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DollGa New Wig Design Pre Order!

Feb 9, 2007

    1. Dear Everyone~!:D

      DollGa made New Wigs(New Design and New Color)
      So DollGa is pleased to announce that
      the "1st. DollGa New Wig Design Pre Order" is going to open from Feb.12 to Feb.20.

      * Reservation Goods : W(M)022 ~ W(M)031
      * Colors : 9 Colors
      * Size : SD(9.5~10inch) / MSD(7~8inch)

      * Reservation period
      From Feb. 12 to Feb. 20


      We hope you are always happy and enjoy in DollGa.
      Thank you and We always waiting you in DollGa.
      See you~.


      your sincerly