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DollFactory Mouse Pet Ari Clothes that fit

Mar 7, 2011

    1. I got my first anthro a few weeks ago, a Doll Factory Bobo. Love her to bits, she's jsut adorable. I remember reading here at the same time that Kelly clothes will fir her............ Well, not quite. None of the shorts/tops fit and one one dress I have will fit, kinda. Any suggestions as to what will fit her?

      ......mod notes....

      DollFactory Mouse Pet Ari Clothes that fit:

      DollFactory Mouse Pet Ari Discussion part 1:
    2. Kelly/Only Hearts Club (@Target)/Mattel's "SIS" line of African American dolls - Sleevless dresses and tops are your best bet with these types of dolls. Be careful not to get clothes with long sleeves here - because Pet-Art hands (and possibly arms) are bigger then, say, Kelly's arms.

      Also, Lati Yellow/Pukifee (I think it's Pukifee) (size comparison 1, 2) clothes would probably work as well. They seem to be a little bit bigger then Kelly (look at the next size comparison with Lati White and Yellow in the link above (#1) then look at this next one with Lati White and Kelly). Lati White (size comparison)/PukiPuki clothes seem like might be too small to fit a Pet-Ari (although I bet some clothing might fit).

      I don't have any Lati or Puki clothing to try on the Bobo Mouse in my house, but eventually I will order some to see what happens.
    3. I have been wondering the same thing about Pet Ari dolls myself. I had read before that they fit into either Lati Yellow or White clothes, but looking at the size comparison posted by RainbowSheltie, I'm not so sure about White. Those might be too small? Especially if you say that Kelly clothes won't fit.

      I have a Pet Ari on the way and I bought a Lati Yellow dress. I'll be sure to post results. I'd really love to know for sure what fits or doesn't fit!
    4. Well, I'm guessing -some- Lati White clothes fit, if the clothes were, say a sleeveless dress or shorts. The Lati W clothes would probably have to be a bit "baggy" or not so form fitting. It looks to me that Lati W is just a tiny bit smaller then Kelly.

      Kelly clothes do fit - sleeveless shirts, dresses and probably skirts (mostly). Along with similar sized dolls clothes. Not sure about pants, though.

      Oh, you must post your Pet Ari in a Lati Yellow dress. I'm surprised no one has posted their dolls in these types of dresses or clothes before, considering its asked about a lot (at least in the Doll Factory - Pet Ari threads I've read).
    5. I do recall seeing a Bobo mouse in a Kelly dress somewhere in a thread (and I believe she had sleeves, though poofy sleeves). I was going to try one of those, but Lolo has bigger arms than Bobo (3.5cm for Lolo and 2.6cm for Bobo according to the DF site). I've ALWAYS been curious as to what fits or doesn't, but I can never seem to find a clear answer (I guess most people haven't tried clothing them?). Lati White are 9.5cm so I figured most of their stuff might be too small (it's easier for me to fix a dress that's too big). Kelly dolls are listed as being 11.5cm on a Barbie website.

      I think Lati Yellow dresses might be too long/big (they're 16cm dolls according to the LaTi site and DF are 12~13cm), but I'll be sure to post pictures of her wearing the unaltered version if that turns out to be the case AND pictures of her wearing the modified version. Hopefully that will help future DF dolls owners! :)

      I'm expecting my Lolo by next week, and I'm hoping the dresses will follow shortly after.
      Oh, if only DF would restock some of their cute little outfits!
    6. Lati Yellow/PukiFee clothes are too big I'm afraid ^^;

      Lati White Sp (not the regular Lati White) and Pukipuki are close in height to Bobo but their body shape is different, Pet Ari are stockier so most of the clothes won't fit.

      Pocket Fairy sized clothes should fit, especially dresses. However I don't own one of them so I can't confirm it for sure.
    7. Lati Yellow seem to be taller/larger than the Pet Ari, but their clothes might be easy to modify for them (well, I can always try!). It's mostly why I went for those. But I agree, they seem like much bigger dolls (wish we had a picture of one next to a Pet Ari, though!).

      I heard of Pocket Fairy before, but no one has ever tried/taken pictures of their clothes on a DF doll. At least not that I could find. I think I'll go for one of those next so that I can test it out and post results! I almost bought a Lati White sleeveless dress, but Lolo seems more "chubby" than Bobo. *_*

      Thanks for your input! :aheartbea
      Feels like I'm starting to figure out what to look for/avoid.
      Would be easier if I could just learn to make things on my own.
    8. Since I have the different sizes, here is a comparison picture between PukiFee (similar to Lati Yellow), Pet Ari and Pukipuki (similar to Lati White Sp):


      and here is a comparison between Lati White SP and Pocket Fairy

      Hopefully this will help!

      (I've never had that much trouble clothing my Dollfactory dolls, Lolo doesn't wear anything since I was planning to fully paint its body and the mouse is supposed to be a poor orphan boy who owns only a pair of pants, so there.. problem solved :XD:)
    9. I received both my doll and the outfit this week. As promised, I took a picture! I actually received a 2nd dress, but I haven't had the time to take a picture of that one yet.
      This is what it looks like if you don't modify it at all (it's a Lati Yellow dress)


      I plan on making it a little tighter around the upper body, but otherwise, it was still a good fit for this kind of dress. I would say that Lati Yellow is great for poofy/frilly dresses, but it certainly wouldn't work out for more fitting clothes like t-shirts and the such. The sleeves would also be way too small (Pet Ari have much bigger arms than the Lati dolls).

      I hope this helps a little! :aheartbea
    10. My Bobo mouse wears Kelly dresses. This one was from a special fairytale Kelly set, Cinderella, maybe.

    11. Miette is wearing a Kelly/Chelsea dress:

    12. Adorable! Love the little Kelly dresses!
    13. Blue Fairy Pocket Fairy clothes fit our mice!

    14. thanks for posting this! I was looking at kiki today and wondered what kind of clothes would fit her along with the other doll factory pets. Very helpful!
    15. Some pukipuki dresses fit as well.

    16. SUCH CUTIES!!! Am getting my first Pet Ari (Otter) soon and am hoping to crochet some fun outfits for her. Does anyone put wigs on their little mice/otter/pigs/dragons/etc??? Gonna have to design a wig that fits too!!!
    17. Popping in to say that some Monster High and Pinkie Cooper clothes fit these little babies~

      For Monster High, the pieces have to be short blouses and short shorts or skirts.

      For Pinkie Cooper, they share just about the same body measurements, so you'd have more options provided the pieces aren't too long for little Ari mouse legs.

      For example: the onepiece in the Pinkie Cooper in Paris set fits with just slightly long arms

      The hat is a little too big but if you're thinking of making a hat or wig for your Ari mice, this is a very good piece to reference a pattern from.
    18. I love these ideas! I'm just starting with BJD and I have a Pet Ari Kiki. I have a few Kelly items. I'll have to look through some monster high and Pinkie Cooper things that belong to my daughter.