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Dollfair - Doll Restock

Aug 20, 2004

    1. This thread is for posting Dollfair doll restocks. When you post, please provide the name of the doll or optional part that has been restocked as well as a direct link if possible.

      Please ONLY post updates to this information, rather than chat or discussion. For the News Forum posting rules, click here.
    2. In 2004 - 2005, Artist Bimong sold Narae and Narin in his studio. When he reformed the company with partners, he also made a new version 43cm Narae.

      By popular request, he is reintroducing the classic faces, available as complete heads with front and back part, plus signed and sealed certificate by Bimong. Unlike the old heads, they will not have moving magnetic eyes or a fragrance sponge in the head. (The eyes used to move via a magnet in the doll's hand). But, they will be available now in all four delicious Narin Creative flavors: snowy white, pinky white, golden beige, and tanning.

      You do not have to buy a whole doll to get a classic doll.. you can just order an optional head. $150
      Like all orders, blank optional heads can be custom painted by Narin's famous artists Basic Line and Kim Kyu Yun.

      A summer treat! Chit Chat here if ya want to:



      *Popular request: these are very popular dolls in the Korean doll market. The fans really wanted to be able to get them again. Now you can, too!
    3. This is probably a very weird question, but is there a headcap? I can't see in the photo.
      Sorry :)
    4. No, there is no headcap. These faces part 1/2 and 1/2 -- to take the face off, you push out and up and the magnet will disconnect.

      Know why this is a great system?

      1. easy access to the eye area. No more eye placement agonies.

      2. easy on and off.. no more prying, screwdrivering (yes, I have a Dollfie Dream, LOL), or having to use tape etc. Stays on well when attached.

      3. easy face part switching. Want a new face? Just switch the front part and leave the back part connected to the doll. No more swapping whole heads.

    5. When will they be released? I don't see them on your site. I'm blind with excitement!

      Oh, and also, will they be offered with bodies?

      - Megan
    6. Hi Megan,
      Tis true, they just came out and they are not on the Dollfair site. I hope to have it updated by this weekend or so (being a holiday weekend here in the USA).

      To get one of these heads, you can do it two different ways:
      1. Order a doll, and specify this head to go with the body. This is the same way people order the other dolls, since there were four choices already. Five now, cripes!
      2. You can order just the head, if you already have a Narin doll.

      There is so much new stuff going on over here with the Supias, the N-dolls and now the new Classic heads, I think I need an umbrella! It's raining BJD!
    7. Hi everyone,
      Classic faces are now available from Narin Creative.

      We have a complete history of the classic faces and dolls in a discussion thread here:

      TO celebrate the re-release of the classic faces, we have commissioned a new facepaint by famous Korean artist Basicline.
      "PAULINA" is now available for a $50 fee on any classic face optional head or doll order requesting a classic faced head. She is also available in any of the Narin Creative resin colors: snow white, pinky white, golden beige or tanning.

      Here is Paulina:

      Please check out the discussion thread for much more info and questions.