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DollFactory Sweety Ari discussion part 1

Aug 29, 2011

    1. I couldn't seem to find a thread for this. Please forgive me if there is already one.


      Does anyone at all own one of these? I can't find any owners on the internet! ( DO NOT try google 'sweet ari' without safe search on O_O) They are incredibly cute and decently priced, so why does no one own them?? Their bodies are so good (Lati Y/PKF size and reminiscent of PKF body.)
      I want one! But I don't like buying without tons of reviews.


      ......mod notes......

      Company Website: http://www.edollfactory.com/index.php

      DoA Wiki:

      Sweety Ari Elf Jinee Measurements:

      -Eye Size: 10mm

      - head : 5.6inch

      - height : 16cm

      - length of arm : 4.6cm

      - circumference of chest : 8.5cm

      - circumference of waist : 8cm

      - circumference of hip : 9.5cm

      - length of leg (from waist to ankle) : 7.2cm

      - foot size : 2.1cm

      DollFactory Sweet Ari discussion part 1:
    2. Here's a higher quality photograph of Sweet Ari Elf Beau. She's such a sweety!
      Bedhead Bailou by me!
    3. I know this thread is super old, but I recently put an order in for an Elf Luna.

      So I'd be happy to talk with any/all other Sweety Ari owners :)

      Also, I can't find a dollfactory waiting room. Is there one??
    4. Asyris - Elf Luna is so adorable! Congrats on ordering her! Which skin tone did you choose? I have my eye on these cuties for quite a while now, but I was reluctant to order, because there are so few owner pics around. I have no idea if there is a waiting room.
    5. thanks ;)
      I had to go with white skin and the default faceup, not the purple. I think she'll look amazing like that.

      after lots of searching and not finding one, I finally started a waiting room.

      rest assured, once I get her there will finally be some owner pictures! ;)
    6. Have gotten an growing interest for the tiny size. Just looking around for now at different BJD companies.

      Found that I really like pink Bono very much. If I had the money I would probably order her now.

      I also have had my eyes on these cuties for quite a while. I think Doll Factory got really cool dolls. It`s sad that There is hardly any threads for them at all.
    7. Very sad!

      And they're one of the fastest companies to order from. I got my girl in record time - 17 days from the time I ordered till i had her home. Faceup and all included in that time!

      I actually forgot to post a photo of her here like I had promised, so here you go :)

      She's a sweety Elf Luna, white skin and default DollFactory faceup.
    8. Congrats, she is so cute :) What is it not to love about these cute faces :lol: They are definitely among one of the cutest 16 - 17 cm tinies that I know of.

      I have Pet Ari Kiki normal (2010) and special (2011) at home. I don`t remember the waiting time, but they were shipped pretty quickly. Hardly no waiting at all :)

      I`m pretty sure I`ll be getting Bono now. I just adore her <3 I just need to save up for my HDF Brownie first and then I can focus on Bono.
    9. I`m a little bit unsure which one I want now :sweat Bono or Jinee *_*

      I have to admit I am a little bit unsure about Bono now because of her huge eyes. It`s just that I got so many dolls in all sizes with huge wide open eyes like that.

      I know Jinee got just as big eyes. But I like it that they are half closed. And I think I feel like rather going for a little elf character instead <3 I think having her together with my soon to come home RS Yu would be pretty nice.
    10. No more photos of little Elf Luna??? I searched their site and found no Sweet Ari's but when I went to the link in the very first post here... .little Luna Elf is still available. I ordered one but have no clue if they will still make one
      for me at this late date. Will let you know as soon as I hear back from them! Am CROSSING MY FINGERS that she's still available to order!!! :D

      Wow ... I just checked that link above again and it says she's now sold out. I put the first doll in my cart (without makeup) and then decided I wanted it and tried putting another one in the cart
      and it wouldn't accept it. So I removed the first and reordered it with makeup and it worked. Sure hope there still was ONE doll left!
    11. Your little Elf Beau is sooooo cute. I believe I contacted you on Flickr, but am hoping that order I placed for her goes through!!!
    12. Oh My GOSH!!! Dollfactory is going to let me go ahead with my Elf order, but I will be getting the new body (see Aquarius Doll) ... with the Elf head!!! So excited - will post photos when she gets here!!!

      GREAT NEWS! Dollfactory just told me that ANYONE CAN ORDER ANY OF THE OLD ARI HEADS with THE NEW AQUARIUS BODIES!!! Just specify that when you order!!!
      Here's the Sweety Ari Heads: http://www.edollfactory.com/shop/ste...20110515111928
      Here's the New Aquarius Bodies:

      I got the ELF BEAU (girl) on a light brown body.
    13. Just received her and will take a photo next week to post.
    14. Can't wait to see!!
    15. I was wondering why sweety ari were always sold out...so now they've changed company or what? I like the new faces at aquariusdoll anyway ^^
    16. Thanks Asyris - will try to get a photo on Monday!

      MarshMellina ... YES .. Aquarius (DollFactory) ... will use their SWEETY ARI MOLDS for the heads and put them on the new Aquarius (Fairy 16 I think) bodies. I just got one and will be posting a photo of her ..
      a BEAU ELF head on the new body .. in TAN!!! I wanted to give her some faceup changes 1st! See you on Monday!
    17. but I don't understand why they're still selling all the other "lines"...they're weird :P well, a good thing is that they have tan now and the cost is the same =D
      can't wait to see your elf!
    18. Ooh, I totally blanked out the part of your post about the company change for the Ari molds somehow! What a dummy am I? I was disappointed they removed them from the site. Now I'll have to go check out Aquarius! Thanks :)
    19. Finally some photos! Sweety Ari Tan Elf Beau ... Sorry it took so long!