DollFactory Raccoon Pet Ari Discussion part 1

Nov 18, 2008

    1. [​IMG]
      Deemed on topic so I am making a thread.

      I am so excited!!!

      The awesome people at Doll Factory liked the Raccoon doll concept image I posted on the 'what anthros would you like to see' thread.

      It is amazing!!!!
      They did such a good job making it!!!
      Finally!!!! A raccoon doll XD!!!!!!



      Here is the original drawing I posted to DoA

      (In case you want all the trivia, is named for The super cool Racoon Girl in 'Legends from Darkwood' A comic written by a very talented friend of mine.)

      .................mod notes..............

      Company website:

      DoA Wiki:

      Pet-Ari Racoon Shikal measurements:

      -Eyes: 14mm

      - head : 4.4inch

      - Height : 12cm

      - length of arm : 2.6cm

      - circumference of chest : 6.3cm

      - circumference of hip : 8.2cm

      - length of leg (from waist to ankle) : 4cm

      DollFactory Raccoon Pet Ari Discussion part 1:
    2. LOL!!! Thanks man XD
      Yeah they will be sending me one,.... I hope to have her before the Jan. meet.

      OMG!!!! CUTE!!!!!!
      I love little Raccoons XD
      They make the funnest noises.
      If not I am sure you could buy a blank one and commission someone on DoA to do the painting for you ^__^ I was thinking about getting a blank so I could make a red panda.
      tee hee!!! do you have pics of your raccoons?

      I think all the Ari Pets have use the same body mold. There are some comparisons here
    3. Sukiikus: They are made -really- well...i love Dollfactory's resin; smooth and clean!...they're nice and solid and their sculpts are, posing, they're so-so. i've played with a Lati before, and i will say they are like that...their little limbs simply don't have a wide range of motion. they do stand on their own (with some work) and they sit ok...but all in all, they're really nice because of the detail they have! i support them, but i have like, 3 of them! *laughs* (check out the user Fatcat77, she has almost EVERY Dollfactory pet doll!)
    4. [​IMG]
      Her pretty eyes XD
      In the lap of one of my SD's,.. she is SOOOOO tiny XD
      I love her tail
      With my Dasloo XDDDDDDDD
    5. I like a lot of dollfactorys shikal, but I wanted other colour.
      My friend make up to me. I like raccoon.

      Hi! My name is Rascal.
    6. This cutie needs more love, stat!

      Clothing - sylvanian Families dress, blythe socks

      dress - Kelly/Shelly, shoes Lati

      I do have one little issue.... I've owned her about a week, and I have played with her, only quite carefully. I see theres a little layer of glaze over her brown paint on her face, which has started to flake off! It started on her nose, I thought OK, since her nose might have rubbed on fabric or something, but now its flaking away along the lower rim of her eyelid - nothing could possibly rub that! Whats going on? can I fix that? I thought about scraping off the excess, and spraying with MRC, but is that OK to do?
    7. WOW! Clothes from Sylvanian families fits? That's great to hear! :D