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Dollfie Dream Dynamite

Nov 6, 2008

    1. It looks like Volks is going to be releasing a new body type/line of Dollfie Dreams.

      Here's the official page for them:


      It looks like they've got a big bust, a non-jointed torso and longer legs. I'm really excited about this new release because the body might be fun to get. The girls look really pretty too.
    2. Ha ha, I don't care much about the new body type, well beyond the boobs look amazing, so much as OMFG KANU UNCHOU DOLLFIE DREAM *IS DEAD*

      I was actually thinking about dying a normal skin DD to try and make my own Kanu since I am a raging Ikkitousen fangirl and I own just about every Kanu figure I can get my hands on, but it seems like Volks has heard my fangirl prayers.

      Kanu looks amazing! They've totally nailed her look :aheartbea
    3. I unfortunately haven't even heard of the series before, but I love the look of the tan skin. I'm really impressed at how much the DD sculpts seem to be improving.
    4. those girls tempt me to get another DD.... man Volks just keeps putting out pretty girls that I want! I love the DD I have, she has served me well and I have not had any problems with her, unlike my resin dolls.

      Love them!
    5. I always really enjoy seeing how they manage to make the anime characters 3D. I really liked the Demonbane MDDs, but these Ikkitousen girls are awesome.

      This is the only worksafe pic I could find of Kanu to share, but you can totally see where Volks got their posing of her from - http://www.star-scream.net/images/ikki02.jpg

    6. Oh... In case you didn't know, Azone released a 50cm Kanu doll already, I think it was very very limited as I haven't even seen any for auction on Yahoo japan. It uses the Obitsu 50cm body, but has more muscle definition than the regular Obitsu 50cm body.

      Here is the link, for you to drool (j/k) at :


      I can't tell if she has actual eyes or painted eyes. Sadly I haven't seen any other pictures of this doll.

      Funny, Azone also released a 60cm Ryoumo doll using the Obitsu body.

      This Ryoumo has an evil eye under her eyepatch. She has painted eyes.

      Both dolls were released in July... it's not the first time Azone and Volks release the same character dolls... strange... coincidence.... hehehe
    7. I think I'll ask for Kanu for my birthday, and Ryoumo for Xmas. (both in December)
      heehehehehe :lol:
      I wanted a Maya too.... this doll addiction is bad for my wallet :sweat
    8. I had actually seen the Ryoumou and wasn't too terribly impressed with her, but I had never seen the Kanu. Hmm...not really feeling her face, though I do like the muscles. I was hoping the Volks Ryoumou would come with a special animetic eye of her dragon eye, which is why she wears the eyepatch, but the wink is kinda cute.

      I wish I could afford both, but it's going to just be Kanu for me. And then I'll probably end up having to do a custom L bust MDD to be her girlfriend Ryuubi.
    9. I'm not sure if the torso is non-jointed, as it looks like there's a high torso joint, you can see it in the sort of underarm area of the brunette... are there any other photos released yet or only the splash page?
    10. I'm not totally sure, but according to the scan someone posted it says that the waist is removed/closed. My Japanese isn't perfect, but that's what I read:


      Even so, it's a gorgeous body.

      *edit* From the News thread, someone posted this link, it's at the bottom if you scroll: http://ameblo.jp/tt-01r/theme1-10003270683.html
    11. ohh you are right, that says waist it closed. (I'm too damn lazy and incompetent to try and read anything else than short words or sentences :lol: shame on me!)

      I wonder if they changed the inner skeleton or just the outer parts? did you see anything about that in the scans? I appreciate and admire your effort to try and read this. :abow:
    12. Yup, ボディ:60cmオビツボディ, Body : 60cm obitsu body. (I love katakana :lol:)

      This looks like the ball jointed obitsu 60cm body to me.
    13. I did see some stuff, but I took my contacts out so reading right now is kind of a pain. I'm actually a little embarrassed my Japanese isn't better since I actually lived there. Anyway, it looks like the new body has longer legs and a higher torso with a wider hips and a larger bust. I didn't even scroll all the way down the last time so I can see more about the actual body. Most of that can be gotten by the pictures though.:sweat

      The guy seems to be pondering the differences between the old body and the new body a bit and the emphasis on curves. He looks forward to the next Volks news *laughs*
    14. haha, I hope he puts scans of that Volks news too then ;)
    15. After looking at that link.... wow, that's some figure on the new DDDs! XD
    16. I've never been that interested in Dollfie Dreams, but these two are sexy XD!!
    17. Does anybody know the final height of these DD dollfie girls?

      My Inuyasha ball-jointed-doll keeps asking for a "Kagome" doll, sized to fit his height.

    18. Ikkitousen is one of those series ... I described it as "I ought to hate it as it has nothing in it that I ordinarily like, but for some reason I absolutely ADORE it!" :) School kids channel the spirits of historical warrior factions. Soooo unreasonable ;) But it's great.

      And those dolls are absolutely perfect renditions of the characters. LOVE the tan skin.
    19. I am totally in love with Kanu. :| I swore, no more dolls until the new year, but she's captured me. Her skintone, the head sculpt, the body, the boobies...!!! Oh fer craps sake, I'm hopeless :doh

      Thanks for all the info on her everyone! I've never seen the series either, but I might look into it now to see what she's like.