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DollFactory Pet Ari Otter Discussion part 1

Jan 6, 2010

    1. :o

      I just got an email from Dollfactory....

      Today Pet-Ari otter 2nd dalsoo & senior dalsoo released.
      You can see more cute image of them in here!->Click
      We appreciate you for loving the new doll.
      Thank you!
      Doll factory


      Bigger Otters

      And new versions of the Dalsoo smaller sized otters!!!


      I'm so EXCITED!! I think the second series of Dalsoo is the Mr. Otter we've been looking for... but I have to wait to see what Lati releases this month before I can commit to posting Mr.Otter's airfair home. :)

      ....mod notes....

      Company Website:

      DoA Wiki:

      Pet-Ari Otter Dalsoo measurements:

      -Eye size: 14mm

      - head : 4.4inch

      - Height : 12cm

      - length of arm : 2.6cm

      - circumference of chest : 6.3cm

      - circumference of hip : 8.2cm

      - length of leg (from waist to ankle) : 4cm

      - foot size : 2cm

      DollFactory Pet Ari Otter Discussion part 1:
    2. So I am not sure if I can create this post, but since the only thread i found on these lil ones was from the release, I thought I would try to start it off. Mods if I am completely in the wrong feel free to delete this post and i am sorry. =^.^=

      I got my lil one in today and she is just the cutest!!!!!!



      lol ik i mean honestly, i think its just weird there arent many if any at all. lol im like ugh i cant post a new pic until someone elses posts something. lol

      and with out adue here is another pic of Hanako in a new dress and her new eyes, at this rate it the thread should be name Hanako lol hahaha



      WHOOTWHOOT lol cant wait, and she is wearing 14mm's
    3. Wellll seeing that this last post is from almost 3 years ago... i'm guessing there aren't too many of these cute little otters out there. But thought I'd post a picture of my little one that I just got home!

    4. This thread seems rather quiet, so I thought I'd post to it. I'd love to see all your little otters! Here's mine, Jasmine:


      I went to the Dollfactory website today and it seems not to exist anymore. Does anyone know if they've closed down?