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Dollectable Limited Edition Souldolls

Jul 21, 2008

    1. There are one of each Limited Souldolls available for immediate FREE shipping!
      PM or e-mail me for
      Blue Aku
      This week only for the free shipping.
      Pre-orders can be taken for all of the dolls until sold out-there are a few of each still available for orders
      Thank you Dollectable for the great convention!
    2. no pink Aku?
    3. What about the pics?
    4. Are these the dolls that are pictured as "Limited Dollectable" on the Souldoll home page, and is Ize available in the Sleeping version or just open eye? Thanks in advance.
    5. These are indeed the dolls pictured as the "Limited Dollectable" series on the front page. The Limited Ize comes with the regular head with a limited faceup and the extra sleeping head blank but I was told that Souldoll might be willing to also paint the sleeping head (presumably for the custom faceup charge of $55). I was a hair away from buying this gorgeous boy, but sadly had to accept that he is designed in a slightly more realistic proportion than the rest of my dolls and would just look too strange with them. :...(