DollFactory Panda Pet Ari discusion part 1

Sep 10, 2008

    1. (I searched for a thread like this, and couldn't find it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

      This fellow is pretty new, and I think he's super cute.



      Does anyone have/plan on getting him? I think I'll start saving for a type B black and white one. : 3

      Company Website:

      DoA Wiki:

      Pet-Ari Panda Pepe Measurements:

      -Eye Size: 12mm

      - head : 4.4inch

      - Height : 12cm

      - length of arm : 2.6cm

      - circumference of chest : 6.3cm

      - circumference of hip : 8.2cm

      - length of leg (from waist to ankle) : 4cm

      - foot size : 2cm

      DollFactory Panda Pet Ari discusion part 1:
    2. I got my adorable little Pandas today! Doll Factory knew I wanted to take them with me to the Texas BJD convention next week so they made a special effort to get them here before I leave. They are perfect!

    3. Oh those are so freakingcute!!!! can you tell how they did they resin for around they eyes? Is it black all the way through, or just plating ont he front?
    4. I can't tell if the resin goes all the way through around the eyes because the putty covers it up. It is definately resin though and it is totally flat on the front of the face.

      I can see the ears through the top of the head with the head cap off and they are definately pink resin all the way through.

      They pose pretty easy.

      By the way, I ordered the "B" eyes.
    5. Here's another picture. I had so much fun last night trying different outfits on them.

    6. My little panda cutie came in today! I picked him up right after work before I had to go pick up my roommate's nephew. I couldn't wait so I opened him up in my car while waiting for him. *dorks* Excuse the bad iphone pictures, I'll take better ones later. ^^;

      He's a Type-A, with the round eyes. (strike)I haven't named him yet...(/strike) I've decided to name him Hahori (aka Hoho). <3

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      OMG. So adorable in person. :D
    7. Here's my lovie Lala:


      I was a bit surprised to find that the head plate was on with just a magnet- I managed to knock that off in about 30 seconds. She's wearing a very elastic-y Kelly dress :)
    8. Anyone else have concerns with the head plate?
    9. Here's a picture of my panda and my puki.


    10. They look so cute together! What brand of clothes is he wearing?
    11. Those are Tommy PJs
    12. Actually, the top is a Tommy shirt buy the pants are from Spampy (Jenifer). She made several things that fit my Doll Factory dolls.
    13. They fit really well- she did a great job!

      So far I've only found a REALLY stretchy Kelly dress that fits.... so mine is just wearing a pink tutu I made her
    14. my little panda with a tutu from spampy, along with Marilyn Bobo and RIngo kitty (also in spampy wear)
    15. My panda arrive today¡¡¡ ^_^. I'm simply in love with she. Is more cute than in the page.

      Well, this are some photos for send to friends and for share my happy ^_^. Sorry for the crap and bad photos.

      Her name is Ling Ling, and is the protector or my puki Lung.
      She needs her clothes




      I think they can be great friends¡¡
    16. I wrote to Doll Factory and asked them if I could have a mouse tail and they wrote back offering to make a pink one! I'm so over the moon. This is my minime as my nickname is Vallimouse. EXCITED!!!
    17. She's not painted yet and is a little shy without her make up. She's utterly awwwdorable. Terribly quick one - Vallimouse with Sprout.
    18. Here is Valida all finished
    19. Here's my panda cutie :)

    20. My poor pind panda (now a mouse) is fading! Her pink circles around her eyes are so pale now and her white is turning yellow. I don't like it! Her ears are fading too. I loved the original pink, so pretty and delicate. I think I'm going to have to paint her pink. Arghhh...