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Dollga Gavrion IRIAN Discussion

Feb 5, 2008

    1. Oh, he's breathtaking--just as I'd expect from DollGa! :love And I agree that he would make a perfect partner for Noella. Maybe my incoming Noella needs a boyfriend?? Guess this means I'd better start saving again...
    2. I really like him! Reminds me of Cian, for some reason...
    3. I am in love with his nose - what a cute bump! So much personality.

      I am not in love with the lack of nipples... D:
    4. Oh, I love the musculature on those legs, and his arms!! I wonder if the limbs would fit on an ElfDoll boy body....hmmmm.....
    5. He is really cute. He is going on the list. Not sure about the nose, but I like the character it gives him. I just can't resist frowny boys.

    6. I love the face, and LOVE the body. I don't like the nose at all, but I didn't notice that till just now. *_*

      To bad he is only available in NS. D:
    7. his nose reminds me of volks cristal! it has a lot of character.

      the lack of nipples doesn't bother me, I don't like nipples popping through shirts so its ideal for me.

      i wonder what dollga resin matches. i can't allow myself another boy unless he can share his body with my floating heads ;_;
    8. That body is beautifull, but for the lack of nipples....Hm, I dont' know, I like my boys to go shirtless offten and blushing won't cut it for nipples. ^_^;;

      The face.... that face, is so handsome! I love that he's a littel 'frowny' is gives him a serious expression that lacks in some sculpts.

      His eye shape and face shape reminds me of Shiro Tachibana and yet not. Perhaps an elder brother?

      I love him. he's going on my wish list. I just hope that he'll still be around when I can afford another doll.
    9. I want to find out what resin matches Dollga as well. I like the body but 63 cm is to tall for the rest of my boys.

    10. I have to wonder about those of us who named our dolls Irian (I know of one other on this board besides my Volks MSD girl)...people will confuse our dolls who had the name first with this sculpt. It's not a common name, either. It makes one wonder...

      Pretty boy, though.
    11. It may be an uncommon name, but I'm sure they didn't copy off anyone here. :sweat I doubt it will be too confusing for people. I have a friend who has a Senior Delf Bliss, who she received last July and named Cian--a couple months before Luts released a Senior Delf doll of their own named Cian. Now THAT might be confusing for people!

    12. Acrylic paints mixed with acrylic thickening gel usually do wonders for nipples that lack substance (and even for nipples that lack existence) :lol:
    13. Is it weird that I really love his feet? O_O
    14. Here are pictures of the Irian head I just received. No face-up. It's currently on a Dollzone body which I find to be a good match. The bump on his nose isn't noticable in person I've found.