizes and perks have tempted you to prereg, then hopefully this schedule will be too fabulous to resist. We have a wonderful line-up of amazingly talented panelists and fun events, which I have packed into just about every minute of the weekend!:sumomo:

      Dates to remember:
      June 15th -- Preregistration ends!
      June 25th -- Convention room rates end at the Holiday Inn
      July 18th-20th -- DOLLECTABLE!!!

      Just a little over a month to go! This deserves another Sumomo!:sumomo: