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Dollectable: A Ball-Jointed Doll Expo- 01/30/07 Update

Jul 20, 2006

    1. UPDATE- 1/30/07
      We have created a Yahoo! Group for Dollectable. Please feel free to join. The address of the group is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dollectable. Please feel free to stop by! :)

      Leekeworld sent us some very distressing news. They were unable to obtain enough working visas for all of their staff members and won't be able to attend. We are very sad to hear about this, but we are confident we will be able to find other vendors that will make you drool at the convention.

      We also realize that Volks will be having their NYC party in June. Kellyhime and I had a meeting with Volks after the tea party, and are waiting for their answer on whether they will attend. They did say, however, that their party was going to be the middle of June, and ours will be the beginning. So there shouldn't be any conflict.

      UPDATE 11/2/06
      There is only one month left until the $40 registration ends! After December 1st, the price jumps to $50 per membership. So register now in order to save money!


      Dollectable will be held June 1st-3rd at the Clarion SFO in Millbrae, CA. Dollectable is San Francisco's two-day convention with special "pre-event" activities on Friday dedicated to Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, a place where collectors will arrive from near and far to participate in events, contests,
      workshops, and view selected movies that have inspired this unique collectible phenomena.

      Registration is on sale now. Be sure to purchase your ticket before December 1st to save $10 on your registration cost. Also, the first 75 guests to register for Dollectable will be given a "special access" badge that will allow them into the dealer's room thirty minutes before the rest of the attendants. Register today at http://www.bjdcon.com!

      The exhibitor and hotel pages have been updated. http://www.bjdcon.com

      UPDATE 9/29/06
      We are holding a promotional event for the time being. The first 75 people to sign up (including those that have already registered) will be given a special pass that allows them into the dealer's room HALF AN HOUR before any of the other guests are allowed in. So if you want to get the best deals, register now!

      Also, we can't tell you who it is yet, but a very special guest from Singapore has shown a great deal of interest in attending. As well as a few big name companies.

      Our current list of vendors include:
      Apple Avenue
      The Junky Spot
      Contemporary Artist Dolls
      Oriental Boutique
      Pepstar's World
      BJD Fanatic
      OrangeBabyDolly Jewelry
      Vitta Vera
      Nave Kame
      Her Delicate Strength
      Halogen Designs


      Elizabeth Dean


      San Francisco, CA -- July 20th, 2006 -- Registration has opened for one of the very first American BJD Conventions. Dollectable is a two-day convention dedicated to Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls—a place where collectors arrive from near and far to participate in events, contests, workshops, and viewings of selected movies—a weekend where fans surround themselves with friends and like-minded individuals celebrating their shared passion. Dollectable: BJDX will be held June 1st-3rd, 2007 at the beautiful Clarion Hotel (http://www.clarionsfo.com) near San Francisco International.

      Before the festivities begin on Saturday morning, Dollectable will be holding a very special Friday night cocktail party to help you mingle and relax into all of the fun and spectacular sights that you are guaranteed to see.

      The Dollectable staff wants to make your convention experience unique, so we will be offering workshops for you to learn how to customize and care for your dolls from some of the best known doll customizers in their respective fields. There will be workshops on everything from cleaning, to photography, to painting. In addition to all of that excitement, there will be a variety of fan-run panels discussing everything from Gothic Lolita to Yaoi fandom.

      If all of that isn't enough for you, we are working on gathering some of the best vendors we can manage for our 5000 sq. ft Dealer's room!

      Registration costs are:
      $40 until 12-1-2006
      $50 until 5-1-2007
      $65 at the door

      Children age 6-12 are half-price
      Children 5 and under free

      One day passes will cost:
      Friday $15
      Saturday $35
      Sunday $30

      Registration is limited, so be sure to register early! Credit cards are accepted through Paypal. Check out http://www.bjdcon.com for more information.

      For information: http://www.bjdcon.com/ or
      Contact: chairman(at)bjdcon.com

      We hope to see all of you there!
    2. What bjd companies are going to be there?


    3. Excuse me for butting in, but I do believe that the webpage will be updated with that information as it is received :D There's still a long time until the convention, so I think that they are still checking around to see what vendors / companies / etc. will want to come.

      I'd keep checking the website for updates ^_^

    4. Sometimes the organizers know before they update the page, and it would be nice to know if they are at least trying to get any specific companies or artists. If they want people to register before December, they should start listing guests soon.
    5. Yeah..but who is going to register if you don't know what companies are going to be there?

    6. You've got five months for early registration :D Probably just keep up with the information posted, and when you decide that there is enough to tempt you, then decide to register.
    7. is registration for people who want be a vendor? or is it how much to pay for the whole weekend if we pay early?

      I plan on going. I hope a lot of people come. It sounds like it'll be fun.
    8. These are some of the people we are looking at having. We are in the process of inviting these guests and vendors, so nothing is confirmed yet.

      Volks (We are offering them a separate spa room for them to sell and promote their products.)
      Photographer Frank http://www.thevintagestitch.com/Frank's Page.html
      If we get enough registrations, then we would like to bring a guest or two from Japan.
      Aimee has mentioned that she would like to attend as well.

      As far as vendors, we have been in contact with several companies and many of them seem very interested in attending.

      On a side note, plenty of people would sign up before they know about guests. For the Texas convention, she asked for $100 upfront without any dates, locations, or anything. She actually had to add on an extra 50 people to her previous 100 registrations because it was so popular. My thought is that a $40 registration is definitly less of a risk than a $100 registration fee. But I can see your point. We are trying our best to get things updated as they come along.
    9. I am going to try to get the vendor information up later today. With buying a booth, you get 2 free exhibitor badges.

      If you pay before December 1st, you get the $40 price listed above. That'll register you for the entire weekend.
    10. Are there plans to have an Artist's Alley? If so I'd be interested in purchasing a table...though it might be overlapping Fanime. ^^;
    11. There will be a very limited artist's alley. We don't have much space for much more... but yes there will be.

      Fanime is May 25 - 28.
    12. We're hoping to bring orangebabydolly jewelry to the convention, depending on what kind of prices vendor booths command. Are small vendors allowed to share booths?
    13. Yes, but we need one point of contact and one person to claim responsibility. I'll get prices up before the end of the day! I have all the vendor prices and stuff worked out... I just need to put together a contract.
    14. I forgot to mention that both vendors will need a seller's permit unless you both plan to sell under one seller's permit.
    15. Will there be special hotel rates for the convention?
      Marti 8)
    16. Yes, there will be a flat rate of $119 per night. That rate works for single and double beds. I've seen the rooms and been on their beds. The beds are awesome!

    17. .... um........
    18. Perhaps the Friday pass is for the evening mixer? Or it's a test to see if we're suckers...:daisy
    19. The $15 is to help pay for the cocktail party on Friday.