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Dollga girls: Adellia and Ojallin discussion

Jul 9, 2007

    1. I just saw Ojallin in JayWong's Dollism thread in the gallery (link). I didn't recognize the sculpt, so I asked and found out that it was one of Dollga's new dolls.

      These dolls were mentioned 6/15/07 in the news forum in this thread (link), but it looks like there was never a discussion thread for them. So, I hope it's alright to post one now, even though it's been half a month. :sweat

      Ojallin's page on Dollga

      I have mixed feelings about Ojallin - I was really attracted to JayWong's photos of her, but the ones on Dollga's site show that she has a very high snub nose and a round face. I think these attributes are her primary charm, yet at the same time I'm not sure I totally like them. However, either way my immediate reaction is LOVE because she looks just like how I imagined Shinku (from Rozen Maiden) to look! Volks made a cute "official" Shinku doll, but Ojallin looks much more like Shinku to me. :aheartbea

      Adellia's page on Dollga
    2. They are so beautiful. Are they Japanese? I'm not familiar with Dollga.
    3. Very pretty dolls!
    4. I'm pretty sure Dollga is Korean. They started out making quality wigs, very recently. They had a pretty aggressive plan, if you look at it, they basically announced their intent to release a doll right at the gate, and they've released everything according to their announced plan, which impresses me.
    5. For the price, I'm assuming they are Korean.

      Even though they have a very limited selection, their girls are gorgeoussss!

      I wanna see their boys if they come out with some!
    6. Dollga have some nice heads, I just love Ojallin but i don't like very much the body, I wonder I you can put their head on volks bodies, imagine her on a SD10 body.:o

      I hope they'll release white skin dolls too in the future.
    7. I, too, wonder if they might be compatible on other bodies. I like the Dollga body's hands, but I'm not sure about the rest of it. I especially wish that the site had photos of the whole figure, head to foot, so that I could see her posture when standing, some different ways she can stand, etc. I'd like a better idea of the poseability of this body, but unless someone on DoA already has one and would like to review, I guess there's no way to tell.

      I like Ojallin more and more! :D She has an innocent face but a sharp gaze, as if she's just a bit wiser than she lets on. :)
    8. That is exactly what I thought when I saw her. "With the right wig and outfit she'd make a great Shinku... Volks should take a lesson."

      They both seem to have younger faces than the majority of larger dolls. I would guess 8-10 for Ojallin and 14-16 for Adellia? Both are very well done though.
    9. Has anyone ordered from them? I think the pictures look great but I'd love to hear from an actual owner.
    10. Is Ojallon SD size? She is so cute.
    11. She is SD size. I am so curious about these dolls, they look so pretty but I wonder how the quality is. I love thier childish faces.
      Also the body pictures look really nice, and I like that they are a little less va va va voom than others.
    12. They really are pretty, too bad for me they are so tall! But I was looking at their bodies, don't they look a little too developed for their young faces? They look like young preadolescent girls, or is that just me that sees them that way?
    13. No, I think they could be like 12 years old, IMO.
    14. I've ordered wigs and shoes from them (LeekeWorld has carried their wigs/shoes as well, although I was involved in a DollGa group order), and the quality is really lovely -- of course, I haven't seen their dolls, but it's nice to know that the company itself does really nice work in general.

      Did you guys see the body/posing photos here? http://www.dollga.com/bbs/view.php?id=dollga_parts_megrise_en&no=1

      -- A <3
    15. They have such beautiful hands! I love the delicate fingers. I just wish these girls weren't so darn BIG!
    16. I really like her:)!
    17. Arent' they sweet PinkBear? Which one do you like best?
      Ashbet I did see the photos of the body posing I really thought they were nice. The joints looked really nice. Thier stuff does look like nice quality, I hope that I can maybe order a doll soon, I just love that baby look!
    18. I can definitely see what you mean! To be honest, I've enjoyed a lot of unofficial dolls for the Rozen Maiden girls more than the ones the Volks released. She would be the perfect Shinku!
    19. I agree. I think Ojallin has a real classic anime feel without being super exaggerated like say a four sisters sculpt or Choa (both of which I absolutely love BTW)
    20. Echoing what everyone else has said, I wish there were owner pics out there. With a sculpt like that I'm sure many of these girls have been ordered already, so it's only a matter of time... I'd love to see more of Ojallin! :D