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Dollfie Dream L/XL/XXL bust--lots of questions.

Dec 3, 2010

    1. ...Could it work on a resin doll? I understand that the DDs are vinyl. I have a character that needs a larger bust, but the bodies I've been looking at for her just too small. Has anyone put JUST the bust piece on another [resin] doll? What other companies are compatible with the color?

      I was hoping for Iplehouse Freezia to be the head sculpt. Just for reference. But any resin doll comparison will work--as long as that bust piece fits! So show me your L/XL/XXL Dollfie Dream bust on a resin dollie!

      Thanks so much in advance!

    2. I don't think it's actually possible to put a DD bust piece to a resin doll. While the elastic could be run though, the vinyl would be too flexible to actually support her.

      While I don't have a DD girl to spam, your best option may be to simply attach the Freezia head to the DD body you want. It's actually much easier to do that, and you'd get the body type you want.
    3. Ah, I didn't think of that! This is true...the bust piece would probably collapse with the tension of the stringing. Unless there was some way to mod it to where it would...but that would probably compromise the poseability. More to think about!
    4. i have never really thought of this.... I know that the bust piece is designed to slide over the skeleton, so maybe in theory you could mod the original chest down and slide the bust over the resin doll piece? then just restring the arms on to it and stuff.... i have no idea lol
    5. ArouraAnn that's actually a really good idea! @_@ It also supports the idea of making a filler/support of sorts...maybe out of baking clay or something, with a channel for the elastics. If I just knew of a resin body the bust fit onto, this might actually work!
    6. Bump! Hoping for pictures of the bust on a resin body--or Freezia head on DD body? Large bust?
    7. First I'd like to point out that the XL and XXL busts are third-party items--only the L bust is actually made by Volks. I've got absolutely no idea what the third-party busts are actually made of.

      Second, if the Freezia/DD hybrid ends up looking funny (might want to try asking in picture requests to find out), you could use an epoxy putty like Apoxie Sculpt to basically give the resin body a boob job. The bust piece would still fit, since you'd just be adding to the existing Iple part, but you could get your desired buxom goodness.
    8. Rocket Corgi makes resin torsos similar in shape to a DD. They're meant to be used with SD or SD13 girl limbs, but can be hybridized with other doll limbs as well.