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Dollfie Dreamland eZine Maiden Issue!

Apr 27, 2006

    1. [​IMG]

      Dollfie Dreamland eZine

      A fresh, uninhibited periodical that welcomes all types of dolls and features both established and up-and-coming artists.

      Esthetics tutorials, interviews, photography tips, galleries and more! Our first issue is up and running! Feedback, submission inquiries, and hatemail always welcome XD!

      Join now, don't delay! Operators are standing by (and by operator*s* we mean *me*....)! Eh... >>;
    2. oooh *goes and reads*
      looks absolutely awesome!! =)

      Just a question though, how do you guys take submissions?
      do you contact people or can we contact you? =)
    3. Looks good so far! I'm reading through it right now. But just a little nitpick, instead of putting 'u' spelling out 'you' always looks a bit nicer and profressional. ^_^
    4. Well, I just went and read it... and will be waiting for the next issue :>

      You certainly didn't pull any punches.. and that appeals to me :>

      If I was interested in submitting something, how would I go about it?? Do you have a list of things you want submissions on, or could I just put the idea to you????

      Seek peace

    5. If I may add a suggestion to this as well, try and edit the personal chat out of the interviews. I was reading one and it suddenly went "where have you been?" - "busy as crud" :? That was a little odd. Looks like a GREAT start and I like all the different articles!
    6. Really good! Only one whiney complaint, blue letters on black background too hard to see (owners names Dollie Digressions)

    7. Haha, see? That's the thing though, we're not uptight at all, we wanted to keep the dialogue as true to conversation as possible, since they are online chat interviews^^.

      Also @Megami!

      You can send them to submissions@dollfiedreamland.com, we're always open to suggestions! I'm glad you liked our candid nature XD!
    8. I really liked the online Magazine ^.^ and I personally really liked the down to earth non-uptight conversation ^-^

      and i look forward to future issues ^.^
    9. Interesting. I'll be looking forward to future issues.

      I'm confused about the Dollfie Distractions gallery though. Are those just random reader and contributer submitted photos?
    10. Is this e-zine accepting email subscriptions? I want to be sure not to miss future issues!
    11. very nice start. I'll keep an eye on it and maybe submit something one day :)