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DollFactory Pet Ari Pig Discussion Part 1

Oct 30, 2009

    1. Since these piggies have been approved by the mods as being on-topic, I'm starting a discussion thread for them!

      Light Pink Kiki - Black & White Kiki by Doll Factory

      More and more and more piggies!!! :aheartbea

      ....mod notes.....

      Company Website:

      DoA Wiki:
      http://www.denofangels.com/doawiki/index.php?title=DollFactory#Pet_AriCompany website: http://www.edollfactory.com/index.php

      Pet-Ari Piggy 2nd Kiki measurements:

      (Kiki have a magnetic tail)

      -Eye Size: 14mm

      - head : 4.4inch

      - Height : 12cm

      - length of arm : 2.6cm

      - circumference of chest : 6.3cm

      - circumference of hip : 8.2cm

      - length of leg (from waist to ankle) : 4cm

      - foot size : 1.5cm

      DollFactory Pet Ari Pig Discussion Part 1:
    2. I didn't have her body done either since all my pets wear clothes. Here is my Kiki:


      and going:
    3. I have b&w Kiki and would love to see more pics too - he is nekkid since I'm not sure where to get teeny tiny clothes that fit. He need pants and a jacket - any suggestions?
    4. My Romeo

      And I'm not sure of her name yet I'm thinking Juliet but maybe not & her friends
    5. So much cute! A pink Kiki piggy is definitely next on my list. <3

      Does anyone have clothing suggestions for these little cuties? FuzzyFeet, are Romeo's overalls by littlejoni? I'm assuming they are Puki-size? Do they fit well? :)
    6. I can only speak for my Doll Factory Dalsoo but I found puki size clothing an excellent fit.
      I must say that Doll Factory are probably one of the best companies I have bought from for delivery time and service. I received my doll two weeks after my order went in and she was so well packaged it was a delight to open her.
    7. Marryth they are from littlejoni and they're so cute. They're lati yellow and they're big, lati white would fit much better I imagine. I don't have any latis so I was guessing when I bought them. The fit's ok because I sort of thought of him as a pig on the farm and the baggy overalls kinda go along with that.

      Oh and I will second that about Dollfactory they were wonderful to work with. I ordered my 2 pigs around the first week of December and got them in 2 weeks.
    8. Hello!
      I want to show pictures with his Kiki. It's a boy, nick - little chestnut ("kashtanchik, so it sounds in Russian), because he has brown pig nose)

      Sorry for the photos, I'm not a very experienced photographer (


    9. I'm joining the party a little late but I have a Pet Ari Kiki piggy coming next week. Is it Pukifee or Puki Puki clothes that would be a suitable match? I apologize, to most this question is a no brainer but I honestly have no idea.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. >..<
    10. tiffany71 It's pukipuki size. Congrats! THey are so cute - I really want to add a Kiki to my family too.
    11. I also will be getting a Kiki very soon!
    12. Hello.. I have a question about what if any difference there is between the bw and pink kiki (besides color.. lol) Are the face sculpts the same is my question. Thanks in advance... I love the kiki and bobo is pretty cute too.
    13. I'd love to see all your little piggies! Here's mine, Petunia.

      It seems as if the Dollfactory website has disappeared. Does anyone know if they've closed down?
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    14. Keri, your little piggy is so cute! :apig:

      I was also wondering the same thing. Has Doll Factory gone out of business? :horror: That would be so sad! They had such cute little anthros.
    15. Thanks, Rabbit-moon. It definitely would be sad if they've gone out of business, but I think they probably have. I think they make the cutest anthros of all! I'm lucky to have 3 of them.
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    16. Yes, Keri, I think you must be right. I tried to go on the Doll Factory site and it is gone. What a shame! :...( Their anthros were so adorable!

      I kept hoping Doll Factory would do a bunny someday. I also have three of their anthros: Bobo the mouse, Coco the kitty, and a Kiki, too.