DollFactory Mouse Pet Ari Discussion part 1

Dec 21, 2007

    1. I think these little guys are brand new--I searched, and couldn't find any other threads about them. Mousies! Aren't they cute?

      Ah, it looks like there's a basic and then a boy and a girl fullset. I'll leave it to someone else to figure out how to post pictures.

      ....mod notes........

      Company website:

      DoA Wiki:

      Clothes that fit DollFactory Mouse Pet Ari Bobo:

      Pet-Ari Mouse Bobo measurements:

      -Eye size: 14mm

      - head : 4.7inch

      - Height : 11.6cm

      - length of arm : 2.6cm

      - circumference of chest : 6.3cm

      - circumference of hip : 8.2cm

      - length of leg (from waist to ankle) : 4cm

      - foot size : 2cm

      DollFactory Mouse Pet Ari Discussion part 1:
    2. Has anyone tried the new Only Hearts Club little sister outfits on the little mousie?
    3. Yes, I have! They fit fine--about as well as the Kelly clothes. They are cute and a good value-lots of pieces in the package. Pictures if I ever have time...
    4. Because I was asked... here's the quick size comparison for the Baby Ari Jinee and Petdoll Bobo! :)


      *ignore the lil Tylenol bottle - I just wanted something to put her mask on.. I'm still debating making her a "him", as I really love this wig...

      She looks about the same size here cuz her wig is rather poofy on top, but she's really smaller than the mice!

      And I couldn't resist... (I need to make him some clothes!)


      Ok, I'm lame for finding that funny, but I do!!
    5. Does anyone know if the Bobo Mousie can fit 16mm eyes, or just 14mm?
      I am asking because if I get one, I don't want so much white to show in the eye.
    6. Ha! I have a mouse, a pair of 16s waiting for their owner, and the same question! Let me go check...

      [five minutes later]

      Yes, 16mm will fit! There's more room in that head than I thought there would be.

    7. I got Popo and Bobo, they arrived earlier this week. Not many pics yet but I put a couple here.

    8. Clothes wise - at least the baby Ari ( the human ones) are pretty much Puki sized. To be honest, I only made wee little vests for the fennec foxes at the store, since they have the tail to contend with! I got a bunch of Kelly sized clothes on ebay, going to try them on and see if that would work. Its hard to find Kelly or Tommy clothes in Canada. :(

      Isn't it? She' s sooo cute. :) I may have to get one for here, though we already have the others so.. we'll see. Hubby has a thing against m ice, sadly!
    9. I got the Popo about a week ago. I've been spoiled by my double-jointed MSD boy! Their heads and tails make them a little Top heavy and almost impossible to stand unless you have them leaning against something. She sits okay, but her giant ears and teeny limbs make it hard to get her to lay down with any sort of grace.

      Despite that, I love her. I've found that Only Heart clothes (The small ones for the 'little girl' dolls) Fit the Popo pretty well. The hat's too small, and the pants/shorts don't fit her 'big' (by comparison) bum, but the dresses and halter-tops work out okay.
    10. I have Puki Pipi and Bobo, Nothing poses like a puki but this is just too cute! and different:)
    11. I'm sure there are some dealers who still have the strung version of the tail, vs the magnetic version. Personally I'm happy with my strung tail as I really get annoyed by magnetic bits. I had a pingping and all the magnets just annoyed me. Because pieces could be knocked off, expecially if the magnets weren't strong enough.

    12. Joni. they can wear Kelly clothes, so there is pretty much an infinite variety to choose from. Here's mine in a Kelly dress.

    13. Thought I would share a picture of my DF family. I'll be setting them up at IDEX.


      I have it on good authority that another Bobo is being released. I need to find out when. I'm sure I will "need" another mouse!
    14. Here's a picture of my Molly, the newest mouse from Doll Factory.

      and the girls all together, Marilyn, Molly and of course Minnie:
    15. Here you go.

    16. If anyone is interested, so far it looks like some Lati Yellow shoes fit quite well, but they may need some adjusting so that you can get their little feet out without putting too much stress on the string. I had doubles of a pair of Lati Yellow boots, but to be safe I cut a tiny vertical slit down the backs of them so I could slide the foot out easier. Instead of pulling up and out, you can easily squeeze the foot out just by working at it. You could also adjust the front of the shoe by loosening the strings all the way and pulling the tongue all the way back. They look cute in them, and they assist in balancing a bit more, as these guys can be a little top-heavy. I'll post pics when I've experimented some more.
    17. I've got some Lati sandals for my DF Shikal, which fit nicely. I think this mouse looks to have similar, if not the same feet.....
    18. This is my darling Madge who arrived last week. She is fab. Lati yellow Mary Janes fit well but she wont wear shoes, she does however want her nails painted!
      She loves fishing and hanging out with her BFF Pie

      DollFactory were great to work with and she was with me within a month of ordering. She stands and poses well and those eyes have such amazing attitude. Normally the first thing I do is change default eyes , these have depth and expression and suit her so well. They are staying in her perfect defiant little head. Their unicorn and otter are high on my list of yearnings after meeting the mouse!
    19. oooh Imajica, so cute!!!!!!!
      I didn't realize it was you and then I saw the "potato" in your sig.
      OT, where did you get those adorable sheep shoes?