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Dollfactory Feedback

Mar 3, 2008

    1. I just had the most wonderful buying experience with this relatively new company and wanted to share some details about it.

      I ordered a Dollfactory Fantasy Mini Ari Soho Elf-Witch about 3 weeks ago directly from their web site. The web site is very user friendly and when I posted questions on their Q & A forum, I always received an answer within 24 hours! Yes, I know...Unbelievable, but true. Also, their English is fantastic btw.

      It gets better...they mention a 3 week time period after you order for your doll to be shipped. I received my doll 20 days after ordering. it took 3 days to get to my home via EMS from Korea!!!!!!!:love

      It gets even better! I had written a note on my order comments that I would like to know if I could pay extra to get a black manicure on the second set of hands I was supposed to get. I never heard back, but thought maybe there was a problem with the language translation or something and did'nt think too much more about it. Well, I openned up the bag with the hands in it, and they painted the nails on the hands black for NO EXTRA CHARGE! I was floored!

      The doll looks even better than their beautiful website photos. The face-up is
      perfection, the resin quality is better than my other dolls (to be expected since this is my most expensive doll to date), and the doll's posebility is also outstanding. I have to say the quality of the product and the outstanding customer service is a winning combination! I highly recommend this company.

      Here are some photos of my beautiful elf-witch, Mohana!

    2. She is gorgeous!
      Wow. The hand thing? Amazing!
      And good English too?
      More companies should be like that!
    3. Okay.. Now I have my Dalsoo and I'm Reeaally ready to feedback Dollfactory:

      First of all what I've ordered is:
      1xFullset Dalsoo
      on the 3rd of August.
      My goods were shipping on the 11th, and was in my house the 15th!!
      That is fraking 12 days from ordering !!
      And it's a fullset!!
      Dollfactory is incredible! My Dalsoo looks exactly like the sales pictures, and I'm very satified with the product!
      I highly recommend Doll factory!! :)
    4. My post is updated with my feedback ^^
    5. What did you order? Blank Dalsoo
      When did you order? August 8, 2008
      How was the communication? Excellent! When I had a question for them about my payment they responded in less then 12 hours.
      How easy was it to pay? Very
      How long did it take to ship? Shipping on August 18, arrived at my house on August 21.
      Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion? Yes.
      Did the item look like the sales pictures? It did not, only because I ordered the Dalsoo without faceup. The sculpt looks exactly the same though :)
      Were you satisfied with the product? The only thing I wasn't 100% happy with was the eye putty. It was a bit crumbly, instead of soft and pliable. The eyes still stuck in his head though :)
      If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem? I was very satisfied and I would order from them again in less then a heartbeat :aheartbea
    6. I ordered a Pink Blushed Otter Dalsoo

      She arrived 11 days later. They replied super fast to communications and were great! She is so well make and the blushing is excellent! Exactly like the photograph and really well made!

      I am very impressed with them and their service and would definitely recommend them to other buyers! I would definitely order from them again.