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Dollfie Dream SIRIUS?

Mar 22, 2005

    1. Yes, she is a beautiful doll. I adore her face..it's like a more mature looking Cyndy or Nono. Man, that outfit is wild!

      What got me was, that it seems they're using the old style DD body for her. You'd think with the madness going on with the new types, they'd opt for that; especially for a "newstyle DD."
    2. They're using the old style body on her? Ugh. I would have thought about getting her (I love her face!) if she had the new style.
    3. It's the old body? :barf

      Too bad. She's awesome otherwise.

      Also, I wonder if Sirius will sue. ROFL

    4. I doubt. Because then J.K. Rowling could sue for using the name as well... 8)

      Now, it'd be nifty i,f in some bizarre way, Sirius satelite was in cahoots with Volks.
    5. Or J.K. Rowling... Sirius

    6. Just so you all know, I was just kidding...:)
    7. Awww, dangit, I saw "Sirius" and thought "MALE NAME! MALE DD!!" And was all excited for 3.2 seconds. ;_;

      (But yes, she's v. pretty for a girl. ^^; )
    8. Man, and the first thing I ever think of is the star '_'; Orion's faithful hound, the dog Sirius.

    9. Oh, we know. :D
    10. ... aw. Seeing as "Sirius" is masculine, you had my hopes up for a boy. :|
    11. Same here....
      but she is very pretty..
      being old body turns me a lil bit off ^^'
    12. Domuya currently has her in-stock on their website.

      They state that (like most DD's) she does not come with the outfit, though. ;_;
    13. I saw that... ;_; Definitely not worth it if she doesn't have the outfit... I'll try my luck on Y!J.. ^_^;;;
    14. Well, I've gone on a spree of asking nearly every owner/seller of Sirius to see what body she has. And those that replied, told me that she had the new DD body with inner frame.

      So, now I'm a bit confused since, the Volks site has her linked to the old body...
    15. I love sirius *drools* i want her in that dress O_o its so awesome, and those kitty ears... :chibi so cool.
    16. Really? Huh... Unless they changed the new body... her knees prove she is the old style body... *so confused*

    17. Yea, very confusing... I'll just stick with what Volks says (I mean, it is their doll and all.)
      But in either case, I'll make an effort to get her.