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Dollfie Friends Baron

Apr 5, 2005

    1. Hey,
      I was looking at the Volks site and I came across their new site map. Under Super Dollfie is a link called Extra. When I clicked Extra I came across this Baron doll from "The Cat Returns".
      http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/goods/index_goods.aspx?sbct=52&sbct=105&sbct=115 Wow, something totally unexpected from Volks. I hope they make more animal dolls. I love it when Volks makes dolls based on anime and movies. I wonder how his body is jointed. I want to see more pics of this doll! What do you all think of him?
    2. he looks kind of plastic toy-like... action figure toy like in person... I saw him in the akihabara volks... seems very expensive for what he looks like... but maybe its just me....
    3. Aw, that's a bummer... I've been wondering about him for a while. The Cat Returns is one of my favorite movies of recent years (though sadly, I have not seen Whispers of the Heart). That cat is the most dashing cat to ever grace the silver screen. I wish he bore a closer resemblance to the more recent character designs of the Baron.
    4. Oh, very cool. But yeah, he looks pretty different from what I remember in "Whisper of the Heart". Price-wise, it does seem a little high, but hopefully it's because of joints or something. A couple of years ago I saw Baron dolls for sale at some dealers' booths at a convention. They were about the size of an SD, I think, and pretty expensive but very beautiful and accurate. I remember wanting one so badly! But even a half-sized one was about $75.
    5. Yeah, I was bummed that they didn't use the anime coloring, as well. He looks so much better in ginger than that kind of blackish-grey. It's too dark for him. (I still have a crush on Baron. Have ever seen I first saw Whispers of the Heart years ago :oops: )

      If he were anime-colored I'd be tempted, but I don't find him cute enough to justify the price (plus I couldn't really dress him up and as someone said he's not up to SD quality. I wish I would've bought a Baron plushie while they were easy to find, though.
    6. He was released a while ago, a couple of years maybe? At the same time as the girl with the cat ears (Chi or Chii), I think. It seems he hasn't been very popular. Personally I liked Mimi wo sumasete (maybe Whispers of the heart, I don't know the English titles) but not enough to buy a Baron doll, especially a big one. And Neko no ongaeshi (probably the Cat returns), I found a bit disappointing. My favorite are Spirited away and Howl's moving castle, I'd love a Sophie doll (as a girl of course, not as an old woman!).
    7. Chii doesn't have cat ears. <.< >.> o.o She has robot/persocom "ears" (actually, they're just cute housing units for cables, plug-ins, and power buttons - except in Chii's case of course).

      Chii isn't a kitty at all. o.o
    8. he should hook up with that catsy doll
    9. there is one of those on Yahoo Japan right now in the Dollfie section somewere ..it looks kinda cool :D
    10. I saw the one on Y!J and it made me go "AAAAAAAAAGGHH!!!!!"... it just reminds me of the chimeras in FMA... NINA! *sobs*

      Sorry, I need to cut back on the sugar.
    11. Sorry, I don't know any thing about the anime she's from (Chobits I think it's called), and they looked like cat ears to me, now I'll know they're not.
    12. Baron ;_; I love the Baron ;_;

      But yeah, I would seriously consider getting him if he was done in the anime colouring!
    13. Flesh-and-bones version of Chii appearing in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles has kitty, fluffy ears, so maybe both of you are right.

      (Sorry, post hijack :oops: )
    14. That's true, but she's not right. I'm sorry to be rude. :oops: But kitty ears are round and opened, Chii's ears are closed and white and pink. o.O Sorry, I just don't get how they could look like kitty ears at all. ;.; Just seems......... ignorant........ :( Okay, I'm over it. :|
    15. Ignorant isn't the best choice of word here :wink: :wink:

      Please play nice, guys...
    16. Oh,no, I'm not going to be involved in a discussion about Chii's ears kittyness (or lack of).


    17. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

      Does it seem to anyone else that Baron's body would make a good boy dollfie dream? :3
    18. So, is he 60cm? I can't figure it out...
    19. That's what I'm wondering...