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Dec 18, 2009

    1. So I found a doll on here that im interested in the model of.

      It's the wind 45cm.

      Does anyone know anything about this brand? Can anyone compare them to another company? Just would like some insight before purchasing or looking for one! Thanks.

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      DollFamily -H and -A mini dolls discussion
    2. I have a doll family SD girl. I don't know much about their MSD sized dolls but I'm very happy with their SD body. The posability is amazing. I will say that the head molds are not as refined as some companies, but the bodies are lovely. If there is a head mold you like definitely go for it. I purchased an SD boy for my hubby for Christmas because he liked my girl so much. I ordered from here she has more options and her prices are better. She is very dependable, this is my third time ordering a doll from her.

      I haven't had a chance to get pictures of my girl yet (she was off getting a face up) but I will try to post some later.
    3. While I've never bought an entire doll from Family Doll, I've bought a body & it was excellent, stood right out of the box, was very flexible, held all sorts of poses. Very nice bod for the price. Truthfully though, compared to the price I paid for the body, the dolls seem very expensive. They're lovely but I'm not sure they're worth that price.
    4. I have a Doll Familly SD (Xuan). He is older body type but despite that, I am very content. I think they are pretty much worth the money (If not more) because they are well made. I can´t speak about the resin quality as I am not experienced on that but I had no problems whatsoever.
      And I also ardered from Dolls singing on ebay and I can recomend her too, I had no problems with her and she has good prices.
    5. I have a Zhouyu msd from DF, I absolutely love him. The companys face up is gorgeous and he came very well packaged. As well as /great/ pose-ability. I'm getting my second Doll from DF, though it's a 1/3. My friend has ordered the Angel model after I showed her their store.

      The only issues I"ve been having with my boy is one elbow sticks, but that's an individual problem, not an actual problem. If you'd like to check out his pictures... I have way to many (nearly 400) to go through. The newer ones have him in more varying poses as I started getting more comfortable with seeing what he can do.
    6. Well I suppose this is a discussion thread, but it seems quite.... Dead. >>; Oh well, can't find an actual one with OWNERS in it in the mini section. I'm in the process of ordering a Doll Family Wind, blank and in the NS-yellow resin, not the NS-pink which I've heard is rather quite pink, even darker than DoD.
    7. I will later, once I get the energy to hook the camera up and arrange the new photos I have! For now... Old spam! XD At least you're coming in to keep the gods happy.



      My pretty Wind, with the face-up ~I~ did for him. XD He is so unhappy with being dragged out in the sunlight today. You'll see when I get his photos up. X3 Not a happy-chappy.
    8. XD Well as I've a preferance for red hair myself (I dye mine the brightest shade I can find!) I vote for red, but for contrast I'd go with the gold eyes. Up to you though.

      Yep, Take's a people eater. XD What else could he be, being a daemon/vampire hybrid? ^w^ I'm glad you see that in his expression, since that was what I wanted! I'm all wiggly and proud about that face-up, though he's irritated with me for hauling him about in the sunlight yesterday!


      XD He wouldn't look at the camera for a while.
    9. More than happy too! ^-^


      A couple of very VERY zoomed in shots of his face. ^-^

      And I just got home an hour ago from taking a billion MORE photos at the park, which I now need to organize and whittle down to a couple separate gallery posts and a photo-story letter. XD
    10. ^-^ Thanks. They're custom eyes from Adrastea here on DOA. I think her shop is still down right now as she isn't feeling well, but she took my order for his eyes along with my BBB Sprite's eyes anyhow, because she's awesome and I wasn't in any hurry. I told her to take her time, I didn't want to make her feel worse. She's done the eyes for three of my four guys now, I have some of her first custom eyes in my DZ. ^-^

      I'll try to get them loaded tonight or tomorrow but I have a baby shower for my friend tomorrow so... XD
    11. They fit REALLY well! He seems to be about the same size as my DZ doll except.... X3

      When I'm pulling them up they sorta get stuck a little at the thighs, the waist does. I keep calling him 'thunder thighs' when I have to wiggle them up all the way, and he's got this cute sort of bubble butt so they get stuck there, too. Once I get them up though, they fit perfect around the waist, not too tight and not too loose.
    12. I have that issue with Danihen. His hips and butt make it so that his flat DM pants don't fit over his thighs, and I'm too nervous to yank them over. That and there isn't really anything to pull onto, like the seams would rip >>
    13. I sort of 'push' them. I hold his torso and put my hand around the front and the sides and push them up, so that I don't pull on the seams, and then I just give really small tugs to undo the bunching that pushing them makes.
    14. I don't think pushing works.. might work better for the MSDs than the SDs I think... Here's an example of my new SD that I was able to push and bunch his pants up onto him x.x Still won't close.
    15. Awwww!! Bad weather! I want to see pictures of his tats! I'd also like to know how that whole process goes... I'm tempted to get some MSC and then take some acrylics or something to my doll... Can it be acrylics or does it only have to be non-oil pastels?
    16. chalk pastels and acrylics are good I believe. I need to get some from the store. I can't seem to find MSC or Testors Dullcote.