Dollfactory closed down?

Jul 12, 2017

    1. I went to Dollfactory's website the other day and it seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know whether they've closed down? I know Denver Doll stopped selling them a while ago.

      I see that all the Dollfactory threads have been really quiet for the last little while, so I wonder if they closed due to lack of interest in their dolls? It's sad if they've closed, as they made some really great dolls. I'm especially fond of their pets!
    2. I was wondering the same a few hours ago! I've wanted a Tiny Ari Jessie for years now and never had the chance until now, so I would be very sad if this means that they have shut down. :(
    3. You could try some of their distributors. They may have some dolls still in stock. I know Dolk Station sells them, I'm not sure who else. Denver Doll used to sell them, so they might know what other companies sell them.
    4. I had been wondering too. I had been after a Kiki
    5. They’re still up but they only sell on their Korean website. Have to use a shopping service.
    6. Thanks Dakashy! That’s good to know, they’re great dolls. It seems as if a few companies are discontinuing their English sites.